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Encounters Upon Encounters

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Louis plopped down onto the hospital bed, stiff from the lack of use, and huffed in annoyance. He was working a 12-hour shift, and was barely half way through and was already fed up. Maybe it was the fact that he had a crick in his neck from the weird pillow he slept on the night before after his disappointing hookup, maybe it was the fact he hadn’t had a cup of coffee in at least 4 hours, or maybe It was the onslaught of British accents.

Coming from America as a medical student to come work in this hospital in London, he had expected to be constantly being surrounded by the damn accent, and had even found it endearing in the beginning, but now? Now he was ready to rip out his damn ears. What does a man have to do to get an American accent around here?

Settling into his bed, he looked around the room that had become all too familiar to him. He escaped down the stairwell into the hidden supply room filled with unused beds, whenever he was on break. He could literally fall asleep anywhere, and he was ready to settle in and take a well deserved thirty-minute nap. Eyes fluttering shut, he began to doze off when he heard stomping outside his door. Someone was coming down the stairs.

Sitting up, he was about to retreat from his corner and go out there and give the person a piece of his mind, when the door opened and a man walked in, his silhouette the only thing visible in the dark room. Shutting the door behind him, the man entered the dark room, and sat down three beds away from Louis, not seeing him.

“Yeah…yeah he’s doing better.” The man said into the phone, and Louis suddenly sat up straighter, suddenly very interested in this stranger, his voice oh so deep and raspy. “Yeah, drunk driving accident. The other guy was taken in by- no no. Yeah I’m heading out in a bit, I know.” He said into the phone, his British accent washing over Louis. He was definitely taking back his previous rant on the accent. This accent was practically sex, coming from him.

“Alright, mate. See you then. Bye” the man said into the phone. The man letting out a deep breath, Louis faintly saw him lean back onto the bed, clasping his hands over his eyes. He needed to get a good look at this guy.

Finally, Louis spoke up. “Hi. Are you alright?” his voice suddenly too loud in the quiet room. Louis saw the man jump, and heard something clatter to the floor, noise muffled by the loud curse the man let out. He saw him jump off of the bed and turn towards Louis, face still unfortunately covered in darkness.

“Oops." Louis heard, followed by a quick "Are you bloody insane?" There was some shuffling. "Couldn’t you have said something earlier?” the man demanded in that delicious voice. Louis suddenly knew if he didn’t get a look at his face, he’d die. Louis chuckled, leaning over to the side next to the gauze cabinet to turn on the light.

Flickering, the light faintly illuminated the room, and Louis looked down to see the man on his knees, and suddenly he went dizzy. After staring down a bit too long at the head of curly hair, a dark olive green and black headscarf wrapping around the tantalizing curls, he realized the man was crouched down because he was looking under the bed. Dropping down to bend down as well, Louis ducked down and looked under the bed. Looking across, he saw a glint of green.
“Looking for something?” Louis asked, amused. The man glared, and from what little that Louis could see of his face, he definitely wasn’t amused.

“Yes, actually. My phone. That you made me drop.” He replied, his slow voice raising the goose bumps on Louis’ arms. Seeing a shine of silver, Louis reached over, and grabbed the phone, grinning at him across the bed.

“Got it!” Louis told him gleefully. The man froze, giving Louis a hard look, and rose, standing up and dusting off. Louis took a deep breath, and followed, and looked over to finally get a good look at the man.

Oh God. Lord Almighty. Jesus Christ. Oh Buddha. Those were only a fraction of the things that flashed through his mind.

Holy. Shit. He didn’t think a guy with such a deep voice could be so pretty.

His curly hair softly enveloped his face, framing his mouthwatering jawline, accentuating those subtly plump lips, somehow so pink and so freaking nice. And those eyes. Louis had maybe fallen in love. With that tight long sleeve black shirt, and those tight black pants, Louis almost came.

Extending his hand over the bed, Louis held out the phone silently, not trusting himself to speak. The Greek God’s lips twitched, and Louis saw something resembling a smirk as the guy leaned forward and grabbed his phone, his fingertips softly brushing against Louis’.

“Thanks.” He told Louis, and Louis’ eyes were immediately drawn to those lips again. Perfect perfect lips, not too full, but pretty enough to kiss, to touch, to open up to suck Louis’ di-

“Are you going to stare at me all day, or can I get the name of the man who was almost behind the demise of my phone?” he asked Louis. Louis’ eyes shot up, eyebrows raised, to see the teasing tilt to his lips, the amusement in his eyes. The guy was…flirting? Louis felt his shoulders relax. He was on home territory. He could do this.

