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The Blind Side

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“Im tired, we’ve been waiting for 3 hours already, no one is gonna show up”
All Stiles gets as a response is and angry huff from derek.

They where out in the woods, it was almost 4 in the morning on a Saturday. Stiles had been dragged out of his room on a Friday night for what seemed the millionth time to try to find whoever was responsible for all the missing people over the past few weeks.
He was annoyed. Even more, he was tired and annoyed. Why did derek only pick him to do the stakeouts? Why didn’t he take Scott or Isaac or Boyd or Erika or Jackson, why? True he was now all magical witch boy, but then again so was Lydia, he could take her too or Allison, she was an amazing hunter. Or Danny, but then again he was the only normal human. but no, Stiles was always the one to be sleep deprived thanks to derek.

“Dude! I wanna go to sleep already, if you haven’t picked up a scent by now, I don’t think you will. Lets just call it a night and try again tomorrow. I have a lot of homework to do and I need at least 6 hours of sleep to function, or at least 3 if I take an extra dose of adderal. But I don’t think you’ll want to be near me smelling like medicine if we are doing another stakeout tomorrow, so I suggest we…” Derek cuts him off.
“Stiles! Say another word and I’ll…” “Rip my throat out out with your teeth” stiles finishes.
“Really? You need a new threat, that one is getting kind of old.” he says, and right as he is gonna open his mouth Derek’s eyes glow red and he crouches down, putting his hand on stiles head making go down with him.
“They are here” Derek says, his nose flaring and wolfing out momentarily after.
“who? Who is here? Do you know what we are up against now?” and before he got an answer from derek, he knows, he hears them chanting from afar. He can feel the magic in the air. He can almost taste it.
It had taken a lot of time for stiles to get to this level, to be able to scene magic from so far away, “Im better than harry potter” he told himself. All that Deaton had taught him was gonna be put into use tonight.
“Lets go” derek said. And with that they where both off towards the witches, stiles himself doing a spell of his own to cloak their presence from the witches.

The witches had come to a stop in a small clearing of the woods. They where both now close enough for them to see perfectly what was going on. The witches where kidnaping girls and taking their youth into themselves. Stiles knew this type of magic took a lot of concentration so the witches wouldn’t be able to pick up on them even without the spell he had cast.
Derek was about to pounce, he could tell. before he got a chance to Stiles grabbed his arm.
“I need your help” he said, he had a plan.
“what do you need?” derek asked.
“give me your hand, I need to channel some of your magic, i’m not nearly as strong as I need to be to do the spell I need to make what they are doing backfire”
“what are you thinking of doing?”
“Im gonna revert their words, im gonna make them give the youth they have stolen back, its only a small control spell to rearrange their chant, but I need to make them not notice and that will take a lot out of me, thats where you come in”

Stiles closed his eyes and started his spell. Derek was surprised of how strong he had become in such a small period of time. when stiles was about to be finished he opened his eyes, they where glowing white. He now reached for derek’s hand and focused his sight on the three witches. It was working.
It had only been a few seconds, the witches already look old and a little bit decrepit. Shockingly to derek so was stiles, this is when everything went downhill.

Derek jumped back at the sight of stiles, he looked as if his life was being drained out, in his shock he jumped back releasing his hand from stiles. Everything went silent, and then stiles was back to normal. But the witches, they immediately pounced on them.

“Mary! Grab the boy!” the red headed witch screamed.
Then a large (fat) dark haired lady grabbed stiles from behind.
“Sarah! Continue chanting, i’ll deal with the wolf!” said the read headed women, directed to the blonde witch across from her.
The blonde witch continued chanting as the red headed witch went after derek. To stiles luck he was prepared for an attack. He was able to bring his foot up to his hand, and out of his boot he brought out a hunting knife. (Thank you Allison) He stabbed Mary on the leg, forcing her to release him from the pain. And with a quick turn he slashed her throat, her body dropping at his feet quickly after. He looked around and Sarah was running away screaming “Winifred! He killed Mary! Run! Now!” saying a spell and vanishing into the night almost immediately. “Derek” he thought to himself. He ran toward dereks screams.

When he got to derek he was looking really beat up, like he had been hit by a bus and had fallen off of the empire state building, at the same time. Winifred had him surrounded in a circle of fire. Stiles was quick, he concentrated and dissolved the fire, and simultaneously doing a spell to make dereks healing work even quicker. When he reached him he was almost completely ok.

Now it was time to fight magic with magic.
“Derek, leave.” Stiles said
“No, I can’t leave you with her here”
“Derek, I can handle her, you on the other hand can’t. Get Lydia, just run and get her. Please!”
“Fine but if you die I’ll…”
“I wont” he cut derek off, “now go and get her!”
He ran, he was less than a mile away when he heard stiles scream. He turned around and headed back towards stiles. Sarah was behind Stiles, she was trying to weaken is magic while Winifred attacked him. Derek ran and jumped on Sarahs back and knocked her unconscious. Then he ran in front of tiles grabbed by the arm and screamed “Run! Now!”
It all happened too fast for derek to react but he could see the fire in the air like a whip coming from Winifred's hand. Stiles turned his body to protect Derek, taking the hit directly. Then everything in stiles world went black.