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Midori no yajirushi: Nihon no olicity. Aka: The Green Arrow: Olicity in Japan - Wattpad

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The Move

"Dad, I don't want to move to some foreign country for your job" I yelled down the hallway. "I know you want us to be all together but geez I have friends and I am captain of the football team this year" I yelled. I kept waiting for my dad to say something but he didn't. I went back to the living room and he was still sitting where I had left him. I knew at that point arguing wasn't going to get me anywhere. I headed back down the hallway when speedy, that's what I call my little sister Thea, ran by me in her new kimono my dad bought her for the move. After mom passed dad spoiled Thea to death. Anything she wanted, she got and I was pretty sure that's why he excepted the job in the first place. I groaned and headed up the stairs.
Throwing myself on the bed I dialed Tommys number. "Hey bud" he said casually. "I heard about the move but don't fret that's what video chat and texting is for. I bet the chicks in Japan are hot as well." I laughed. "Thanks Tommy. You always know how to cheer me up. I just don't know how to say anything to Laurel, I mean I've known her since pre-K". Tommy went silent for a minute and said "don't worry I've got this. Just focus on your flight in the morning and i will deal with Laurel. That way when she finds out you will be a billion miles away and she can't get all in your face about it". I smiled and said "thanks tommy, your the best." After a few more goodbyes and closing ends up I decided it was time to finish packing.
We arrived at the airport at 1am star city time because my dad wanted to be in Tokyo before 6pm. We boarded the private jet and my dad got Thea all buckled into her plane seat. To make things even more fun I got the task of babysitting her.
As I got Thea and myself settled in I heard a voice that shouldn't have been anywhere near the plane. "Hello Oliver" came Sara lances voice from down the aisle. I looked back and sure enough there was Sara and her beautiful girlfriend Nyssa. "What're you doing here Sara?" I asked. She smiled and sat down behind us with Nyssa sitting right beside her and giving me a dirty look. "My dad is doing some training in Tokyo so your dad offered to let us fly with you. And guess what, we will all be going to the same school"! Sara said making Thea laugh and squee with enthusiasm. I sighed.
Laurel entered the aisle with her dad and mine. I got a little thrown off by the way my father had his hand on her back and was moving it ever so slightly up and down. I grimaced and called for Laurel to sit with Thea and I.
Picking up Thea and placing her on her lap Laurel sat beside me. She smiled at me and started reading a book to Thea. The plane engines roared on and the plane took off. Oh boy 11hrs of Thea giggling and not knowing what just happened with my dad didn't sound fun at all.
About midway through the flight Thea fell fast asleep clinging to laurels arm. I asked Laurel if she wanted to move Thea but she said it was alright. I took a deep breath and finally asked "what was that with my dad when you got on the plane?" She looked at me with a look of confusion and fright. "I don't know, he just started rubbing my back and then it got weird and creepy. He asked while my dad was getting our stuff loaded if I wanted to sit in his private area with just him. It kinda creeped me out, I'm glad you called me to sit by you". She looked relieved to finally say something to somebody. "Has he done this before" I asked slowly. She nodded sadly. I put my hand on her knee and reached over to give her a hug but Thea pushed me and said "she is mine" and held Laurel tighter. We both laughed. "Oh by the way Oliver my other sister will be at the school we are going to, I cant wait for you to meet, her name is Felicity and she is a catch" she said winking at me. I blushed and couldn't wait to meet this third Lance sister.
We arrived in Tokyo at about 3pm and headed straight for the hotel. I plopped down on the bed in the room Laurel, Thea and I were sharing. Thea nominated herself to share the bed with Laurel, which she didn't fight with her about. Tomorrow we start a new school in a new country and maybe I will have myself a new girlfriend I thought to myself as I drifted off. Felicity Lance what a beautiful name and if she had a soul like Laurel and Sara it will be just as beautiful.