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You Belong to Me

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Arthur had been watching him for over two years now, ever since his driver nearly hit him as he crossed the street and he stared with his startling blue eyes in shock at the vehicle he hadn’t even seen coming. Arthur was immediately taken by how beautiful he was.

Arthur looked into the boy’s circumstances and they couldn’t have been more perfect. His mother had given him up to the foster care system years ago, unable to make ends meet in order to raise him. He’d been in and out of foster homes for the past several years and was about to age out of the system.

When his eighteenth birthday had passed, as expected his current foster family turned him out onto the street as soon as he wasn’t able to earn them any money.

Arthur was a patient man. He waited and had the boy watched as his world crumbled around him. Within less than a month he was living on the streets, homeless and turning tricks in order to survive. That’s when Arthur set his plans into motion.


Arthur was prepared when the boy finally hit rock bottom. He was standing on the railing of the bridge over the river, sobbing, preparing to jump. Arthur’s limousine pulled up then and Arthur stepped out, walking over to the sobbing, shaking boy. “I can offer you an alternative,” Arthur said as the boy took notice of someone else near him on the bridge.

“What’s that? Want me to suck your cock for twenty pounds?” the boy said indignantly.

“No,” Arthur stated matter-of-factly. “I have something much more…long-term…in mind.”

“What’s that then?” the boy asked.

“Merlin Emrys,” Arthur said commandingly. “Come down from there now.”

Merlin seemed shocked that the well-dressed man knew his name. At the commanding tone he almost couldn’t help but comply. Merlin climbed down from the railing and walked over to Arthur warily, wiping the tears from his face on the back of his sleeve.

“So what exactly is it you want from me?” Merlin asked suspiciously.

“It’s quite simple,” Arthur explained. “I want to make you my slave.”

Merlin laughed at that. “You’re a prat. A rich, spoiled prat at that.” He then turned around and was about to climb back onto the railing when Arthur grabbed his bicep firmly.

“I can provide you with food and a warm place to sleep,” Arthur said plainly. “I want to take care of you.”

“What for? In exchange for letting you fuck me, I bet,” Merlin spat.

“I won’t deny I would use you sexually,” Arthur shrugged. “But wouldn’t it be better than just jumping. Don’t you think your mother deserves more than a dead son?”

“What do you know of my mother?” Merlin growled.

“I know she had to give you up, because she didn’t have enough money,” Arthur explained. “I could make sure she’s also taken care of, and even let you visit regularly.”

“You would take care of my mother, in order to get to fuck me?” Merlin stared at him incredulously.

“Yes,” Arthur said. “Now will you come with me? I can show you where you are to live and what you can expect before you sign the contract.”

“There’s a contract?” Merlin said, dumbfounded.

“Yes, of course there’s a contract,” Arthur said exasperated. “I would never enslave someone completely beyond their will. You must understand all that will be asked of you and consent before you sign. However, once the contract is signed, then I would own you. Possess you. You would be mine.”

Merlin gulped at that, but the thought of regular meals and visits with his mother was appealing. Especially if he knew his mother was taken care of the way she deserved. He missed her so desperately.

“You…you won’t force me into anything until I sign your contract, yeah?” Merlin asked for clarification.

Arthur nodded. “Yes.”

“Well, alright then,” Merlin shrugged and allowed himself to be ushered into the waiting limousine.


They drove in silence. Merlin sat as far away from Arthur as possible in the back of the limousine, eyeing the man warily. ‘At least he’s easy on the eyes,’ Merlin thought to himself before staring out of the window again.

It took two hours to reach their destination. Arthur’s home was palatial, situated on several acres of land. It took a full five minutes to drive past the main gates and up the driveway to reach the main house. Clearly the man was beyond wealthy.

As they entered the main foyer of the home, Merlin’s breath was taken away by the sheer opulence. “Welcome to my home, Merlin,” Arthur smiled at the boy. “I just realized I don’t think I made a proper introduction. I’m Arthur Pendragon.”

“Wait are you…the…Arthur Pendragon? The playboy billionaire?” Merlin asked in shock.

“Yes,” Arthur replied.

“What do you want with me then?” Merlin asked in anger and confusion. “You could have anyone. Pay anyone to be your fucktoy. Why me?”

“I’ve had my eye on you for the past two years,” Arthur said. “Remember when you were nearly hit by a limousine when crossing the street?”

Merlin blinked. “Wow, yeah I remember that. That was you?”

“Well technically it was my driver that almost hit you,” Arthur shrugged. “However when I saw your face and those dazzling eyes, I knew I had to have you.”

Merlin’s breath hitched and he felt anger bubbling inside of him.

“Why didn’t you just grab me right then? Why wait so long?” Merlin screamed. “I’ve been starving on the streets for weeks!”

“It’s actually only been a month, and I was biding my time,” Arthur explained. “You were underage and you were in the system. I didn’t want my name publicly linked to yours. I decided to wait until you aged out of the system, were legally old enough to sign a contract and were desperate enough to be willing to agree to my terms.”

“Well aren’t you just being refreshingly honest,” Merlin spat.

