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"So..." Paul drawed out, checking the room quickly to ensure that Angel, Spike and their allies were entirely gone. They had ushered them into a nearby conference room seconds after David's confirmation of both Angelus and William as his parents, and we're currently arguing just outside the door. Dwayne was half-assedly trying to eavesdrop, but it proved problematic. Wolfram and Hart did well to ensure their offices were as soundproof as humanly possible. Which also had a profound affect on vampires. "Your mom is a dude."

A dude who had been causing trouble and disorder world wide for decades. A dude who destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives. A dude who had gone through the demon trials and had become ensouled. A dude who had given his life to save the world in Sunnydale. A dude who quite easily could kick their asses and send them flinging back to hell.

David leaned across the table, until his face was just inches away from Paul's, and cocked an eyebrow. "Yes? And what's wrong with that there Paulie?"

Paul pushed back quickly and nearly flipped backwards off his chair. "Oh nothing man! I was just saying....I mean this is a nice place...the people are...are nice enough....and yeah..." There wasn't anything he, Marko or Dwayne could say that wouldn't result in their ring leader kicking the shit out of them. They were treading on thin ice here.

Dwayne had his legs kicked up on the table, and was beginning to doze off while they waited to be told what to do next. Marko was scratching things into the surface, little skulls and crossbones, and only half listening to David and Paul. At this point he had become bored with them both.

"It is nice Paul, and nice isn't good, remember?" David shuddered, the place's good vibrations beginning to settle around them. "We're evil. We're cruel. We're wicked. Until the Frogs are finally killed we just have to play nice." They could do that. They could make all chummy with his father's human buddies, they could run around this damn office doing what they could to help out, but once they got the clear, they were gone. They would ride back home, and live like gods in the caverns beneath the city.

This caught Marko's ear, and without looking up from his latest etching of a flaming sword, said. "You didn't want to come here David. Why? Someone have some daddy issues that need resolving?"

The older of the two growled but remained seated. Getting into a fight and tossing Marko out the window to his death wouldn't help their "good boy" images. Instead, David folded his hands together calmly and replied, "My father is Angelus. Angel is a hallow shell of him. Angel is not my father."

"And Spike?"

"Spike..." His voice cracked unwillingly, and David fake-coughed to avoid suspicion of having any feelings towards his other parent. " in the way. Nothing more, nothing less."

That sounded as fake as it felt. Marko rolled his eyes, and did another sweep of the conference room. It was a lot more elegant than the housing he had been accustom to, even before he had turned. It smelled nice harm, gave him a warm, pleasant feeling in his chest. Regardless of whatever David said, Marko was starting to grow a desire to stay here. Angel had a vampire secretary, young and blonde, around the age he was when he turned, perhaps one of his companions needed assistance. The Fred girl seemed charming enough...

"" Paul drawed out again, looking from Marko to David, and ignoring a now fully asleep Dwayne. "...You guys want to talk about the hotties in the lobby? Lot of prim bodies around this place. And David, sorry man, but your parents are totally Dilfs."

This time David did punch Paul. Right across the face, sending him flying backwards in his chair.

"Understand this, Angel, you will not let David just walk right out of here and into the hands of those Hunters!" Spike hissed, staring directly into the eyes of his grandsire. Angel had remained stoic since the younger vampire started barking at him, but struggled to keep up this demeanor. For the sake of the situation getting out of control, he had to stay calm. Spike was jus trying to stir the pot. "They will kill him. He means nothing to them, just another vampire-"

"He is just another vampire-"

Spike slapped Angel across the face, though instead of a painful impact, his hand just blew right through Angel's cheek. "He's your son you git! Our son! He has to mean something to you, or since Angelus was too fond of him-"

"This is not about me Spike! He's a killer-"

"And who made him that?! Both of us! You, and me, and Darla and Drusilla! We made him this way! We have to be the ones who help him!" Spike had to stop speaking, his voice was growing hoarse and beginning to ache from screaming so loudly. "Look, he's done so much bad...but he's still your son, my son, and he needs us. You let him go, and he's going to do more of it. He's going to die a monster..."

If there was any hope of David being salvaged, it was working with his father and living here, at least until further notice. It possible for vampires without souls to be helpful; Harmony was doing fairly well at being normal, though neutered Spike had certainly improved during the time before he had been ensouled, and a few other new-age vampires were hopping onboard the no-lethal lifestyle. David wasn't like them, as William had said to Angelus over a century ago, David was the only creature on earth ever born evil. He could not be saved.

"Spike I already said he and his friends can stay here. We just...have to keep an eye on all four of them," Harmony was under his watch almost 24 hours a day, doing menial tasks of fetching blood, doing paperwork and scheduling appointments. He could keep David and his friends busy fetching coffee and laying under the radar. "I have rules they have to listen to. A long list of them. First one to brake any of them gets a stake through the brain."

Wesley chuckled to himself, rocking back and forth on his heels. "I think a stake through the head of that taller blonde one, the one who looked like the lead singer of Twisted Sister, would be an act of mercy."

