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A Day Off Shore

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"Ianto, could you come by my office?" Jack had popped his head out of his office and spied his lover at the coffee machine.

"I'll be there in a moment."

Tosh and Owen sat at their stations and gave Jack a nod and a knowing smile before they turned back to their work. Retreating back to his office, Jack grinned madly, it was so much easier since the team knew about him and Ianto and so it was no problem to ask for a favour. He glanced at his watch, 11 am, perfect.

When he saw Ianto heading for the office, Jack grabbed a small bag he had prepared earlier and waited for his lover to step through the door.

"You wanted to....oooof."

Ianto's question was interrupted by the bag which hit him squarely in the chest. Barely catching it, he stumbled a half step back.

"And this is?" He managed to ask when he recovered from the attack.

"You have ten minutes, go and get changed. We have some place to be." Jack grinned at Ianto, not offering an explanation.

Ianto looked at him, dumbstruck, then he peeped into the bag. "I take it, it's not something official?"

"Oh it's kind of official, you'll see. I'll wait in the SUV for you," Jack waved at Ianto, ushering him out of his office.

Ianto could only shake his head, but he took off in the direction of the locker room.

When Ianto was out of sight, Jack climbed down his hatch and, a few minutes later, hoisted a much bigger bag up the ladder. Following the bag he threw a last glance around his office, making sure he had everything he needed. Smiling to himself he made his way out.

"Call me, if you need help!"

"Jack, relax, we can deal with the rift." Owen didn't even turn around to face his boss.

"Yeah, I know, but..."

"Jack! Have a nice day." Tosh smiled at him and indicated with a nod that he should leave. "And... nice outfit!"

"Thanks!" And with that, Jack made his way down the stairs and disappeared through the door to the garage.

The door had hardly closed when the cog door rolled open and Gwen stepped into the Hub, carrying a box with pastries. She jumped up the stairs and slumped onto the couch.


"It's hardly morning anymore," Owen mocked.

"Oi, you weren't Weevil hunting until 3 am." Suppressing a yawn, she looked around. "Is Jack in his office?"

"No, he's waiting for tea-boy in the SUV."

"I heard that, Owen!" Exactly his given ten minutes later, Ianto came from the locker room and shot Owen a killing glance.

"So?" The doctor appeared to be unaffected, but he turned back to his workstation and tried to look busy.

Gwen had to look twice at Ianto, before she opened her mouth. "No suit today?"

Her colleague was wearing tight blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a short dark blue denim jacket. Looking slightly uncomfortable, Ianto tugged at his jacket, trying to make it longer, but secretly he enjoyed Gwen's and Toshiko's looks. The short jacket gave a free view of his buttocks and the jeans Jack had picked lined his bum perfectly.

"Not anymore..." Owen muttered.

Glaring at the doctor, Ianto took a deep breath. "Jack wanted me to change. Apparently we have to be some place where this attire is required. Don't ask me why."

"Oh." Gwen looked as dumbstruck as Ianto had before but then her expression changed and a big smile showed her toothy gap. "Oh!"

"What do you mean, 'oh'?" Ianto looked even more confused now.

"Nothing. Here take this." Gwen stood up and gave him the box with the pastries.

"Err… Thanks?"

"Oi! What about me?"

"Shut up, Owen. You can go and get a doughnut on your own."

Jack chose that moment to pop his head back in. "Are you coming? It has been more than ten minutes."

"Yeah, I'm ready, sorry."

Shooting one last glance at his team mates of which two were sporting a mad grin and one was scowling at his screen, Ianto turned and followed Jack to the SUV.

"Was Jack wearing jeans?" Gwen asked disbelievingly when the door closed.

"Yes," Toshiko turned around and threw a file at Gwen. "This one needs a look over."


Once the door behind him was closed Ianto couldn't keep quiet anymore.

"Jack, what's going on here?" Then he took Jack's attire in and his throat was suddenly very dry.

The Captain was wearing the blue jeans combined with the black polo shirt which they had bought at their last shopping trip.

