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The Bonds that Hold Us Together

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The shower was running when Steve Rogers woke up. He wasn't sure if it was Peggy or Bucky. He chuckled, thinking it could be them both. No… Peggy hadn't came here last night. It was definitely Buck.

Steve grabbed the datapad from his night stand. Peggy had already sent over patrol orders for the both of them, not that it really mattered. Nothing ever went wrong in the capital. There hadn't been a real war in centuries, not since the time of Merlin and Arthur and the Great Tech Rebellion. They had founded this tech empire and the Queen who sat on the throne was a recently restored descendant of Arthur, at least if Salazar Slytherin could be trusted.

Steve didn't care for the monarchy. He thought the people should have a say in their leaders. But what did he know? He was just a soldier, albeit one who had received special modifications to his body.

He got out of bed and stretched, feeling the strength in his own muscles and reaching up so his fingertips nearly touched the ceiling. No, he wasn't born like this. He had been recruited and given experimental living tech. It changed him permanently. The program that had created him shut down and disappeared. He had found himself the ultimate soldier without a war to fight in.

Then his childhood best friend invited him to the capital to join the royal guard. It would be easy, Bucky had said. Yeah, the job had been easy, sure, but seeing Bucky again hadn't been easy at first. Bucky had grown a lot. He'd filled out. He wore his hair longer and he didn't shave everyday.

Bucky had seemed intimidated by Steve's new appearance at first. Who wouldn't be? But then Steve noticed a funny thing… He'd notice Bucky giving him the same once over that their boss, Peggy, kept giving him. He was checking him out. It was only polite for Steve to return the favour, but he kept trying to remind himself that Bucky was still his best friend.

If only it had just been physical attraction then maybe they could've just hooked up and got it out of their systems but it was more than that. As a man he appreciated Bucky in a way he never could've as a boy. It was different. It was new and old all at the same time. The first time they kissed it was electric. So many years of unspoken longing came bubbling up to the surface, revealing what both of them must have always known inside.

But then they tried to talk about it and it had been a mess. Bucky was embarrassed and Steve was only making it worse by trying to give a big speech. So they agreed not to talk about it. They just accepted the way things were.

When Steve told Bucky that he wanted to see Peggy too… Well, Bucky didn't want to talk about that either. Peggy could share their bed as long as he didn't have to talk about it. Bucky was all show and no tell… most of the time. Sometimes he slipped up and he would say those three sacred words in a vulnerable moment then look embarrassed five seconds later.

But there was no doubt: when Bucky showed he really showed. He was like an affectionate puppy, desperate for Steve's approval. Peggy wasn't like that. Peggy was far more controlled. She knew when to show, when to tell and when it was time for business. She always knew what she wanted and liked being in control. Of course, Steve liked being in control sometimes too but they never let that be a problem.

Steve looked at the datapad again. He and Buck had to do some stuff for the queen today. Steve wondered if Peggy spent the night with that barmaid she liked so much. Angie, she said her name was. If Peggy thought she was great then she must be something else. Peggy was a woman with high standards and she didn't suffer fools gladly.

Bucky waltzed out of the bathroom wearing Steve's robe with a grin. Steve laughed and shook his head.

"Hey, get that off. I need that. It doesn't even fit you, Buck," Steve said.

"Sure thing, Captain," Bucky said, quickly pulling the robe off and tossing it at Steve.

"Peg sent us our schedule. Read over it while I shower," Steve said.

He tried not to bark orders at Bucky, especially while they were off duty, but he couldn't help himself sometimes. He was just more comfortable when he could maintain a little order. And anyway, it was the only way Bucky was going to read the damn schedule.

An hour later they were taking the elevator up to throne room. It was nothing like what the legends said the old throne in Camelot was like. It was pretty small and subdued in fact. The new Queen liked it that way. She came from a world of Muggles, people who weren't so keen on their lives being based in tech. After the Great Tech Rebellion many people came to believe that the use of tech was a dangerous slippery slope and that a life without it was safer and less complicated. Steve couldn't entirely disagree with that.

