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Evil Author Day 2016

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Aaron Hotchner sometimes hated that his dead ex-wife's family had tried to sue for custody of Jack. The year that followed Haley's death had been horrible and not just because Haley was dead. The Brooks' put Jack through hell. Visits with psychologists because they wanted to find the one that would tell the courts that Jack would be better hell and away from him. Aaron made sure that there was no doubt in his ex-family's mind that he wasn't going to fight for what was his by the time that they had bleed themselves of every bit of money they had. Aaron's substantial trust fund that he'd come into after his mother died at the hands of the bottle after the death of his father had paid for it all. He'd used the best family lawyer money could buy and kept the fight clean. He didn't bring up a single thing that was distasteful in the Brooks' lives. The Brooks' though had drug his name through the mud. His record with the FBI as well as the psychologists that he had talked to all gave him the best evaluations.

Jessica had been his go to for watching Jack up until the Brooks' tried to take Jack. After that Aaron had interviewed nanny after nanny. It had taken a month and a half of Will helping with Jack before a good live in nanny had been found. She lasted two weeks. It had now been six months of a revolving door of nannie and Aaron was at wits end. He needed to find someone who wouldn't upset their life anymore.

Sabrina, the last nanny, had taken Jack and left him at the Academy in the hands of Garcia because she couldn't take it any longer. Jack wasn't the issue. Jack was the pinnacle of good. He didn't do anything wrong and he never lashed out. He wanted stability and he bent over backwards to try and make the nannies stay. Aaron felt horrible and he was near ready to take a desk job to settle his life.

The newest batch of candidates were no more spectacular than the last. The agency that Aaron was going through want at fault. He didn't want this one to fail and hoping with what he had before was bound to fail again.

Grabbing his desk phone, Aaron dialed his direct handler.

"Agent Hotchner, have you made a decision?"

"You have tried to me to take a man this whole time. Given my requirements, do you you have one to suggest?"

"I do. Doctor Spencer Reid. He has three PhDs, two BAs, and has a medical degree. He's a genius who found he enjoyed taking care of children during med school and nannied while he earned his other degrees. He's just came off a job being a nanny to twins for a visiting ambassador. "

"What about his background check?"

"The only thing that piped was that while he was in med school he cared for an ill mother lied to the state after his father left them. He's had glowing reviews. I can send over his file."

"Send it to the same lady as last time. Why would the state care about him taking care of his mother?"

"He was when his father left and twelve when he went to college."

Aaron nearly dropped the phone at that. He just stared into space. "And how old is he now?"

"Twenty nine. The only thing that he is lacking in the things that you want is his gun scores. He doesn't test well on them but if needed he can shoot to wound. I'd trust him with my kids."

"I'd want to set up an interview."

"Of course. I can call him as soon as I get off the phone. I'll email you with a few meeting times and you can..."

"I'm sorry. My team will probably be going on a case . I will need to meet with him tonight."

"I"ll put you on hold."

Aaron waited. He grabbed a case file and worked on it while he listened to jazzy hold music. The interview was just going to be for Aaron to get a gut feeling of him. His actual hiring as Jack's nanny was dependent on Garcia's background check.

FIve minutes later, the line clinked.

"Agent Hotchner, Doctor Reid will meet you at the coffee shop in Quantico city that's closest to the main road out. He said that he'll be able to find you."

"Thank you." Aaron looked at the time. Will said he could keep Jack until the next morning if he had to work late or meet with a new set of nannies. Aaron hoped that this Doctor Reid was compatible with Jack.


The coffee shop was busy for eleven at night. He tried to spot this genius Doctor Spencer Reid. There were people everywhere and no one screamed GENIUS to him. The only person that caught his eye was the man talking to the barista at the bar. Everyone but him had been served and the two were chatting while she was making his drink. The man was dressed in a nice suit but not like the ones that Aaron wore. It was fitted to his slim frame. The jacket accentuated his thin frame and the pants were cut just right to make him seem almost taller than he was. The jacket was open and Aaron could see the soft dark maroon vest over his pale blue shirt. He looked good.

When his drink was done the man turned and walked right at Aaron, taking the seat opposite him. "Agent Hotchner. Spencer Reid."

Aaron couldn't do a single thing except stare at him. This was nothing like what he thought a genius should look like.