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A Naughty Nurse on Holiday

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Poppy's enjoying her summer hols by getting in as much relaxation on the beach as she can stand. It's not that she doesn't enjoy the sun-drenched solitude—particularly as she's chosen a "clothing optional" location—but one can only drink so much Iguana punch before beginning to feel . . . naughty.

She's pleased, then, when she sees a tall, strapping lad come jogging up the sand towards her—until she recognises him as a student.

"Hi, there, pretty lady," he says. "What's your name?"

How typical of a seventeen-year-old, Poppy thinks, trying not to stare at Rabastan's cock because it's certainly not. Goodness!

"A bit shy, are you?" Rabastan asks, sitting down uninvited. "That's fine. I didn't come to talk."

"You're here to, er, come?" Poppy asks, shocked by her boldness.

"Yeah," he says, looking her over with obvious appreciation, "but you first. I'm a gentleman."

"Then I place myself in your capable, er, hands."