The Queen probably was a bonafide descendant of Arthur, for whatever that was worth but Steve knew she was just a symbol. But she was an exceptionally kind young woman who Steve worried was being darkened by the throne.

When they arrived in the throne room they found Queen Ettarde sitting on the throne looking contemplative, her golden-brown hair flowing over her shoulders and her gray-green eyes seeming to be gazing into an unknown, distant place. Her face had an unusually perfect symmetry to it. It made her seem like she had been created by an artist, rather than born of a human being.

Waiting near the Queen were her trusted friends and confidantes: the often shirtless boy Rook who spoke few words, the large boy Lionel with the full moon face ,blue eyes and a voice like an angel, the small, black haired boy who spoke far too much named Beau and Ettarde's dearest companion, Rowan, who had apparently been the leader of their group back on the Muggle planet Fidelius. Rowan took a more nuanced approach to gender that Steve admired. It was great to express your identity in whatever way made you most comfortable.

Steve couldn't exactly understand what the ties were that bound this group together but he could appreciate the love they had for each other, especially Rowan and Ettarde, who often looked at each other the way he and Bucky looked at each other.

Others had come with them from their home world, including Rowan's father who went by the name Robin Hood. He and his so-called merry men always seemed to get into trouble around the capital city. Steve'd had several uncomfortable run-ins with the ironically named Little John.

"Your majesty," Bucky said, nodding at her.

"Hello," she said, still seeming distracted.

"Sergeant Barnes and I were instructed to tend to you today," Steve said.

"There's been some troubling reports recently. There's been attacks on Muggle colonies," Etty said, frowning in their direction.

Steve sighed and nodded.

"It's true. But that's all far from here. That's what the fleet is for. The royal guard isn't really cut out for that," Steve said, though he would leap at the chance to defend the innocent if he was given it.

"I know the Muggle colonies aren't our responsibility but I worry that this problem isn't going away. I'm even more worried that it could come here. All the available intelligence suggests we're safe here and I trust the royal guard but… I don't know. It's just a feeling I'm getting," Etty said.

Her friend, Rowan, walked over and placed a hand over one of hers. Rowan's dark eyes gave Etty a reassuring gaze. Etty smiled, seeming to have received whatever silent message Rowan was sending and gave her a small smile with a squeeze of her hand.

"I'm assigning the two of you to patrol the Muggle sector indefinitely," Etty said.

"Yes, ma'am," Bucky said.

Just then the door to the throne room came open. A beautiful but austere woman with dark brown skin wearing a radiant robe of sapphire and gold entered the room. Her name was Rowena Ravenclaw. Steve didn't really know her personally but he knew a lot about her. She and her friends, Helga Hufflepuff, Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin were important figures in the galaxy.

Rowena gave Steve and Bucky a curt smile. Steve nodded and left the chamber, knowing that whatever she was to discuss with the Queen, it probably wasn't any of his business.

"Has there been any sign of Salazar?" Steve heard the queen say as he left the throne room, but tried to push it out of his mind.

"What's the matter?" a voice said to Peggy while she stared at her tea.

"Hmm? Oh, it's nothing. Probably," Peggy said, then smiled up at her barmaid friend, Angie.

It wasn't entirely a lie, at least not from a certain perspective. Intelligence was suggesting that whoever was behind the attacks on Muggle colonies might be attacking the Muggle sector of the capital soon. It wasn't nothing but so far everything looked good. She had convinced the Queen to double the number of patrols in the Muggle sector today.

"You don't seem so convinced," Angie said, furrowing her brow.

Strictly speaking, Peggy couldn't discuss royal intelligence with anyone, not even a nice friend she was sleeping with from time to time. Peggy wondered if you could still call a friend a friend if you were sleeping with them.

