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Wolfs Whisperer

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Teen Wolf - Short

[ Wolfs Whisperer ]





Stiles was good at dealing with animals.

He could easily make friends with them than with people.

And yes, he lived a little further out in Beacon County.

It made no difference to him whether he lived in the city or not.

Much to the displeasure of his dad who called him almost every day, or passed by with the police car. Stiles knew his dad worried about him because he didn't have a lot of social contacts. That and because he was afraid of losing his only son, when Stiles was out here alone in the woods. But this was where he felt comfortable.

In the city most people didn't notice him and his ADHD made it even less likely that anyone would put up with his presence for any length of time.

He felt comfortable out here, and could roam through the woods and find new inspiration whenever he wanted.

Much to the pleasure of his publisher, he continued to work on his latest comic: Teen Wolf. It was about a boy who was bitten by a wolf and became one himself. The story took place at a high school and told of how the boy, who had been rather plain, suddenly became popular. By his side he had a best friend who knew his secret and helped him whenever he could. Especially when it got tough.

His publisher had been pushing to see a new chapter of it. So Stiles worked late into the night, until he was exhausted and fell asleep right where he was. The next morning he would surely have woken up in an impossible position, cursing the following soreness. However, it didn't come to that, because he was woken by something.

Something warm was covering his face and tickled him lightly. A gentle torture, which tore him from his sleep until he finally opened his eyes. But when he was awake, he couldn't believe it. He was being licked. By a wolf!

"Oh holy shit ~ I mean, what the hell ~ What ~" Stiles stammered, scrambled to his feet, and fell back slowly. Apparently this displeased the observing intruder because he growled warningly. Two glowing red eyes were fixed on Stiles; watchful, dangerous.

Not good, Stiles. A hungry wolf staring at you, as if you were his next meal. He doesn’t even look as if it would bother him that you haven’t showered for several days.

And you hardly took care of the household, either, as usual when you’re close to a deadline and…

The growling of the wolf brought him back to reality.

O-kay. Maybe you don't have to worry about it. You're going to die anyway. What a pity. And you haven't even seen the latest Star Wars movie yet. And you've been looking forward to seeing Han Solo and Chewbacca so much. They were an odd duo, but they always managed. Especially the ‘getting away alive’ part.

"Wow, quiet, my boy," Stiles said, trying to appear calm himself. He'd nothing at hand with which he could defend himself. He only had his big mouth. Oh, and he knew how to handle a weapon, his father had taught him how to shoot. But Stiles possessed no gun. Who would ever find their way to this wilderness out here? Well, apparently no human, as Stiles laughed bitterly and only looked at his intruder, stunned. A wolf. A rather large wolf with wild eyes.

"Hey, don't eat me. It's only me, Stiles", he told to the wolf, hoping that it would turn out to be as harmless as the animals he met in the woods. They tended to be smaller animals such as foxes, rabbits and even a hedgehog now and then.

But a wolf? And such a beautiful, and dangerous, animal at that?

No, so far Stiles hadn't seen any. In addition, there were no wolves in Beacon County; not one in the last fifty years. Why was this one here? In his house? In his bedroom? And why had it merely growled at him instead of devouring him?

After all, it had fangs which could easily penetrate his flesh and tear him to pieces. The wolf made no move to come closer; instead, it looked over to the bed, then back at Stiles.

"Um yeah, that's my bedroom, you know," Stiles said. Talking was good. Better than running away and provoking the wolf. "If this is supposed to work out with us here, we need to work on our communication. I mean, you do want something specific from me, right? Otherwise you would've already eaten me."

Again the wolf looked to the bed and then to Stiles, its growl darkening.

"Hey, easy boy," Stiles said and backed away. Since he hardly had an alternative, he slowly sat down on the bed. "Are you perhaps irritated because I'm wearing my red hoodie?" That was just a cliché, right? "Listen, I'm not Little Red Riding Hood, or even the grandmother. You must have mistaken the house."

The wolf glanced at him, not upset but rather calm. His growl slowly ebbed away.

"Good, good. You see, there is no reason to make trouble here," Stiles said and glanced sideways to his bedside. Where his phone was. He only needed to call someone; the speed dial was enough to get through to his dad, and this whole nightmare would be over. But Stiles barely moved and the growl began again. He was slowly getting used to it, suppressing a roll of his eyes.

"This is really starting to get silly," he said, and looked accusingly at the wolf. "What exactly do you want from me?"

The wolf looked at him, unimpressed, and bared its teeth. Once Stiles withdrew his hand, it became quiet. If Stiles hadn't known better, he would have thought the wolf wanted him to stay in bed.

"Just to make sure I understand you correctly: You want me to stay in bed?" Stiles assumed.

The wolf nodded once, if you could interpret the gesture like that. The animal didn't move and just looked expectantly at Stiles.

"O-kay. I wanted to sleep anyway, technically I have slept , although not exactly comfortably and ... don't look so grumpy, I'm laying down already, see?", Stiles said; he didn't let the wolf out of his sight. Stiles watched it skeptically. The wolf made no attempt to devour him. Instead, the glowing red eyes stared at him for a moment before the animal turned and moved to the bedroom door. But instead of disappearing just as quickly and mysteriously as it had come, the wolf lay down in front of the door, and glanced at him. Watching him. A growl followed.

"Okay, okay, I'm sleeping," Stiles said and laid down, his heart was beating wildly.

The wolf remained alert and listened carefully to the heartbeat of the human. When he had calmed and Stiles had fallen asleep, he lowered his head and, satisfied, closed his eyes as well.