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Never Going To Allow You In

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"Five minutes." Daniel looked into Carly's worn out eyes. "I mean it, Carly, five minutes."

Carly silently nodded. She turned her eyes back to her comatose daughter. "Baby," she couldn't go on through the lump in her throat. She gently picked up her right hand, and intertwined her fingers in her daughter's lifeless hand. She swallowed around the lump in her throat. She had to say what she had to say. Her precious daughter had to know that it was all right to fight for her life. "I'm so sorry baby. I'm so sorry that I hurt you. I'm so sorry that I could never tell you the truth. I'm sorry that I had to walk away from you after giving birth too you. I'm so sorry I had to leave you in your father's hands." Tears rolled down her pale cheeks.

"I'm so sorry that I couldn't protect you by keeping you by my side. Always." She whispered. "But, I knew that if Vivian had a hint of you, than she would kill you. I couldn't allow that mad woman to kill my precious baby girl. Not my love." She held her daughter's hand in both of her own. Bring the hand to her lips, she kissed it over and over again.

"When I found out I was pregnant, I thanked God that Lawrence wasn't the father. That way Vivian wasn't related too you. That way Vivian couldn't turn you against me, not the way she did with your brother." Bowing her head she couldn't go on for a moment. She felt the deep lose of her son, Nicolas. "When Nicolas was younger, he would have loved you as his baby sister." She continued as she looked back up into her unconscious daughter's face. "But I'm so glad that Lawrence isn't your father. I'm so glad that you don't share blood with Vivian."

"I'm so sorry that Trent Layton was your father. It should have been Bo. It should have been Bo." She chocked out. "I should have chosen Bo over Lawrence. We would have been happy. Bo, Shawn Douglas, Nicolas and I. We would have been a family – then you would have been conceived out of pure love." Carly didn't even brother to wipe away the tears. "You would have been able to be safe and loved with your father, mother, and two protective older brothers."

"Carly." Phillip said in a hard voice.

"Go away." She said without looking over her shoulder. "Just go away."

"I can't." He said moving to the other side of the bed. Sitting down and touching his wife's cheek.

"My time isn't up." Carly never took her eyes. "Even if it is, I'm not leaving. I can't."

Phillip sighed. "I'm not asking you too."

"I'm so sorry that I couldn't protect you, baby. I wanted too. That's what I promised you when I knew that I couldn't keep you. I honestly thought Trent would be a good father to you. Love you as much as I did." Her jaw tightened. "I was wrong. I was so seriously wrong, baby."

Phillip had stepped into the room the moment that Daniel had left. He knew that Daniel had allowed Carly time alone with Melanie. He had stormed to the room, and was going to jerk Carly out of his wife's room. How dare the woman whom was crazy in the head be allowed near his wife, again. But the moment he heard the true pain and sorrow in Carly's voice, he had to stop and listen to what she had to say. As Carly continued to speak to his unconscious wife, he knew right than and there, that Carly was as much as a victim as Melanie.

Yea, Hope awoke and told the same story about the carney as Carly did. Up to the point of being knocked unconscious with the crates. She has also said that Vivian had planned on killing Melanie with the comb. That Victor had figured out the truth … and made the life saving switch. Hope stated that she had too put herself between Carly and Vivian, other wise Carly would have beaten Vivian with the wrench.

But, he couldn't get past the knowledge that Carly pulled the trigger and shot Melanie. How could he? It wasn't until he truly listened to the heartbreak in Carly's voice, that he could let go of his anger. Towards her of course. There were others who deserved his wrath. By God, they all were going to get a full cup. He had much to pass around.

"Baby, if I could do everything over with. Then I would." Carly was saying over and over again. "I wouldn't have fallen for Lawrence. I would have just turned him down flat when he came to speak to me at first." She bowed her head onto her daughter's hand once more.

Phillip thought that Carly was done talking. It looked like his wife's mother was going to grieve silently and wait for her daughter to wake up. Sighing he reached over and touched the right side of his mother in law's cheek. "I don't blame you anymore, Car … mom." He softly said.

Her head lifted. "I blame myself, Phillip. I will always blame myself." Tears rolled down her cheeks. "She'll blame me for the rest of her life."

"Once she learns what Vivian has done to you and her … Melanie will understand why you fired the gun." Phillip traced her cheek. "There won't be any charges pressed against you. I promise you that."

"It doesn't matter about me, Phillip. Just as long as my baby lives and has a happy long life." Carly looked back down into her daughter's unconscious face. "I don't care that I spend the rest of my life behind bars. I don't care that she may cry for the death sentence for what I had done to her. I can take it. As long as I know that she'll live a long and safe life."

"She will, mom. With you." Phillip said looking at her turned face.

Carly's face turned to look deep into his eyes. "Promise me, that you will protect her from Vivian."

"Of course." Phillip nodded his head. "I'll be by your side as we protect Melanie for the rest of her life."

"Promise me that after I die from the death sentence, you'll protect my precious baby from Vivian." Carly begged.

"You aren't going to die Carly Manning. Don't you understand me, you aren't going to die." Phillip said in a hard seethed voice.

"Promise me." Carly said with a wild look in her eyes.

