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Lazy Days And Noodles

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Phoenix decided to take a day off from his investigation, Trucy didn't have school that day and the day after; so he figured it's better to spend time with her than anything.

So this is how he found himself and Trucy, taking a lazy day and spending time on the couch just watching random tv shows. It felt like a pretty peaceful Saturday morning, despite it being Thursday afternoon.

Yeah, if they kept this up legs will be hurting by Sunday. Definitely got to do something tomorrow... Gotta follow up with what Trucy wants to do though.

"Hey," Phoenix said lolling his head to the side, looking at Trucy, hands in his pocket.
"Yeah, daddy?" Trucy looked up with a small yawn.
"Are you hungry?" There was something telling him this. Did he pick up some parental sensor?
"Yeah." Trucy looked at the tv then back to Phoenix.
"What do you want?" He felt it was best to ask; she'd never tell him most of the time.
"Do you want to make them or buy some from Mr. Eldoon?" Better to give her options for these things. Phoenix really needed to stretch his legs anyway, being lazy was not his thing. Surprisingly.

"Make 'em here?" Which Phoenix gave a breath of fresh air to. Trucy's usually spend, spend, spend.

The young girl looked up face filled with determination, she was still too young. Could she even reach the stove without something to stand on? But she still had to try, if not now - when!?

"Can I do it alone?" Trucy asked hopefully.
"Are you sure?" Phoenix gave a small smile, he knew fully well she would try it one day anyway. Then she'd probably get hurt, oh boy.
"Ye, 'm sure." She got up and stretched, walking to the kitchen from her place on the couch.

The scene that transpired was too adorable to Phoenix. He had to move his legs after Trucy poked at them, looking at him - meaning 'please move your legs daddy.'

After escaping the couch; she plainly walked to the kitchen, her little red cape catching wind behind her as she walked. Her hat discarded on the table as she freely scratched her head.

Phoenix could hear her small movements of getting something to cook with down, adding water to it, and opening the noodles. Yet he heard tiny noises of struggle with groans of 'come on!'.

He gave it time and started to smile to himself. Taking three fingers and counting down, knowing what's to come next. When he finally reached one and pointed to the side as "Daddy!" came from the kitchen, Phoenix got up and started to partly jog to her.


Ah, children.