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He watched the small children play outside, as parents came by to get them. It was the end of the day, and he was glad to see all of these youngsters finally leave. He may have been their teacher, but it was still tiring. He didn’t even remember how he had gotten wrapped up in watching over these children for a whole school year, but he did owe his brother quite a bit, so this was the least he could do.

One of the kids began to run up to him, with a brunette man dressed up in a suit that looked to be in his late twenties chasing after the him.

“Mr Cipher!” the boy yelled “I got you something!”

The small boy held out a small yellow flower, and he smiled down at him “Aw thank you kid!” He gladly took the small gift. “Hows my favorite little monster?” he asked while ruffling the small boys hair getting an excited “Good!” in response. He recognized this boy as John, and he was by far his favourite kid here. He was quite the lively kid, though he could have sworn it was usually a woman chasing after him. He shrugged, and figured that his father finally came to pick him up.

Once the older man finally caught up with his child, he straightened out his back to face the tall blonde. He thought the brunette was short, but with him standing in front of him he had to be around 5’5, but that had no hindrance on his good looks. Man, it was too bad that this man was taken, and by such a wonderful woman too.

“Sorry for this little rascal er.. Mr. Cipher was it? It’s nice to meet you” he held out his hand.

The blonde took his hand shaking it firmly “Bill! Please call me Bill. It’s really no problem, you’re lucky to have such a great son. It’s great to finally meet you, you have a very lovely wife”

He saw the brunettes eyes go wide, then burst out laughing “Oh! This kid isn’t my son, I’m just watching him for Mabel while she’s out on holiday”

Bill felt himself smile a bit “Oh? then who do I have the pleasure of meeting?”

“Dipper, Dipper Pines. I’m the Uncle of this little one” He replied, while patting the kid on his head.

“I hope you and you and your partner aren’t having to much trouble with him then, I know this kid can be quite the loud one”

“Yup, believe me I know, but sadly I don’t have the luxury of a partner with this one. I’m kind of a lone wolf right now”

Bills smile widened at this information, the man was single, and he would most defiantly swoop in.

“Well then, I would be happy to help if you ever need it” He grinned and took out a card, handing it to the smaller man “Here, call me if you ever need to”

Dipper took the card, slipping it into his jacket “Well, since you offered, maybe you could come by tonight? It would just be for Dinner, though you could stay longer if you wanted”

“I would be glad to come by” He couldn’t believe how easy that was. He guessed that maybe Dipper was just lonely, and possibly exhausted from taking care of his nephew all by himself.

“Great! here…” He took out a little piece of paper, writing down an address, then giving it to the blonde.

Bill smiled down at the piece of paper in his hands “I’ll see you tonight then Dipper” before the other could speak, he took the brunette’s hand and kissed the top of it.

Dippers cheeks flushed to a light shade of pink, as he stuttered out “Y-ya, see you l-later” He then swooped up his nephew and quickly walked away, slightly more flustered then earlier.

Bill chuckled as he watched him hurry away. God, he was going to have a lot of fun with this man.