“Well can I get the name of the man who rudely interrupted my nap?” Louis shot back, before realizing how insensitive that was. The guy had obviously come into the room sounding beat up over someone being admitted into the hospital. “Shit, never mind I’m sorry. I overheard you on the phone. I hope whoever was admitted was okay.” Louis told him, wringing his hands together in front of him. The guy’s eyes lingered on his hands, before traveling lower, and back up to Louis’ eyes. He smiled softly.

“Yeah, just a friend of mine got into a drunk driving accident. The fucker who smashed into him was practically asleep from the amount of alcohol in his system. But he’ll be okay. Ed is a fighter. It could have been worse.” he replied, voice somehow impossible deeper. So much slower and deeper. His smile got wider as he held out his hand.

Holy fucking dimples. Suddenly, Louis knew he wouldn’t make it another day if he didn’t stick his tongue into at least one of those beautiful dimples.

“I’m Harry.” He told Louis, eyes steadily watching Louis’ face. Louis looked back, fully aware his face was flushed, reaching out and shook his hand.

“And I’m Louis.” He replied. Harry’s eyebrow went up.

“Are you American?” Harry asked, his eyes scrunching in confusion. It was the cutest fucking thing Louis had ever seen, and he couldn’t help but let out a breathless laugh.

“Yeah, I am.”

Harry looked at Louis carefully, up and down down the scrubs adorning Louis’ body. Louis could later say he’d gladly swear on every deity in existence, that he somehow felt the drag of Harry’s eyes scorching his skin.

“Do you work here?” he drawled, the pink lips drawing Louis’ eyes on them, and for a bit, Louis almost forgot he had a question to reply to. Ripping his eyes away from Harry’s lips, he struggled to focus on Harry’s eyes.

‘Yeah, I do. I’m in my last year of medical school at the moment. Transferred from America a few months ago. Was given this opportunity, and couldn’t say no.” Louis replied, shrugging, sitting down on the bed between them and bringing them closer. Louis was facing Harry’s torso and suddenly had to look up to look into Harry’s eyes.

Harry was looking right back, his expression unreadable. He then shifts, and Louis suddenly finds himself scooting over to make room for Harry, who was currently lifting his legs off the floor and onto the bed, lying down. Louis was still sitting up, just looking down at Harry as the curly haired man shut his eyes. After a moment, a smirk appeared on Harry’s face.

“Well as fond as you seem of staring at me, you’re more than welcome to lie down as well. I did interrupt your nap, after all. I reckon you have at least another 20 minutes?” Harry asked, opening one eye and focusing on Louis. Louis ignored the fact that there were at least 6 other perfectly good beds in the room, and nodded, already feeling something in his pants stirring, turning off the lights and stretching his body out on the bed, his shoulder touching Harry’s. Catching a whiff of sandalwood and cologne, Louis almost pinched himself. He was literally lying down next to this beautiful human being, and was actually keeping it in his pants. He couldn’t remember the last time he was next to a man, and wasn’t naked.

Louis was just about to reply when he heard his pager go off. Not sure whether to scream or cry, he unclasped it from his belt, and checked it. It read ‘999’ which was code for him to call his supervisor. Sighing, he reached for his phone, unable to register the fact Harry had begun to scoot closer to look at what was going on, and was about to unlock it, when it began to ring. Seeing it was his supervisor calling, he swiped his finger to answer, bringing the phone to his ear.

“Hello?” he said into the phone, unconsciously taking note of the platter of footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Yes hello?” the screeching voice of his supervisor, Maura, yelled. Wincing, Louis moved the phone away from his ear a bit, and brought it back cautiously. She was somehow louder than usual. He saw Harry flinch as well, no doubt able to hear the howls.

“Yes, Maura. Hello.”

“Louis? Where on earth are you? There are patients to be checked on, you know!” she shrieked. Louis was just about to begin contemplating of whether owls sounded like that when they mated, when he realized her voice was a bit too loud. As in, it was echoing in the stairwell, loudly. Harry caught onto the pure panic that suddenly erupted onto Louis’ face, and a look of confusion flickered on his face.

“Louis, what-” he was cut off as Louis quickly clapped his hand over Harry’s mouth.

