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Of Elves and Wolves

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Chapter one 1st person P.O.V

We were moving again, I knew the reason but I still kind of wish that we would stay in one place for a while maybe make some friends all the new places and lives were fun when I was younger , like one big adventure but I’m 18 now and this ritual is getting tedious. I get that the council were still after my parents since dad bent the rules by being involved with mom ,but straight up broke bent burnt and scattered the ashes into the wind by procreating with her and creating me , and you know how anal old people are about their rules so my very existence is basically the bane of theirs add to that that dad was one of their best and has been training me since I was old enough to properly walk and talk in everything he knows being the ex-leader of the mages of the moon the elves top ranking clan in both battle and magic and my mom being one of the last members of the DeLune clan who specializes in the 5 elements earth,wind,fire,air and spirit as well as other kind of magic . Altogether in their eyes I’m a weapon of mass destruction. I’m kind of proud of that fact to be honest but I still do not like all of this driving even if I’m in my separate car a 2016 matte black mustang with a burgundy and black interior which was of course warded to high hell and next to me curled up into balls were my two wolf familiars Remus and Lupin ( yes I named them after the werewolf in harry potter give me a break my mom made my middle name Daenerys since she loves her in the G.O.T books so much and if she wasn’t so bad ass I would’ve been highly upset over getting named from a fictional character , although my mom did reveal if I was a boy it would’ve been Legolas instead ……. My father approved.” My Papa called me on the phone to let me know we were almost at our new place in Beacon Hills California he says we’ll be staying here for a while, because of the ley lines it would be safer for all of us so he got us a 3 story 3 bathroom 5 bedrooms so that me and my mom have our art studio and dad has his office. I get the whole third floor to myself with a huge bathroom a huge room so Remus and Lupin can have their own section. I’ll be starting Beacon hills high school tomorrow luckily unlike my last school I’m starting at the start of the school year instead of half way through it I’ll just have to go in early to get a feel for the school since all the paper work was done and my schedule and supply list was emailed and delivered . We were almost there so I sat back and turned up my radio to Twenty One pilots doubt and drove along as I sang out loud.