Angie, seemingly unconvinced that Peggy's problem was 'probably nothing', sat down across from her. Angie placed a hand on Peggy's and offered a sympathetic smile. Peggy had an urge to tell her friend to flee the capital just in case. But she couldn't tell her anything. She couldn't even really tell her that she worked for royal intelligence, though Angie was a smart girl and had probably figured it all out by now.

"You can tell me anything, you know?" Angie said.

Peggy looked away with regret.

"I wish I could. I really do," Peggy said.

"It's work, isn't it?" Angie said.

Peggy nodded.

"Well, don't you take any guff," Angie said.

Peggy smiled and picked Angie's hand up, kissing the top of it.

"I promise if there's one thing I shall not tolerate, it's guff," Peggy said then winked.

"Great. Listen, I've gotta get back to work. Maybe we can talk more when my shift is over," Angie said.

"That would be lovely," Peggy said.

Peggy needed to go anyway. She needed to talk to Steve and Bucky. Royal intelligence couldn't stop her from talking to them. Peggy finished her tea then left the cafe, climbing onto her hoverbike. She tapped the communications bracelet that wrapped firmly around her left wrist and spoke into it: "Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes, meet me at the coordinates I'm sending you."

Peggy zoomed into the air on the hoverbike towards the Muggle sector. They could stop her from telling all three of her lovers but they couldn't stop her from telling just Steve and Bucky. They were in charge of the royal guard. They should know.

The two gentlemen in question were standing behind a tower when she arrived. Steve was leaning against the wall, looking pensive while Bucky was polishing his energy rifle for what was probably the hundredth time that day if past experience could be trusted.

"Polishing your weapon again, Sergeant? I hope it will still be able to fire when the time comes," Peggy said with a smirk.

"Oh, honey, I'm always ready," Bucky said with a chuckle.

Steve smiled and shook his head. Flirting made the Captain embarrassed.

"All right, boys. Obviously, you have both received your orders from the Queen," Peggy said, standing with her arms folded across her chest, trying to revert to strictly business mode.

"Yes, ma'am," Bucky said.

"I just wanted you both to know… we have intelligence that suggests the capital will be attacked soon," Peggy said.

Steve suddenly stood up straight.

"Are you sure?" Steve asked.

"I wouldn't be telling you if I wasn't," Peggy said firmly.

"Shit," Bucky said.

"Language," Steve said.

"Oh, come on, man," Bucky said then laughed, shaking his head.

"Peg, that would start a war. The galaxy hasn't had a war like in nearly five-hundred years," Steve said.

Peggy didn't care for Steve calling him Peg when they were on-duty but she decided to let it slide this time.

"You're correct, Captain. It would mean war with whoever started it. There's another thing… something we haven't shared with the Queen…" Peggy said then inhaled.

"What?" Steve said, concern on his face.

"We believe Salazar Slytherin is responsible for the attacks," Peggy said, exhaling.

"Slytherin? Why would he attack Muggles?" Bucky said, strolling over to them.

"No one's sure. In recent years he's spent a lot of time away from the capital and away from Hogwarts Academy. He's never had favourable opinions of people who refused to use tech, however," Peggy said.

"But Slytherin was the one who restored the monarchy and brought the Queen to the capital," Bucky said.

"We know. We think perhaps the Queen didn't work out the way he expected. I've spoken with Queen Ettarde and I believe she may have seen through him and his agenda. He was searching Fidelius for an heir of Arthur and he found one. There may have been others including some who may have been more tyrannical and willing to oppress Muggles. I believe Queen Ettarde saw what he would do and decided to work against him. I admire her tenacity," Peggy said with a smile.

"She's a hell of a lady," Bucky said.

"The point is, that I want the both of you to take this situation very seriously but don't tell anyone what's going on. I couldn't even tell Angie, no matter how much I wanted to," Peggy said.