“I see no reason to lie to you,” Arthur stated plainly. “You’re a smart lad, you’d have figured out the truth for yourself. Also I detest dishonesty. That will be one of your rules if you agree to this. No lying.”

“You said you were going to explain everything you want of me,” Merlin said impatiently.

“All in good time,” Arthur smiled. “How about we have some lunch?”

Arthur led Merlin through the first floor towards the kitchen. The staff had been expecting them and a lunch had been set out on the counter of the raised island. Merlin looked at the lunch. A grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup and a cup of tea. One of his favorite meals.

Merlin sat and quickly began to devour the food. “Mmm. This is good…”

Arthur chuckled as he sat next to the starving boy. Clearly Arthur had been studying him for some time if he knew his favorite food. The thought made Merlin both wary and giddy at the same time. The fact that someone had taken this much effort…just for him. It was all so unbelievable.

“Will I get to eat like this all the time?” Merlin asked after swallowing the last of his sandwich.

“As long as you behave, yes,” Arthur said with a wry smile. “If you don’t behave, I also know the kinds of foods you don’t like.”

After finishing his lunch, Merlin studied Arthur again. “So, how will I be expected to behave?”

“I will go over all the rules with you when we discuss the contract,” Arthur responded. “Come, let me show you the rest of the house.”

Arthur took Merlin on a tour of the main floor, which consisted of the kitchen and dining rooms, a sitting room, a living room, a home theatre with seating for twenty people, an office with a library, and a fully equipped home gym. Afterwards Arthur led Merlin upstairs.

Upstairs there were several guest rooms, and at end of the hall was Arthur’s personal suite. It consisted of a very large bedroom, a separate sitting room with small library, a luxurious bathroom and one other room that Arthur was leading him to now.

“If you agree to all my terms, you will be living in these rooms with me,” Arthur began before opening the door, a dark smile upon his face. “This room, in particular, you will become intimately familiar with.”

Merlin gasped when he saw what the room contained.

The walls were painted a dark red. The floor was black, and seemed to be made of a dense foam rubber as he stepped on it. There were some odd pieces of furniture placed around the room, and a wooden cross occupied one wall. There were leather cuffs hanging from the ceiling and lining one wall were many kinds of whips, paddles, straps and various sex toys.

Merlin was loathe to admit that seeing all this made his cock twitch a little, and he began blushing profusely.

“I see you know what all this is for,” Arthur said frankly. “If you sign the contract you will get to know every item in this room, I guarantee it.”

“I was wrong, you aren’t just a rich prat,” Merlin said. “You’re a sick, kinky bastard as well.”

Arthur laughed. “Perhaps I am.”

Arthur led him back downstairs to his office, offering him another cup of tea along the way. Once in the office, Arthur produced the contract he’d mentioned and handed it to Merlin.

“I want you to read through the contract very carefully,” Arthur instructed. “When you’re done we’ll discuss it further before you agree to sign.”

If I agree to sign,” Merlin corrected.


Merlin sat in the large wingback chair he had planted himself in and read through the contract. A lot of it seemed fairly straight forward, but then he got to the kinkier part of what would be expected of him, as Arthur’s sex slave.

There was an entire daily itinerary. There were rules, and consequences for breaking the rules. There was a long list of both punishments and rewards. Merlin would have absolutely no control over any of his bodily functions anymore. Arthur would determine when he would eat, sleep, piss, shit and even orgasm. Arthur wanted to control him in every way possible.

A part of Merlin thrilled at the prospect, but he was equally revolted by some of the things Arthur would require. He wasn’t sure if he could go through with all of it.

Yet, for the chance to be able to visit his mother and see her taken care of. If anyone had the means to do that, it would be this rich prat. Rich, good looking prat.

Arthur glanced up from his desk, “Have you finished?”

Merlin nodded. “Yeah. I’m not entirely sure about everything. Is there any room for negotiation?”

Arthur shook his head. “No. Either you sign the contract as it is written, or you walk away. Go back to that bridge and jump if that’s what you really want.”

Merlin took a deep breath, tears pricking at his eyes. “No, that’s not what I really want. I never wanted that life…but I’m…I’m not sure I want this one either.”

Arthur seemed to consider those words for a moment. “Alright, I have an alternate proposal then. Try it out for one week. You don’t have to sign the contract and I’ll even allow you a safeword if anything gets to be too much. Then you must decide to either sign and stay with me, or go back to where you were before.”

Merlin seemed to consider it for a moment before slowly nodding his head. “Alright. One week.”

Arthur smiled. “Good. Now all the rules in that contract still apply, and I reserve the right to punish you. Don’t abuse the right of a safeword either. Only use it in extreme cases, when you truly cannot take more.”

“Fine,” Merlin agreed. “What’s the safeword then?”

“The most common are stoplights. Red to stop everything, yellow to slow down or pause, green if everything is good,” Arthur explained.

Merlin nodded. “Alright, sounds simple enough. So, now what?”

Arthur walked over to Merlin and took the unsigned contract from him, putting it back into his desk. He then walked back over to him.

“Stand up, Merlin.” Arthur ordered. The boy complied.

“Now, kneel.” Merlin slowly sunk to his knees before Arthur, looking up at him with his dazzling eyes.