“I’ll be right there, Maura. I’m using the restroom. Goodbye!” he told her quietly, quickly hanging up. Removing his hands from Harry’s mouth, he used one hand to silence and shove his phone into his pocket, and the other to grab the blanket at the end of the bed.

“She’s about to walk into this room in ten seconds. She cannot know we are here, or I’m fucking screwed.” Louis whispers to Harry as he positions himself over Harry, and drags the blanket over them. Covering their heads, Louis looks around to make sure the sheet covered them completely, before shooting up a thank you at whoever was listening, that they had picked the bed farthest from the door to lie in. Speaking of lying in beds, he looked down to see Harry looking up at him, his lips parted as his breath came shallowly.

Louis was just contemplating on whether to spontaneously ravish this man, when the door to the storage room opened, and he quickly placed a hand over Harry’s lips, to muffle his audible breathing, trying hard not to think of the damp breath and soft skin touching his palm.

He heard Maura whistle off-tune, as she moved to the far end of the room, opening up one of the rickety wooden cabinets, and he heard the gentle rustle of fabric, as she went through what he was sure was filled with more blankets. The light suddenly flickered on. Stilling, he was able to focus on the man in front of him, and he could faintly see Harry’s eyes focused on him. Not wanting to suffocate him, Louis began to move his hand away cautiously, but stopped as Harry let out a nearly silent whine, shaking his head gently.

Louis suddenly couldn’t breathe.

Bringing his hand back to Harry’s lips, he pressed down firmly, harder than before, and felt Harry subtly arch his hips, his head tilting back. Louis kept a careful watch on him, as he applied more pressure.

Yes. Those were definitely his hips. That was definitely a response.

Keeping his hand heavy on Harry’s perfect lips, Louis slowly leaned forward, nose skimming Harry’s jawline, going from his ear, back to his chin, taking a deep breath. Sweet heaven, Louis could drown in Harry’s scent, and die happy. He placed his lips under Harry’s chin, neither of them taking note of the door slamming shut, until the lights flickered off.

Louis didn’t bother removing his hand.

Sitting up a bit, Louis’s legs came up and straddled Harry’s slim hips, taking note of Harry’s desperate thrust. Their eyes locked, Louis wanted to see where he could go with this, how much longer he’d be able to keep his hand over Harry’s mouth, or if Harry would object to stuffing that gorgeous headscarf into his mouth, but those sinful lips were all he could think of. Removing his hand, he focused on them, and leaned in ready to devour them.

He was an inch away, Harry’s head coming up to meet his, green eyes practically glowing in the dark, when an unfamiliar ringtone went through the room.

Harry lowered his head with a loud groan, rolling his eyes. Louis let out a curse, dropping his head onto Harry’s shoulder, as Harry reached between their bodies to attempt to grab his phone from his incredibly tight dark jeans. Louis let out a strangled moan as Harry’s fingers brushed his engorged crotch. Harry froze at Louis’ outburst, hand still near Louis’ crotch. Inching closer, his hand cupped Louis through his scrubs, the thin layer giving Harry quite a hand full. Palming Louis, Harry reached into his pocket with his other hand, answering the phone with his eyes on Louis’ clenched eyes, his forehead resting on Harry’s shoulder.

“Hello?” Harry answered, so deep and oh so sensual. Harry’s fingers let go of Louis, and inched upwards to the band of his scrubs, his fingers slowly slipping under them. Louis went still, the anticipation ready to kill him.

“Yeah, I’ll be there tonight.” Harry croaked out, his hand inside the scrubs, dipping under the briefs Louis had on, brushing against the smooth skin of his cock. Louis let out a squeak as he thrusted into his touch, he was hot. Too too too hot. Harry let out a shaky breath, barely listening to the voice on the line, too distracted by the way Louis was now biting Harry’s shoulder.

“No, don’t worry mate-“ Louis moaned as Harry slid his fingers across Louis’ slit, dragging the bead of pre-come down his shaft. “I’ve already bought the present. I’ll add your name on it.” he tells the person on the other line as he begins to jerk Louis off. Louis faintly hears buzzing on the other line, too distracted by Harry’s huge hand deliciously bringing him closer to the edge. In any other case, he’d be incredibly embarrassed at how quick he was about to release, but this was something else.

“Yeah, I am a bit busy right now actually, thanks for noticing.” Harry said, laughing breathlessly as he sped up his hand, causing Louis to incoherently ask for more. “Yeah yeah bye.” Harry says, throwing his phone onto the bed next to them, eyes glued onto the expression of pure bliss on Louis’ face. Louis felt the wetness covering Harry’s fingers, felt the glide getting smoother and quicker.