"The barmaid. She's cute, Peg," Bucky said.

"Please call me, Agent Carter, while we're on-duty, Sergeant Barnes," Peggy said with a glare.

Bucky gave her an apologetic smile and threw up his hands. He looked like a puppy when he smiled. It made you want to take him home and see what sort of tricks he knew how to play.

Steve was standing up straight, seeming even taller and more impressive than he already was. Technically, he didn't tower over her as she was a bit tall for a woman already. But she still remembered the slight young man he had once been. She had been fond of him before. He was cute and so brave.

After the experiment Peggy had felt a strange sense of torn feelings. On the one hand, there was no denying his new body was fantastic and most intriguing, but on the other hand he no longer looked like the young man she had been developing feelings for. The more time she spent around Steve after the experiment the more that issue resolved itself. She had also been relieved to discover that Steve's relationship with Sergeant Barnes wasn't exclusive. She didn't mind sharing if they didn't.

"I've got to go. Just promise me… be on the lookout. Be safe. Tell no one," Peggy said, and fought off an urge to kiss them both goodbye, instead marching back to her hoverbike and flying away.

"Etty, I need to tell you something," Rowan said, dashing into the throne room.

"Please leave," Etty said to the guards immediately.

"Lionel, quiet down," Etty said, to their large friend who was playing his harp in the corner of the throne room.

"No problem, my dear lady," Lionel said.

"Don't call me that!" Etty said, though after all these years it seemed unlikely Lionel would stop now.

"Where's Rook?" Rowan asked, looking around for their wild boy friend who they had met living in the forest on Fidelius.

Rook had been having great difficulty these last few years at adapting to city life and longed to get back to the forest.

"He's visiting his sweet paramour, Tod," Beau chimed in, marching over to the throne his cloak swishing back and forth, and his black hair bobbing with each of his steps.

Beau, on the other hand, had adapted to city life magnificently, aside from the people who were less willing to accept Beau's gender than people back in the forest had been. But Rowan didn't tolerate that and if she saw anyone refusing to acknowledge that Beau was a man she'd give them a bloody nose.

"Etty, I've just spoken to my father. Will Scathelock spied Agent Carter talking to Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes in the Muggle sector. Agent Carter believes Salazar Slytherin is behind the attacks," Rowan said.

Etty frowned.

"I wish I could say I was surprised. But this puts us in a difficult position. Slytherin has a lot of public support. He would need Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw to all speak out against him and I'm not sure they'd be willing. Without their support we basically have to wait for him to attack," Etty said, standing up from the throne.

Ettarde had once been a pretty girl and she had blossomed into a beautiful young queen. Her golden-brown hair, gray-green eyes and perfectly symmetrical face seemed almost a fantasy, even after all these years. Rowan loved her. She loved all the members of her band, but Etty most of all.

Rowan had been the one to convince Etty to accept Slytherin's offer. Etty knew it was what she must do but was afraid Rowan's band would not follow her. But Rowan would not abandon Etty and the rest of the band would not abandon Rowan. They were tied together by fate and shared experience.

"Shall we travel to the Muggle sector and investigate for ourselves?" Lionel suggested.

"You can sing for them. It would be a beautiful sight," Beau said with a grin.

"This isn't funny, Beau," Etty said.

"Apologies," Beau said, with a dramatic bow.

Etty huffed and shook her head.

"For now there's nothing we can do. I won't have you all going to the Muggle sector and getting killed. Even risking the guard makes me uncomfortable," Etty said.

"My father and his men have occupied the Muggle sector. I mean, they are Muggles after all. He promises to continue to relay information to me as he gets it," Rowan said.

Etty smiled.

"Please, send your father my thanks. I do wish he would come to the throne room to say hello," Etty said.

"Seems Robin Hood is averse to royalty," Lionel said.

"Not unreasonable," Etty said.

"So he has your blessing to continue occupying the Muggle sector?" Rowan asked.

