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Jessika Pava: Best Wingman in the Resistance!

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“You should get some sleep.”

Poe startled out of his doze, head jerking up from where he’d been leaning it against his and Finn’s linked hands.  Finn was still unconscious in the medical cradle (which made one of them) and Poe genuinely had no idea what time it was, not that he’d admit it.

“I’m fine.”  Shit, even he could hear how terrible his voice sounded.

“Stop lying, dumbass.”  Jessika walked into his field of vision now, wearing pajamas and looking much more comfortable than Poe felt.  “I can always tell if you’re lying.  It’s why I always get all your credits when we play Corellian Snap.”  She flicked him in the ear, and he flinched away (though not so far that he had to let go of Finn’s hand, and he knew she saw that and he knew she was politely not saying anything).

“Listen, Poe.  As your friend and your wingman, it’s my duty to make sure you actually score with the pretty people you’re crushing on--”  Poe opened his mouth to try to protest that it wasn’t like that but Jess slapped a hand over it and barreled on “--and currently you both look and smell like hot garbage.  Finn is never going to want to hit that if he wakes up and his first impression is ‘who cut open that tauntaun in here and left it to rot,’ so I am ordering you to at least go take a shower and change out of the flight suit you’ve been marinating in for the last thirty-seven hours.”  She stepped back, hands on her hips, and glared at him with her best General Organa impression.

Poe narrowed his eyes at her.  “I’m your commanding officer.  You can’t order me to do anything.”

Jess dismissed that with a wave of her hand.  “Whatever.  Wingman duties are sacred and more important than petty things like rank.  Shower.  Eat.  Sleep.  Now.”  Her eyes dropped to his hand, still linked with Finn’s, and her face softened a bit.  “Listen, Poe, from what you’ve told me about Finn he’s a really stand-up guy, right?  Kind?  Self-sacrificing?  Super duper handsome?”

Poe somehow couldn’t take his gaze away from Finn’s face.  “Yeah.  That’s all true.”   Especially the super duper handsome part he somehow managed not to say out loud.

“Then do you think he’s going to be especially pleased when he wakes up and sees you’ve completely run yourself into the ground?  Or do you think he’s going to be extremely worried and cause a big fuss and try to get out of bed too early to make you take care of yourself and then reinjure himself and then get mad because he hurt himself because you were too stupid to take a nap and end up hating you forever and all of this could have been avoided if only you’d been smart enough to listen to the sage advice of your best wingman?”  She mock swooned.  “Oh no!  I, Poe Dameron, am once again without love because I didn’t listen to the amazing Jessika Pava!  If I could go back in time I would do what she told me!”

“I am 100% sure that scenario will never happen and that is not how I sound.”  Poe summoned up enough energy to glare.

Jess shrugged and leaned against Finn’s medical cradle.  “You’ll have only yourself to blame when it comes to pass and that is exactly how you sound.”  She lifted a foot and poked him in the shoulder with her toes.  “Come on, Dameron, you know I’m right.  If you won’t take care of yourself for yourself, take care of yourself for him.”

Poe scrubbed his hands over his eyes and sighed.  “I know, dammit, you’re right.  I just…  Rey made me promise to keep an eye on him.”  Jess raised an eyebrow at him.  “No, seriously!  She was very clear about it.”  He sat up straighter, his voice taking on clipped accent.  “The General says I have to go find Skywalker, so I’m relying on you to take care of Finn while I’m gone.  He likes holding hands when he’s scared and he likes talking.  If I come back and he breathes a single word that you didn’t treat him well, I will show you exactly how I survived on Jakku for so long.”  

Jess’ gaped at him.  “She gave you the shovel talk?  She literally gave you the shovel talk.  She kicked a Sith Lord’s ass and then she gave you the shovel talk.  That is hilarious.

Poe glared at her.  “It’s not a shovel talk when people aren’t dating, Jess.”

Jess said nothing, just dropped her gaze to his hand, still linked with Finn’s, then arched an eyebrow at him.  Poe sighed.

“I don’t date unconscious people.  He’s just…  I don’t get the impression he’s been on his own a lot, and I think he’s going to be scared when he wakes up and I don’t think…  I just don’t…”

“You don’t want him to wake up alone,” Jess finished for him.  “I get it.  I get it so much that I came here prepared.”  She pulled her hand out of her pajama pocket and waved her ever-present knitting at him.  “You go shower and try to get at least four hours of sleep.  I’ll stay with him.”

Poe can feel his face light up at the offer.  “Really?  You’d do that for me?”

“Of course, dumbass.  I told you wingman duties were sacred.  Now go, because I only managed to hold BB-8 off by promising this would work.  She was five minutes away from bribing a medic droid for some sedatives and dragging your drugged ass back to your bunk himself.”  Her smirk was evil.  “Honestly I kinda wanted to see her try but I thought this was less likely to end in road rash.”  She reached out a hand to him and Poe allowed her to pull him to his feet.

“Thank you.  You’ll comm me if anything changes?”

“Wingman promise!”  She crossed her flat hands in the shape of an X-Wing (X-Wings admittedly not usually trailing a ball of yarn and a half-finished scarf), then lifted her foot again to prod him out the door.  “Go.  Go!  I will literally kick you in the literal butt if you don’t get moving!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m going.  Thanks, Jess.  I owe you one.”  Poe lingered in the doorway for a moment, looking over Finn (maybe his heart will eventually stop squeezing so damn tight when he looks at him but Poe doubts it) before he finally convinced his feet to carry him away from the infirmary.  Now that he’s moving he could smell himself, and damn, Jessika was right, a shower is not just recommended but necessary.

Jess waited until his footsteps faded away before settling herself into the chair at Finn’s bedside.  From the little she knew about Finn (mostly the same heartstruck babbling from Poe on multiple occasions reiterated moments before) he found physical contact comforting, but she couldn’t hold his hand and knit at the same time so she toed off her slippers and propped her feet on the cradle, pressing one foot into his leg just above the knee.  That seemed like the most appropriate option for someone who wasn’t a lovesick doofus.  She took a second to look him over--breathing steady, pulse normal, his dark skin a healthy color without the gray tinge he’d had when they first brought him in.  A smile played across her lips--Poe was right, he was handsome.  Maybe not super-duper handsome but she could see why her CO had fallen so hard for this kid.

“Hello, Finn.  I’m Jessika Pava.  It’s nice to meet you.  I fly with Poe Dameron, and he’s told me a lot about you.  Well, honestly, it’s like the same five things but he repeated himself a lot so I think maybe it just seems like he told me a lot.  Anyway, I’m looking after you while he gets some rest.  I don’t think the First Order really has a tradition of bedtime stories, but my family does so I thought I’d tell you one if that’s okay?”  Jess paused, honestly hoping a little bit that Finn would respond, but he just breathed on, pulse rate monitor sounding steadily alongside the click-clack of her knitting needles, and Jess told herself it was just dumb to expect anything else.

“Well, since you didn’t say no, I’m going to tell you about the Wookie Who Climbed The Mountain Tree.”  Jess paused, remembering how her grandma told the story (just in case Finn could hear what was going on, that happened with comas sometimes, she wanted to make sure she told it right) before she continued, words blending with the rhythm of her knitting needles so that both became part of the tale.

“There once was a Wookie on Kashyyyk, who grew up among the greatest trees in the universe.  The great wroshyr trees were so big that if you stood at the bottom the tops would disappear into the clouds…”

Jess was a damn fine storyteller, she found out.