Harry suddenly stops his hand, a desperate whine coming from Louis as he bucks his hips forward in an attempt to seek friction, and Harry smirks at the look of pure abandon on Louis’ face. Louis knows he looks like a proper mess, but he can’t help it. Harry had hands of gold.

Harry pulled his hands out of Louis’ scrubs, and Louis’ eyes snap open fully as Harry begins to nudge Louis to move.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Louis demands breathlessly, eyes angry yet glazed over. He was so close it hurt. “You can’t just stop like that.” He tells Harry, getting pissed off at the amused expression on Harry’s face. Not everything was freaking funny.

Harry laughs, his head leaning back to expose his gorgeous neck, as he shoves against Louis bum again, and Louis then realizes it’s not to shove him off, but to drag him up closer to Harry’s face. He knows his face changed the minute he understood, barely registering Harry’s nod of confirmation, as he scrambled to get his scrubs and pants off, scooting up to rest his thighs around Harry’s shoulders.

Grasping his cock in hand, he impulsively swipes it across Harry’s delicious lips, so fucking pink and obscene, as his eyes flutter shut at the glide of Harry’s lips on his slit. He cracks his eyes open to see Harry open his mouth, tongue coming out to guide Louis’s tip into his mouth. Making eye contact, Harry softly sucked on the head of Louis’ cock, and Louis grunted in exasperation, nudging his hips slightly forward.

Harry froze, eyes coming up to meet Louis’ blue ones, as he rested his head back, against the stiff pillow, mouth opening a bit wider, an open invitation

Louis stares at his silent offering, eyes wide, and he quickly thinks back through his life for when he did something good enough to deserve the angel between his legs, silently asking Louis to fuck his mouth.

“Such a good cock slut, baby.” Louis moans, eyes locked on that lewd tongue.

Thrusting his hips forward, he almost comes there and then at the wetness of Harry’s mouth. Pushing deeper in, he shoves his entire cock inside of Harry’s mouth, stopping when Harry’s nose was pressed against Louis’ pubes, Harry’s throat pulsing around his tip. He felt Harry begin to swirl his tongue around the engorged vein on the bottom of Louis’ cock, and Louis steadies himself as he puts one arm on the bed beside Harry’s bed, and the other one tangled in Harry’s messy curls. Tugging on his hair, Louis then begins thoroughly fucking Harry’s mouth, his hips roughly thrusting forward, and Harry, instead of backing away from the cock making him gag obscenely, he pushes forward, tears streaming down his flushed face at each wet thrust.

The sounds of skin slapping on skin echoing through the room, Louis tosses his head back, moaning in abandon at the feeling of Harry’s spit running down his thighs, so out of it he didn’t question the jerking movement of Harry’s arm. Louis was so close. Thrusting harder and faster, he hears Harry’s gagging noises, and almost comes from hearing the wet slide of his cock gliding down Harry’s throat.

Feeling Harry’s hand, he feels a finger push between the cheeks of Louis’s bum, firmly probing against Louis’ hole, and Louis’ body shakes in warning, and he quickly looks down at Harry, in an attempt to warn him.

“H-Harry-“ he moans, trying to pull out. Harry brings his other hand up and places both on Louis’ bum, shoving him deeper, and Louis loses it.

Feeling the pressure from his lower spine spread out through his entire body, he shakes as white hot fire blinds him, as he shakes and moans, cock buried deep into Harry’s throat.

His come erupts, thick and hot, as it all splutters down Harry’s throat. Hearing Harry choke, Louis quickly pulls out, Harry’s hands dropping from Louis’ bum to his own cock, as Louis watches Harry desperately flick his tongue out to catch every drop falling from Louis, Louis’ cock gently lying on his pink bottom lip, now smeared with his come.

Feeling Harry arch underneath him, he shouts out Louis’ name, shaking as Louis feels a splatter against his lower back and his bum. Smiling, Louis reached down and grabbed his cock in an attempt to milk the last drops of come out, and brought it to Harry’s lips, softly moaning as Harry’s eager tongue appears to lap it up. Finally getting every drop, Harry drops his head back, breathing heavily.

Louis scoots back, feeling the smear of Harry’s come on his bum.

“So good.” Louis breaths, dropping his head down back onto Harry’s shoulder, his bones suddenly like jelly.