Etty stepped over to her and a place a hand on her cheek.

"Officially, no. Unofficially, yes," Etty said, then leaned over and gave Rowan a soft kiss.

Rowan felt her breath leave her body, only able to inhale again once Etty's warm lips parted from hers.

"I'll tell him immediately. Thank you… your majesty," Rowan said with a wink then turned to leave.

It happened before Steve knew it was happening. An energy blast hit him in shoulder, knocking him back. He looked around wildly. It was dark in the Muggle sector and most people had already returned to their homes because of the mandatory curfew. He lifted his shield just in time for a second energy blast, which pushed him back, his boot heels digging into the stone beneath him.

"Argh! Do you see anything, Buck?" Steve called into his communication bracelet.

"Negative, but I'll find them soon," Bucky replied.

Somewhere above Bucky was hiding out with a sniper rifle. Their orders were to capture, not to kill but Steve couldn't see anyone to capture or kill them. Finally, he heard a strange metallic sound, like the inner workings of a machine.

"What the?" Steve said, as robot hobbled towards him, making an incessant beeping.

Sniper blasts hit the robot in what could only loosely be called its shoulders. The beeping increased to fever pitch and Steve placed his shield in front of himself as the robot exploded.

When he regained consciousness Bucky was there by his side. The room was bright. He was in a hospital. Steve groaned and Peggy walked into his field of vision too.

"Steve," Peggy said, placing a hand on his arm.

"What happened?" Steve asked.

"Goddamn robot had a bomb on it. If it had been anyone other than you taking that blast… well, let's just say it wouldn't have been pretty," Bucky said with a grin.

"Did anyone get hurt?" Steve asked.

"No. Just you. You've sustained a nasty burn on your shoulder and a few cuts and scrapes. You're mostly fine. We're just waiting for the doctor to release you," Peggy said.

"My head hurts," Steve said.

The doctor walked over and offered him some medication for his pain which he gladly took. It worked swiftly and he felt nearly fine by the time he had signed out. Peggy and Buck took him home where he collapsed onto the bed. He was vaguely aware that Cecil Palmer's radio show was playing somewhere in the background but he couldn't make out what he was saying. It was a popular program though lately all he did was brag about his scientist boyfriend, Carlos.

"Your intelligence was good," Steve said to Peggy.

"Yes. I'm sweeping the Muggle sector for tech, especially unauthorized tech. Traditionally only guards or royal agents are allowed the use of tech in the Muggle sector so virtually any tech we might find would be unauthorized but we usually turn a blind eye to minor infractions. We mostly ban tech there out of respect for the Muggles who are wishing to avoid it," Peggy said.

Peggy was looking more disheveled than usual. Her dark hair seemed messier than normal and her makeup seemed a bit smudged. She was rattled. Steve looked over at Bucky and noticed that Peggy wasn't the only one.

"I need a bath," Steve said, standing up from the bed.

"You shouldn't go alone. You've got medication in your system. What if you pass out and drown?" Peggy said.

"Then come with me," Steve said, beginning to march towards the bathroom.

"Which one of us?" Bucky said.

"Either. Both. Doesn't matter," Steve said, tossing off his shirt.

Peggy was right. He did feel a bit woozy, whether from nearly taking a bomb to the face or from the medication. Peggy and Bucky were right behind him. He liked that they never fought over him and he never had fight with either of them. There was plenty for everyone and he liked having the two people closest to him there for comfort.

Bucky ran the water and Steve fumbled with his trousers, his fingers feeling clumsy and weak.

"Allow me, please," Peggy said and Steve moved his hands as Peggy unbuttoned and unzipped him.

She then pulled them down, allowing him to step out of them. After waiting a moment Peggy also pulled down his underwear.

"Thanks, Peg," Steve said and stepped towards the large, round tub.

"It's hot, just the way you like it," Bucky said.

Steve smiled at his best friend then stepped into the water.

