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Anima Antiquis

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Friday... Friday. Normally the signifier of the weekend, a time where all day you'd be spacing off and looking forward to when you're no longer obligated to attend class, for two whole days. Only, Mathias had a test. Not just any test, either, but one that counted for a good percentage of their grade for this semester. They were an art major, with some other various classes on the side, so it was a lot of work, their course, but they did it at their own pace and had fun with it, which lessened their anxiety and fear of failure tremendously.

To be technical, it was less of a test and more of a project. A demonstration of skills to show what they have learned thus far, and next year they'd get the added stress of their senior thesis. Actually, Mathias had no idea what to call it so they labelled it a test. It was their last class.. In art. They still had a few more in misc. classes. They had a free slot of time in their day before their class so they were in the cafe`, massaging their one shoulder that cramped up while eating a muffin with the other. Mathias caught a glimpse of their friend Jessica walking in and smiled up at them, eyes brightening.

Jessica, having been on the look out for Mathias, made a beeline straight for them and sat down at their table, chatting with them.

"Ahh, so, how does it feel to almost be a senior? Pretty great?" Jessica started off with, stealing half of Mathias' muffin for herself only to roll her eyes at their reaction. Mathias sighed in exaggerated misery,

"More like intimidating.. I didn't expect it to happen this fast.." They mumbled the last bit, thinking about how it didn't seem like that long ago they were just accepted. Getting into Stanford was a pretty big deal. It wasn't Harvard, but it was still pretty serious. They're brought out of their thoughts by Jessica nudging them.

"Come on, it can't be that stressful. You, who keeps going on and on about how peaceful painting and drawing is? Please." Well, she had a point. But anxiety and phobias didn't have to make sense. Plus they had no idea what would happen after they graduated. Maybe get an internship somewhere? Well good thing they were taking a job skills class in case their dreams fell through.. Though who would want to be a secretary or.. a shelf stocker at a store with a degree under your belt. That was depressing.

"Mm. I get your point, Jess. Though Friday doesn't feel like Friday.. Expectations, looming over me.. I predict a hole will be worn in my dorm's floor, by me." Mathias said in deadpan, finishing their muffin. A nice restaurant style milk would hit the spot. The finer things. Jess pursed their lips, contemplating.

"Aw, Mat.. You need to relax. Look, why don't you sleep over tonight? Sam and I would love to have you, and Sam misses you, you two never see each other.." Jess put on a pout, really selling it. It wasn't like Mat was going to say no, they wanted to sleep over and have been wanting to for a while, but they all had busy schedules up until today. Mat smiled, feeling more lightweight in body and heart.

"Alright.. Show up whenever?" Mat asked, seeing Jess giggle and nod. Her smile was radiant. God, Mat was gay.

"Show up whenever." She audibly confirmed. This would be great. Mat took a glance at their wristwatch and saw they had a few minutes til class. Looks like they'd be skipping the milk this time. Jess just shrugged, in understanding. She had to go soon as well. They got up and parted ways, Mat throwing away the muffin wrapper in the trash, a bounce in their step. They could do this. Nothing could stop them now.

Mat ignored the feeling of eyes on them, watching them. It was just an irrational fear and anxiety.. right?

As soon as they left eyesight, somebody who had been listening to them and Jess talk got up and went in the opposite direction, lip curling.