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Personal Log of Leonard McCoy, Year Three

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Stardate 2262.002

Scotty has a storage area in the crew quarters marked as the best spot for the new clinic. It's only a little smaller than the rooms for the lower ranking personnel and nothing vital or volatile is stored in it, so the materials stored in there can easily be added to other storage units.

Looking at the blueprints Scotty brought me, I agree. Good central location in a well-protected section of the ship and far away from Engineering. I gave my approval - now we need to run this past Spock and Jim for their input.

Stardate 2262.006

The spot Scotty picked is approved so Scotty and I have met with Lieutenant Riorda, our Supply Officer. She's onboard as well and says the space will be emptied and ready for us to begin by next week. Scotty's going to start fabricating the materials needed to make a new biobed.

Plenty of other things to be decided. In the other clinic, the supplies there are geared toward the most common engineering mishaps. I've asked my staff to put their heads together and decide what basic stock should be accessible in the new one.

Stardate 2262.009

We're entering a new system tomorrow, six planets orbiting a Class F star. From initial scans, none of the planets are capable of supporting life as we know it, but the readings on the fifth planet seem to have Spock's interest.

I feel uneasy, but that might not have anything to do with this system. Jim's birthday isn't far off and he tends to get moody. Even moodier now that he's older than his father ever got to be. He's my best friend - I wish I could do something to help.

Stardate 2262.012

We'd been in orbit around the fifth planet long enough for two circuits when Spock requested me to come to the Bridge to look at some readings he was seeing at the science Station. That was unusual enough to make me wary, but my bad feeling got worse when I actually got to the Bridge. I hadn't even gotten to Spock's side when the ship jolted and the yellow alert was sounded.

According to our instruments, no ships are near us, but we've been scanned. But by who? Why? And where are they?

Stardate 2262.015

I hardly know what to say. Jim and Spock are gone along with a good chunk of our crew. There seems to be a pattern. No-one was taken from medical, but, other than medical staff, everyone of the rank of Lieutenant and above is missing along with everyone from Security.

I've got a scared crew and I'm the highest ranking officer. I'm facing this like I face surgery - keeping my game face on and projecting confidence. First thing I need to do is to give everyone their assignments. They need to keep busy.