"Hmm," Steve said, thinking the water seemed almost cool, but that could've been the medication talking.

Steve eased himself into the still-running water, sighing with relief as he laid himself back against the wall of the tub.

Peggy came around the side of the tub opposite Bucky and started pulling at the bandage on Steve's shoulder.

"The Doctor said you could remove this. It should be healed by now," Peggy said.

It barely stung at all when she removed the bandage. The skin was all red and bruised looking where the blast had hit him. Bucky stopped the water and soaped up a sponge while Peggy inspected his wound. Steve felt very relaxed and was suddenly very grateful for the company as he was almost confident he wouldn't be able to stay alert on his own.

Bucky gently scrubbed Steve's torso while Peggy cleaned Steve's wound even more gently with a rag. Yeah… this was nice, Steve thought.

"It doesn't hurt, does it?" Peggy asked.

"It stings a little. It's fine," Steve said.

Bucky scrubbed his arms then gave the sponge to Peggy to finish his shoulders and his neck, being careful around his wound.

"Can you roll over, Steve? Let us get at your back," Peggy suggested.

Steve slowly turned, facing his back to them both. He felt the sponge scrubbing, unsure which one of them was in control. Eventually they moved on, taking turns on his lower half then helping him out of the tub.

They dried him together and helped him into his robe. They lead him back to bed where he collapsed. He was pretty sure he mumbled something about thanking them both before he passed out.

Peggy yawned and looked around. The boys were asleep on either side of her. It was dark but a lantern was still glowing. She had been dreaming. It was a nasty dream about robots but she couldn't recall much more than that.

"You're awake too, Peg?" Bucky whispered.

"Yes," Peggy replied.

"Steve's been sleeping like a baby," Bucky said, rolling over, his dark hair falling into his eyes.

Peggy instinctively brushed the hair out of his eyes and said, "What about you? How have you slept?"

"Not much. Barely at all. You were talking in your sleep. I don't know if it was a good dream or a bad dream but you seemed excited," Bucky said.

"Bad dream, I'm afraid," Peggy said.

"That's a shame," Bucky said, biting his lip in an all too familiar way that made Peggy melt a little.

"Sergeant… I mean… Bucky… I've never told you how grateful I am that… you allow me… Umm… That you are so accepting of Steve and I… our… our togetherness," Peggy stammered, ashamed by her sudden lack of confidence.

"I'm not a greedy man, Agent Carter. Besides Steve wants what he wants. Sometimes you've gotta know when to follow his lead. And the relationship I have with him is special. Nothing can take that away from us. The relationship you have with him is also special. No one can take that away from you," Bucky said with a grin that made Peggy want to muss his perfect floppy hair.

"And what about our relationship?" Peggy said, nodding towards Bucky.

"What about it?" Bucky said.

"It's not really defined, is it?" Peggy said.

"Does it need to be?" Bucky replied as Peggy lifted herself up closer to his face, her eyes roaming over his bare torso, so finely honed.

"No, I don't suppose so. It's just that… when I try to explain to Angie… Well, I don't know how to explain. Steve is my lover. You are my lover. She is my lover. There are four unique but related relationships here and I don't know how to describe any of them," Peggy said, her face now so very near the reddish-pink of Bucky's lips.

"You should relax a little, Agent Carter. Enjoy yourself," Bucky said leaning towards her.

"Call me, Peggy," she said as their lips met in a slow kiss.

Peggy placed a hand on Bucky's chest, searching for the form of his muscles with her fingertips while her heart pounded and her body became flushed and hot. She leaned closer to him, her body squirming over his side as her hand slid down to his thigh, reaching around for the curve of his arse.

Bucky's perpetually stubbly face normally irritated Peggy but she felt compelled to cut him some slack today. It had, after all, been a hell of a day. Bucky's hand gripped her back through her night shirt and she slid her hand between his legs, rubbing the palm of her hand over his erection. Bucky moaned into her mouth and she laughed then pulled away.