20 minutes later
We pulled up to the house it was black stone and an off white brick color big windows at the end of a pretty big Cull-de sac a good distance from our neighbors with a high security gate barring anyone without the code from entering that me and my mom warded so our whole property was basically surrounded by an invisible barrier we each got out Remus and Lupin stretching and going to investigate the property as I took my things upstairs to my room which was huge a good portion of the roof was glass so that I can lay and see the stars if I felt like it , I had a walk in closet and a huge balcony that looked out onto the preserve . I immediately stopped levitating the boxes and sorted them to their separate corners and set the clothes to hang themselves and went to open the double doors to my bathroom there was a shower in one corner the one with a water fall pipe up top as well as a spray in every corner of it and marble floors. two black sinks and a long mirror as well as a huge Jacuzzi tub built into the stone floor windows in the ceiling here as well as well as the regular space for towels built into the wall and I decided that being trapped in my room wouldn’t be bad . I got out my Batman bathroom accessories (because BATMAN that’s why) and set it up in the bathroom. We were still going to have to go out today to get other things for the house and our rooms since we only ever pack essentials. So I ran back down the stairs and jumped on my dad “ dad we got to go I have PLANS for that room dad PLANS don’t ruin this for me” my mom laughed you heard her Kaali (Dragon shadow ) ,and she is right which she gets from my side of the family she said with a smirk . My dad rolled his eyes and picked up my mom while I was still on his back because he was clearly a cave person in a past life he simply said “come daughter and wife I require sustenance before you do your feminine shopping rituals while mom and I gave him judgmental looks as he carried us out to his truck and deposited me into the back seat and my mom to the front I put my headphones in while he drove us to a diner we saw about ten minutes away while we were on our way here . Stepping out of the truck I saw several people eyeing us suspiciously which I couldn’t really blame them dad was a giant standing at about 6’8 and heavily muscled as you could clearly see due to his tight black v necked Henley and sweats with sneakers his arms were heavily inked in runes and he had lightly tanned skin with long silver white hair that I inherited except his was waist length while mines was down to my butt and currently braided back in two long braids put back into low buns with purple ends that start off dark and get gradually lighter in shade till it stops at my waist and from my waist up is my platinum silver hair . My dad also has eyes that are so bright they look turquoise with a hint of silver all in all my dad was hot then standing next to my mom in almost an exact matching outfit as him except her skin was the color or caramel which I got from her with full lips and a curvy hourglass figure standing in at 5’5 with butt length dark hair although she did get the purple tips like mines and bright purple eyes that had a silvery blue outline on the outside that I also inherited as well as her shape and Dominican / native American features . Both of her ears were full of piercings as well as one in her nose and they couldn’t see but her navel as well and she also had many tattoos. I was the shortest of the bunch at only 5’2 wearing black joggers and a cropped deadpool hoodie with red sneakers same piercings as my mom with tattoos as well a wolf howling on each side of my waist were the only ones visible at the moment though , and not to toot our own horn but we were supernaturally attractive which could explain the staring but it was getting pretty annoying that is … until my dad gave them a look and they scattered as we made our way inside to the hostess desk to wait on a table while I people watched . The place was full with people that were so obviously failing at not making it obvious that they were staring at us, towards the back there was a table full of ridiculously attractive teenagers... at least as far as I could see at the moment and a tall man in a leather jacket with angry caterpillars on his face posing as eyebrows that whole table set of my other vibe but it didn’t really seem like my problem. I went back to looking for new music to play on my iPhone settling on Gasoline by Halsey and started to hum under my breath as I felt my mom take my other earphone and start humming with me as the hostess got our menus and led us to the booth next to the table of attractive teens , and said our waitress would be with us in a few minutes I slid all the way in the booth and leaned my head back onto the wall and watched the table through slitted eyes . Close up you could tell they were close a boy with moles and what seemed like perpetual bed head was sitting next to Mr. Angry brows with a girl with strawberry blonde hair on his other side and a blonde with a jawline inspired by freaking diamonds but an arrogant look ,was talking erratically with his hands to the puppy looking dude with the crooked jaw sitting between a girl that looked like the physical representation of a Disney princess on one side who I guess was his girlfriend due to the arm around her shoulder and on his other side was a freaking real life angel with a head full of curly blonde hair cheekbones chiseled by the gods and for some reason a scarf and next the cherub was a girl with sassy blonde hair lots of leather and red lipstick and next to her a huge mountain of dark chocolate stoicism . I decided there and then that I was soooo out of my league then and turned to my parents who were being parental and by parental I mean watching me with matching smirks of evil since they apparently saw my reaction to the cherub so I rolled my eyes and took my headphones and immediately spoke before they could “ I want a burger with bacon curly fries a brownie milk shake with extra whip cream and pie anything remotely healthy is unacceptable and I’ll sue you both for emotional distress and tell uncle dean you didn’t give me pie I told them both with a straight face while they both grinned like Cheshire cats and let it go. “Soooooooo” started my mom and I immediately went on high alert because my mother was evil I was convinced that one day I’ll have to call uncle dean and uncle Sam and uncle Cas to take care of her . I looked over with one perfectly arched eyebrow raised in question as she smiled ( evilly of course ) “ ready to start your new school tomorrow she said not so innocently it’s senior year you know and we’ll be here for a while you know all the good stuff in senior year proms grad bash homecoming ,less work” then her face immediately went into devil’s advocate mode as she said in a loud enough voice that the next table had to hear “ dates first kisses boyfriends since you’ve never had one ?” she said with an evil smile as she watched my face immediately go red as I fought to not acknowledge the stares I can feel coming up from the other table as my dad just sat back with his arms crossed not helping at all because he is clearly the traitiest of all traitors to ever trait “what” he said when I looked at him with eyes of betrayal “I always wanted to interrogate your boyfriend if you ever got one but you never did and the one time you mentioned a boy asking you out you followed up that statement with and I quote “but then I heard the little shit telling his friends how he was going to score with the new girl and he’d win money so I beat the ever living crap out of him in the boys locker room while it was full and then dragged his naked ass to the middle of the school and made him confess all of his fuck boy sins” which I am very proud of by the way “ he finished also in a loud enough voice for the next table to hear as I face palmed and was finally finally saved by the waiter showing up where the hell were you all this time dude? As I put in my headphones after making sure my parents got everything I ordered right because they were evil enough to mess it up then I’d have to get rid of them and I kind of liked them , They brought me food that’s dedication right there . I turned up my phone while Scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara played ,and sang softly under my breath until I felt eyes on me again and looked up only to make direct eye contact with the cherub who apparently has the ocean as an eye color I felt my self blush harder as he maintained eye contact and my heart speed up as he gave a little smirk , I immediately looked back down as I tried to get my body under control and stayed that way until our food came we ate dad payed and we left . Me feeling eyes on my back the whole time as I walked away and silently wishing I dressed up more . we ran our errands and got everything we needed and went back to the house me and mom spelled everything to go into their places as we warded the whole property I painted a mural of a forest on my walls adding painted versions of Remus and Lupin and our family in it as well and on the ceiling I painted a galaxy mural our furniture had already been delivered of course I had black furniture and a king sized futon bed soft carpets that I could just sing into and a stuffed feather mattress and pillow that I put dark purple sheets onto after I mad up Remus and Lupin separate sections with day beds for them and their food and water . Put their bathroom pads in the bathroom itself took out my clothes for the next day ( I may have taken extra time in my choices in hopes of seeing a certain cherub but whatever) and left my hair in braids for it to be curly the next day put my phone on the charger changed into my batman PJ’s made sure I had everything I’d need for tomorrow and then immediately fell into my bed and covered with my blanket made for me by Nana Delune who I don’t get to see nearly as much as I would want to and drifted off to sleep, tomorrow was going to be a big day after all .