Harry hums in agreement, his big hand, suspiciously wet, coming up to cup the back of Louis’ neck. Raising his head, Louis meets Harry’s gorgeous emerald eyes, now drooping in satisfaction.

“And to think I never even got to kiss you.” Harry mumbles, leaning in, voice raspy and abused from Louis’ cock. Louis chuckles, leaning forward, connecting their lips.

Harry’s lips weren’t as good as he was expecting. It was somehow better. Moaning into his mouth, Louis immediately traced the crease of Harry’s lips with his tongue, Harry gladly opening and granting entry. Louis faintly recognized the taste of himself on Harry’s tongue, heating up at the thought that this gorgeous mouth had Louis’ cock in it just a minute ago. Hands coming up to tug Harry’s hair, Harry moaned in his mouth, hips thrusting up again.

Louis pulled back with a laugh.

“Already?” he teased, tracing Harry’s bruised lips.

Harry lazily smiled, tongue coming out to lick at Louis’ finger. “Mate, I’ve got a few more ready to go. How about you ditch your shift, and we see if we can get to ten?” he tells Louis.

Louis freezes, the thought all too tempting. If he left, he’d be able to find more places to stick his cock…

But he can’t.

Sighing, he pulled back. “I can’t. I’ve got to get back to my shift. I’m late enough as it is, and I need to hunt down another outfit.” he says, all too aware of the come splattered on his back and the front of his shirt.

Rising off of Harry, he swings his legs around, and sets them on the floor. Getting up, he glances around for his pants, and sees them discarded on the floor, near the front of the bed. Bending down, he reaches for the pants, but suddenly jumps, yelping, dropping them as he feels something warm and wet slide across his hole. Straightening up, he turns to see Harry propped up on his elbows, watching Louis with barely concealed smugness.

“Did you just lick my bum?” Louis asks, mockingly outraged, completely shocked and ready to never let either of them leave the fucking room. Suddenly, he’s almost confident he could get hard in .2 seconds.

Harry nods, his mouth morphing into a grin. “I did, yeah. It’s a bloody fantastic bum, you know.” he tells Louis, eyes greedily glued on Louis’ slowly hardening cock. Turning away from Harry before he could try anything, Louis steps away from the bed and makes a quick grab for his pants before Harry can get a finger, or his tongue, anywhere near his body.

Shoving his pants up his legs, he took a deep breath, before turning back to Harry, seeing him lying flat on his back, knee bent as his right hand swirled through the come that landed on himself, rather than Louis’ back. Louis stepped forward, captivated with his hands, and grabbed one, and pulled it closer examining it. He ran his eyes over the long fingers, the short fingernails, even the lovely cross tattoo right under his thumb.

Making eye contact, Louis slowly brought Harry’s fingers, his come all over them, to his mouth, polishing off each and every finger. Harry softly moaned, eyes glued to Louis tongue as it traveled over each and every inch of Harry’s hand. Popping Harry’s fingers out of his mouth, Louis closely inspected the hand, and once satisfied, let it drop, smacking his lips at the delicious and heady taste of Harry. Quickly leaning forward, he stuck his tongue into Harry’s dimple, causing him to squirm. Now he could die happily.

“What’s that for?” Harry whined, wiping his hand across his cheek in mock disgust. Shrugging, Louis mutters something about necessities, when he gets distracted.

Approaching the middle of the bed, he leaned over to Harry’s cock, and unexpectedly took it into his mouth, head quickly and roughly bobbing up and down, taking Harry by surprise, making him gasp and thrust up at the wet slide of Louis’ tongue. But just as fast as it began, it stopped, and Louis looked down at Harry’s hard cock and smiled mischievously.

“There, all clean.” He purred, his eyes sparkling evilly. Harry dropped his head back, bringing his hand back to his cock, smiling at Louis.

“It’s alright. I can take it from here.” Harry told Louis, hand flicking lazily up and down his cock, the wet slide from Louis’ spit making it easier. Louis took a deep breath, turning away. He began walking towards the door, before hesitating, and looking back.

“Same time tomorrow?” he asked, eyes glued to Harry’s steady fist gliding up and down his nice cock. Harry, face flushed, nodded unsteadily, eyes glazed as they watched Louis exit the room, leaving Louis to admire the self control he never knew he had.

Louis let out a laugh, echoing through the empty stairwell as he closed the door, feeling his shirt stick to his back. He was positive it was glued onto him by now. But it was worth it.

It was so fucking worth it.