"What?" Bucky said with a big grin, while Peggy slid her hands into his underwear to slowly and softly stroke up and down his hot shaft.

Peggy glanced behind her. Steve was faintly stirring but didn't seem to be awake. Peggy leaned in to Bucky and whispered, "There's something I've always been afraid to ask. I didn't want to embarrass Steve. It's about his… you know."

Peggy's eyes darted to Bucky's groin where her hand slowly teased to make her intent clear.

"What about it?" Bucky said, clearly trying not to laugh.

"It's… rather large, isn't it? Wouldn't you say? Certainly no one I've been with quite measures up," Peggy said.

"If you'll excuse the confession, I've only been with you and Steve. I can't say I've got much to go on. But sure, I'll wager it's… staggering," Bucky said, kissing Peggy again.

"Mmm," Peggy moaned then pulled away to continue, "But what I'm getting at is… Oh, I don't mean to be indelicate but… was it always like that? Did… Did you see it before?" Peggy asked, cringing in regret.

Bucky chuckled then covered his mouth with a hand. He nodded vigorously.

"We were never together back then but I saw him in the showers a few times. Pretty big for such a little guy. No, the experiment didn't do that. That's all him," Bucky said with a big smile.

Peggy's grip on his shaft had grown stronger as she twisted her wrist, gliding her hand down the base and up to the rim of the head slowly.

"Damn, Peg," Bucky breathed then bit his lip again.

"It's really something isn't it… When he's inside you. Feeling so… full," Peggy said, kissing Bucky again.

"Tell me about it. It's amazing how much you can fit," he said as their lips parted for a moment before pressing them together, parting again and finishing,"In such a small space."

"What's it like? What's it like when it's just the two of you and you're not putting on a show for me?" Peggy said through hard breaths before burying her red lips into Bucky's throat.

"Unh," Bucky moaned then said, "It's like he centers me. I always thought sex was about getting off when I was younger but it's so much more than that."

"Tell me more," Peggy begged, her mouth and tongue exploring the sensitive parts of his throat.

"Steve always wants to be gentle but I like it rough. It relaxes me when he takes charge. When he's inside it's like he's taking ownership and I'm free of any guilt or shame. Makes me feel like things are gonna be… unh… all right."

Peggy's hand was working pretty vigorously at this point and she was desperately shaking her pelvis, eager for some friction in the hot, damp aching place between her thighs. Peggy kissed Bucky again then felt a large hand suddenly on her bottom, squeezing through her robe.

"Y'all talkin' 'bout me?" Steve asked.

"Only complimentary things, I assure you," Peggy said.

Steve chuckled then rolled out of bed, probably to run to the toilet. In the meantime, Bucky seemed enraptured, all his thoughts numbed by the teasing of her hand. She was only stroking just fast enough to get him to the edge but not fast enough to let him come. Bucky was the sort of dog it felt good to frustrate and he seemed to like it that way.

Moments later Steve had returned and slid behind Peggy. He put an arm around her, placing it underneath her chest while the other went to her right thigh and eased her legs apart. Bucky rolled over to face them and suddenly Peggy was wedged between them, Bucky placed a hand on her thigh not far from Steve's and kissed her while Steve kissed the back of her neck. Few things made Peggy feel as sexy and desired as being between the two gorgeous men.

Bucky undid the tie of her robe and began to kiss down her body while Steve pressed himself against her bottom, large and hard. Bucky had a hungry mouth that Peggy was eager to see explore her hidden places. Luckily, her wait wasn't long as Bucky shoved his face between her thighs.

Steve moved the hand that was on her thigh around the back and gently probed at her sopping hole with a finger. Peggy moaned, almost delirious with heat and desire. Steve pulled the finger away and she heard him suck on the finger then put it back, slowly pushing it inside while Bucky's mouth kissed, licked and sucked her flesh in the front.