Fred and Gunn snickered, while Angel and Spike both just rolled their eyes. Humans could be so was insulting really.

"Well he's going to end up being one of your assistants, so someone here better learn to work with...with his issues." Angel told them, and started to head back to the conference room to round these boys up and strike the fear of Angelus into them. He knew immediately that Spike was following him, even without the sound of footsteps. After 18 years of companionship he could sense whenever captain peroxide was nearby. He looked back over his shoulder quickly, and sure enough there the younger vampire was. He raised an eyebrow, and in turn looked back himself.

"What's up captain forehead?" He asked, "See some oogie-boogie causing mischief while the big bossy is turned around?"

Angel had this to look forward to, every god damn day for eternity. Worse yet, it Spike's presence around him was going to amplify now that David had arrived. Some people just couldn't catch a break in the world...

He pushed the doors to the conference room open and they hit the walls with a slam. David had Paul up by the collar of leather jacket, vamped out and spitting slurs, while Dwayne slept peacefully unaware of the racket and Marko laughed and cheered them on, banging his fists on the table which had received a variety of new carvings etched into its surface. They were behaving like spoiled children. To catch their attention, Angel slammed Dwayne's head against the table. The younger vampire hissed, and rubbed at his nose, checking for dents and broken bones.


It worked. David let go off Paul, who toppled to the ground and quickly scrambled back to his feet. Marko looked back at Angel, and grinned innocently. He wasn't doing anything seriously bad, just sitting here, doing little sketches. Marko was a little angel. Paul and David sat back down and tried to recover from being caught in an argument.

Angel locked eyes with his son, who pushed far back in his chair. "Do I even want to know?" He asked, and David shook his head. At least the b it was being honest with him. "I spoke with my people and there should I be no problems in letting you stay here."

Tiptoeing around the old man was going to be difficult but David could manage. This place was a step up from the caves they slept in, and Max's house. Penthouses, Windows that blocked the sun, pretty, pretty secretaries bringing them blood...a man could get used to this lifestyle.

Seeing a greedy look spreading in David's baby blue eyes, Angel took action. He went and sat down at the end of the table, attempting to treat these four like employees, not punks. Which they soon would be.

"There are three positions available in the company. Gunn, Wesley and Fred need assistances to help sort through the forms they have piling up here. Paul, Dwayne and Marko, pick one of them and get to work-"

Dwayne, still feeling his poor schnoz for cracks, scowled. "Now hang on, we didn't agree to-"

"The only room and board available here is for employees with housing concerns and the occasional werewolf. You want a room, you get a clipboard, you get to work." Speaking of which, Harmony entered the room, and started handing out residence forms to the group. Dwayne managed a tiny smile as she moved around, leaned leaned over the table beside him. Her shirt was cut so low, he could see the round, supple breasts, threatening to pop right out of the tight material. He could work with her. "Rooms are on the second floor from the top, numbered, you should be able to find your way around."

Paul took his form from Harmony and all of the color drained from his face. There were a lot of words on this thing, and something told him none were the lyrics to Boheimin Rhapsody.

"You know, when I agreed to be a vampire I didn't think I would be spending my time filling out forms and running around for some watcher's council reject." Dwayne mumbled, and reached across the table for a pen. "If this means getting away from Santa Carla, so be it." Dwayne had been with David the longest. He had known, or thought he had known, all he could about him. Dwayne trusted David, knew that whatever had happened to separate him from his parents was enough to keep a wedge between them for the majority of his life. He wouldn't come back now unless there were no other options. Dwayne scrawled his name on the bottom line and thrust it into Angel's hand. "Just tell this Wesley guy that I'm not going to run around all happy and cheerful and kissing his pansy ass."

Kissing ass wouldn't be something Wesley asked of him, but Angel figured that Dwayne needn't know about that just yet. Marko and Paul signed their names to their respect forms, and sent them along down the table. David smirked, and lazily raised his hand. "Didn't give me a form there, pops. What you just want me to linger? Got something available in management?"

Spike laughed, making his presence in the room known. "Yeah that sounds about right. Go on then Poof, make him head of something. Oh! Those commando buggers you used to have! Put 'im in charge or a group of them!"

The last thing Angel wanted to do was put a group of people under David's leadership. Paul, Marko and Dwayne seemed to be a good example of how badly that would turn out. No, the only way he as keeping David around was if he was under constant supervision. Angel's constant supervision.

"You're not going to work here. You want to stay here, you're going to stay in the penthouse with me, and will not be allowed out of my sight." He didn't trust him. He probably never would. There was nothing Angel could see happening that could prove he could put his faith in David. There was too much of Angelus in him. He could almost hear Spike rolling his eyes behind him. He had complete trust in David, because he was completely blind to everything he truly was. David and Spike had always been closer, but not to Spike's advantage. He couldn't see David as anything besides the baby that had been born in a blizzard in Saint Petersburg. Angel knew that child was dead, and the creature sitting at the table with him, along with his friends, were incapable of saving. That did not mean he wouldn't try, it just meant he expected no positive results.

"Gentlemen, welcome to Wolfram and Hart.