"What do you mean?" Jack had already opened the door and climbed into the car so Ianto had no choice to get in the car as well, if he wanted to continue the conversation.

"What do I mean?" Quirking an eyebrow, Ianto put the box on the back seat and fastened his seat belt. "First you do everything but order me to change into casual clothes without telling me why and then the rest of the team acts as if they have a private joke, but wouldn't let me in on it and to top that, you're dressed like this."

Jack had used Ianto's speech to pull the car out of the garage and was already driving down the road.

"Anything wrong with what I'm wearing?" Jack gave Ianto a smug grin. "After all, you were the one picking them out for me."

"That's not the point, Jack."

Although he was feeling as if he was on the receiving end of some prank, Ianto couldn't suppress a smile.

Jack put his hand on Ianto's thigh. "Well, they sort of know a secret. But it's nothing bad. Actually I think you will agree with me, that it's really a nice thing."

"But you won't tell me either?"

"Not yet."

"Great," Ianto grumbled and crossed his arms.

"Hey, do you trust me?"

"Of course!" Surprised by the sudden change of topic, Ianto looked at Jack.

"Then believe me, you will like it."


"Promise." Jack smiled at Ianto and lifted his hand to stroke his cheek gently. "Now would you close your eyes?"

"You're not serious, are you?" Ianto gaped at Jack, not believing what he was hearing.


"Oh don't give me the puppy eyes!" Ianto tried to put on a stern look, but he could never resist those begging blue eyes. "Jaaaack!" Realizing that he was whining, Ianto finally accepted his fate and closed his eyes. "Alright."

"Thank you."

"This better be good!" Came the grumbled reply, but the smile that played about his lips destroyed the grumpy effect.

Relaxing, Ianto leaned back and laced his fingers through Jack's resting on his thigh. He tried to follow their way in his mind, but Jack took so many turns that Ianto was lost after a few minutes. He suspected Jack had anticipated his attempt and chose this route to disorient him.

Suddenly slow music filled the car and Ianto smiled at hearing Glenn Miller’s “Moonlight serenade” coming from the speakers. He tightened his grip on Jack's hand and was rewarded with Jack's thumb stroking his thigh gently. They drove for another twenty minutes before Jack stopped the car and Ianto heard him unfasten his seat belt.

"Keep your eyes closed, okay?"

Ianto only nodded and heard Jack opening his door and closing it again and a moment later his own door was opened from outside and a hand sneaked around his waist.

"I'm gonna open your belt."

"Jack, we could have stayed in the Hub if you wanted in my pants," grinning, Ianto lifted his arms to give Jack better access.

"Cheeky. But it's not time for that yet."

Picking up on the 'yet' in Jack's statement, Ianto grinned even broader.

"Now come on, hop out." Jack slid one arm behind Ianto's back and pulled him out of the car, manoeuvring Ianto in front of him.

Ianto, now used to his absent vision, loved the feeling of being that close to Jack, of being engulfed in his strong arms. He leaned back on Jack's chest and drowned in his lover's scent.

"Any idea, where we are?" Jack whispered in his ear.

"How should I?"


Concentrating hard to tear his perception away from Jack's overpowering scent, Ianto started to take the sounds of his surroundings in. He felt the warm sun on his face and another smell tickled his nose. The new smell and the sound put a picture in his head and a smile tugged on his lips.

"Open your eyes."

Ianto didn't have to open his eyes to know what would be before him, so he turned in Jack's embrace instead and opened his eyes only when he was sure he would look into the bright blue eyes of his lover.

"You remembered!" Ianto sneaked his arms around Jack's neck and pulled the other man into a tender kiss.

"Of course." Jack gave the younger man the most dazzling smile and repeated the kiss.

Turning again in the embrace, Ianto pulled Jack's arms closer around him and settled comfortably back against the other man, taking in his surroundings.

"It's beautiful."

Ianto's gaze swept over a small bay, which lay deserted before them. Rocks on either side inclosing a white beach, the water from the bay lazily lapping on the shore, providing a constant calming rushing noise, the sun glistened on the water. Everything together resulted in exactly the picture he had in his mind for his favourite fantasy.