"God," Peggy moaned.

Steve soon upgraded to a second finger which subsequently was replaced by the head of his cock, now slick from lubricant. Steve gently eased himself inside, slowly thrusting in and out. He could never get all of himself inside and always knew when to stop trying. Peggy admired that. Steve cared about her comfort and you couldn't say that about all guys.

Steve slowly rocked in and out of her while Bucky's mouth worked furiously. Her body felt tense and ready to explode with ecstasy. Bucky's mouth wrapped around her clit sent her over the edge and she clamped down hard on Steve's cock as her body shuddered with hot pleasure.

Bucky slid back up her body and kissed her, his lips swollen and tasting of her. Steve was still deep inside of her, pumping slowly.

"Steve? I think it's Bucky's turn," Peggy said, knowing he would take her meaning.

Steve pulled out and Peggy laid back on the bed. She pulled her arms out of the her robe and tossed it aside. She knew it was always cold in Steve's bedchamber but she was far too hot right now to notice. Bucky knelt in front of her, between her legs. Peggy lifted up her legs and grabbed his hard cock between her feet making Bucky laugh. It felt so hot against the soft skin of the bottom's of her feet.

Steve climbed onto the bed behind Bucky, cock slick from lube again. Bucky leaned far over, sticking his arse straight up into the air. Peggy sucked her fingers then slid them between her thighs, gently massaging her clit.

Steve placed the head of his cock against Bucky's hole and Peggy watched Bucky bite his lip in anticipation.

"I swear to God, Steve, you better not hold back," Bucky said.

"I won't. I promise," Steve said.

Peggy knew that was probably a lie. Steve had to hold back with both of them. She had seen how strong he was. But it wasn't in his nature to injure the ones he loved. It was nice of Steve to lend Bucky the fantasy that he was giving it all he had.

Steve quickly was pushing himself deep and Peggy could only smile and pleasure herself at the sight. She watched as he slowly ramped up the speed and force and observed the way Bucky smiled and twitched with every hard thrust.

"Come on, Steve. Show my ass who's boss, dammit," Bucky begged, ever the needy puppy.

"All right, all right," Steve said, grasping Bucky's waist and slamming into his arse hard.

"Oh yeah. That's the ticket. Fuck!" Bucky moaned.

Peggy imagined herself telling Angie about this the next time she stayed the night with her. Angie liked hearing the tales of Peggy's other sexual exploits. It really got her in the mood. Knowing that she would also be able to use this get off Angie only made it that much more exciting.

"Damn, he's fucking me so good, Peg," Bucky groaned while Peggy's felt herself edging close to climax again.

She stared at Steve's face, the way his mouth hung open and he had that almost confused look on his face that told her that he was going to come soon.

"He's close Bucky. I can see it on his face… he's just about to explode," Peggy said.

And just like that, almost as if on command, Steve's face scrunched up and his lip quivered as a deep moan escaped his mouth. Seeing Steve come sent her over the edge again, nearly losing herself in a second hard orgasm.

Bucky leaned up and started frantically tugging at himself but Peggy touched her foot to his face and he looked up at her. She gestured at him with a come hither motion, suggestively spreading her legs even wider. Bucky licked his lips and Steve pulled out of him.

Bucky was quickly on top of her and pushed inside.

"Don't hold back. I want you to come. I saw how swollen your poor bollocks looked. You need relief, you poor tormented thing," Peggy said.

Bucky didn't hold back, slamming his cock into her very wet and satisfied hole and squealing as he came and throwing his head back. He gritted his teeth as his cock pulsed inside of her, filling her with wet heat then quickly collapsing.

"Good. That's very good," Peggy said, kissing his stubbled cheek.

Slowly, the three of them collapsed next to each other. It was good to be so satiated after a long day. It had been a difficult day and it was good to have a distraction to cap it off so that they could forget the approaching storm.