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Sirius Trouble

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New Life, New School and a New Family - Arianna


"Are you sure you've got everything you need, girls?" Professor Frost asked us for the millionth time since we had boarded the jet.

"Yes ma'am" , Vera and Mandy chorused dutifully while I nodded.

"Very well then, we'll be landing in London in about an hour." She said and dove back into her novel, leaving the girls and I to our devices once more. 

"So," Vera said turning to me, "How do you think Hogwarts will be?"

"From what I've been told, it seems pretty different from Salem" I answered truthfully.

"And are you excited to meet your family?" she asked in a casual tone and I had a nagging suspicion that the question about Hogwarts had just been an ice-breaker for this one, especially considering the fact that she knew as much as I did about the place.

"I'm not sure." I said after thinking for some time. "I mean, I've been writing to Frank for a while now and he seems pretty great but I'm honestly not sure about the rest of the family."

I could only hope that my mother's side of the family wasn't as dreadful as her....I don't really get along with my folks, in case you couldn't tell.

"Okay, just promise me that if this cousin of yours is hot, you'll hook me up with him." Mandy said getting straight to the point, as always.

"Absolutely not!" I exclaimed. "I don't care if Frank is the hottest guy in the world. I'm not letting you get your claws on him!" I said, flicking the straw from my juice box at her.

She shot me a death glare as she wiped the little droplets of juice that had fallen on her face from the straw.

"Why not?" Vera asked innocently and I scoffed.

As if she doesn't know.

"Because, if I do set him up with her" I said pointing at Mandy, "she'll probably make him fall for her and then dump him." I said, looking at Mandy, daring her to contradict me. She just gave me a guilty smile.

Vera seemed to think about it and then shrugged.

"So you see, I like him far too much to let her anywhere near him" I said to her .

"That's too bad then," said Mandy with a smirk, "because we are supposed to stay with his family till the vacations end."

I inwardly cursed. I had absolutely forgotten about that.

I'd probably have to spend the rest of the summer keeping an eye on her making sure she doesn't prey on poor Frank.

Don't get me wrong, I love this idiot more than anybody else in the world, but over the years I've lost way too many guy friends to let her anywhere near my brother, and besides it's not like she actually cares, so no harm done there......right?

An hour passed by like an uneventful second, and I found myself disembarking the jet way too soon. Mandy and Vera chattered excitedly, while I tried my best to not throw up. I was genuinely nervous that like my parents, these strangers that are somehow my family would be horrid to me too.

If they are, then to hell with them! You've got Mandy and Vera. They are all the family you need! I silently reminded myself, as we left the airport and got ourselves a taxi.

Apparently, Frank lived on the outskirts of London in a huge mansion. According to him, the house had belonged to our family for centuries.

I smiled, remembering how Frank had used our instead of my, as if it didn't matter if we had met or not, we were still family and no amount of distance or strangeness would ever change that.

I sighed. Maybe, just maybe meeting these people wouldn't be a total disaster.

Oh who am I kidding, anyone who had raised Frank to be this nice, couldn't possibly be all that bad! I thought as I felt myself relax.

All this time Mandy, Vera and even Professor Frost hadn't tried to speak to me, and for that I was truly thankful. They must have known that I would need some time to prepare myself.

"We've reached, sweetie." Professor Frost said to me softly and I looked out of the window to see our taxi pulling into the gates of a gigantic house.

We quickly hopped out of the taxi and waited as the driver unloaded our stuff. Once he began driving away and we were sure he couldn't see us, Professor Frost began levitating our stuff to the door. We were still 15 and the ministry didn't allow us to use magic outside school till we turned 17.

As we began walking towards the door, Vera and Mandy walked to either side of me and silently grabbed my hands. I smiled my thanks at them. Professor Frost led the way towards the door and we followed suit. I drew a deep breath as she firmly knocked on the door.

Right then, into battle. I thought as the door swung open.


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