Phillip could see that there was no getting through to the woman. She was too grief stricken and guilt ridden to listen. His jaw clenched, "I promise." He said in a firm voice. "I promise on my life."

Carly nodded and turned back to looking at her baby girl.

Carly lifted herself from the seat and released her daughter's hand. Placing her hands on both sides of Melanie's cheeks, she leaned forward and started kissing her face. "I love you baby girl. I have always loved you. Even before you were even a thought in the Heavens, I have loved you. You are my own precious, precious little girl." Her tears fell and slid down Melanie's face. Bathing her daughter in her tears of grief.

She sat back and picked up her daughter's right hand once more. "I'm so sorry baby. I'm so sorry that I hurt you. I'm so sorry that I had been hurting you ever since I found out that I was carrying you. I'm so sorry that you have me as your mother. I wish you could have had Maggie as your biological mother." Her voice became almost non existence. "If life was fair to you …. than you would have. But baby girl, life isn't always fair, and you are stuck with me as your biological mother."

"You have to know that I love you. That I have always loved you. That I will always love you. Until my dying day I'll love you, baby. You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life. You baby are my saving grace." Carly broke. She couldn't go on. Laying her head against her daughter's stomach, just underneath her heart. She listened to the slightly slowed beat. She had caused this too happen to her precious baby girl.

Her head lifted and fierce fire had entered her eyes. "You fight baby. You fight like you had never fought before. You have a beautiful long life ahead of you. You fight for it. Do you hear me Melanie Katerina Manning Layton Kiriakis. You just got married and you have a family to begin sweetheart. Do you hear me, baby girl. Do you hear your mother's voice. Heed it. Heed it like you never heeded it before." Her voice had turned, steel and there was no grief in it.

"I didn't give life to a quitter. Do you hear me daughter? Are my words even getting through that drugged up brain of yours? Are my words washing throughout your soul?" Carly demanded in her best stern and no non sense voice. "If you quit, Melanie Katerina Manning Layton Kiriakis than not even the wrath of God is going to save you in the after life."

Carly's eyes glared at her pale daughter's face. "You will live, baby. Do you hear your mother? You will live."

Melanie slowly came out of the grogginess that she felt she was underneath for what felt like forever too her. She fought her way past the fear, loathing, anger towards where it was safer. She strove to reach the love that she felt just almost out of her reach. She had to reach that love now, otherwise she would surely die in the fear, loathing, and anger that tried to pull her back into the dark place.

Her eyes blinked slowly as the vision before was blurry. She felt sick, but she knew that she couldn't close her eyes again. That too close her eyes now would be surely the death of her. She fought to come back and live. Just as that voice had told her too. She had too obey the voice. If she didn't than she would be lost. She felt love surround her spirit and she knew she would be safe. She would live.

Her eyes lit up on the worn out face of Doctor Carly Manning. What was she doing here by her beside? Why was Doctor Carly Manning by her bedside. She had to leave before Phillip notices. She didn't want Phillip to be upset that she was thinking of anyone else but him. They were after all in their wedding bed. Oh God, why was she thinking of Doctor Manning? This was strange and confusing.

"Baby!" Doctor Manning suddenly cried and leaned over her. "Sweetheart!" She felt the woman's breath on her face and kisses. What was going on? Why was she thinking Doctor Manning was behaving like this towards her. She had enough troubles with her thoughts of Nathan. "Oh my precious baby you are going to all right. You are going to be all right. Thank God."

Wait, did Doctor Manning just say that she was going to be all right? So this wasn't a sexual illusion after all. Thank God. That would have been weird and uncomfortable. The feelings that she had felt washing over her the past weeks towards Doctor Manning were comfortable, and more like how her feelings for Maggie felt. At least she wasn't mixing up her feelings in this still strange illusion.

Suddenly things started coming back. The roof, Vivian, Doctor Manning, feeling the sensation of being pushed against the bricks, trying to hold on before she gave into the vertigo and falling from the roof. Doctor Manning shouting to leave her alone. She was talking about her. But she was screaming at Vivian to leave her alone. Doctor Manning pulling a gun out of her purse and pointing it at Vivian.

She couldn't believe that Doctor Manning was going to kill Vivian. Yea Vivian gave her the creeps – but the woman meant well. She couldn't allow Phillip's second mother to die. Not at the hands of Doctor Manning. She moved in front of Vivian and she felt the bullet hit her chest. She stared in shocked at the shocked, and terrified eyes of Doctor Manning than all went blank.

"Baby! Sweetheart!" She felt Doctor Manning's lips on her skin once more. Suddenly the woman's eyes were looking into her own. So very close. "I knew you had it in you sweetheart, I knew you had the will to live. Oh thank you God for saving my little girl."

Melanie blinked as she tried to make sense in what Doctor Manning, her shooter was saying. Everything was going crazy in her system. Did she just say 'my little girl?' She tried to speak but her voice wasn't working with her. She suddenly saw white than everything went to blissfully black.

"Melanie!" Phillip cried as he watched his wife slip off into unconsciousness once more.

Carly had looked into her daughter's eyes right before she slipped away once more. "It's going to be all right, Phillip. She's just fine. Her system just needs the rest is all." She bent forward and kissed her daughter's forehead once more, before pulling back with a tearful smile. "She's going to be just fine now. She won the fight."