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Yugo’s Adventure to Find His Family and How He Found out He was an Eliatrope

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Hi, my name is Yugo, and this is my story of how I found out I was an Eliatrope.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Line Break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was helping my father, Alibert, with making gobball stew. The bells on the door rang out, and someone tapped them to a familiar tune. Alibert went out to greet Ruel Stroud, an old Enutrof that loves money. I started to add my secret ingredients to the stew, but Az, my pet tofu, bumped into a shelf while trying to avoid getting hit by all the ingredients flying around.

“Watch out, Az!” I yelled. I went to find him, but the brown bottles on the shelf started to fall. I don’t know why, but I pointed at the floor, where they were going to fall, and a strange blue light came from my hand. All of a sudden, a blue-white circle formed under the bottles and the bottles disappeared. I stood there for a minute, trying to figure out what just happened. ‘I wonder if I created that hole, or whatever that was,’ I thought. ‘If I did, that means I could do it again and get the bottles back.’

I pointed my hand to the other side of me, and the blue light came from my hand again. This time, though, the bottles came flying up out of the hole that I created and crashed onto the ground really loudly. ‘I better clean this up before Alibert comes back,’ I thought.

Then, I heard Alibert shouting to me. “What happened? Are you alright?” he asked. I didn’t know how to explain what just happened so I just shouted that I was fine.

He replied with a loud sigh, “Okay, but later you need to tell me what happened.”

‘You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,’ I thought. Then, I heard someone barge into the dining room of the inn. People were screaming in terror. I rushed out, only to find a man, possessed by a shushu. A shushu is a demonic creature from the Dimension of the Shushus, controlled by Rushu (but I didn’t know that until later on in this story), king of the shushus. I don’t know how I knew what to do, but I used my newly found power to get on top of him, and ripped off his shushu.

When he was back, he introduced himself as Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove. He said that he was on a journey, but he got into a battle and got possessed by his shushu, Rubilax. He started to tell us what he was doing here, but he fell asleep!

“How did you do that?!” Ruel and Alibert shouted in unison. “How did you make that portal thingies and jump through it?!”

“I’m not sure how I made it, it just sort of happens. I didn’t even know that I could go through it,” I said, looking at my hands.

“Yugo, there is something I ne-” Alibert started, but he was interrupted by another scream. I rushed outside and saw these little black creatures, known as Polters. Polters were turning people into bushes, by touching them. Ruel and Alibert went out there to help the people that weren’t bushes escape the Polters.

Alibert went to help one of his friend’s family. I saw a Polter coming up from behind him and shouted, “Alibert, watch out!!”, but it was too late. He was touched by the Polters. Before he turned into a bush, he told me that I would find a message from my real family, but that is all he got out before he was a bush.

“I’m so sorry, Yugo,” Ruel said sadly. “I wish I could have helped him sooner.”

“Where is he? Where is the boy that saved me?” someone shouted.

I looked up with tears in my eyes. There, about 20 feet away, was Percedal, looking frantic.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about you,” Ruel said, walking toward him. “He’s right here.” Then, as Ruel passed by him, he whispered in Percedal’s ear, “Try not to speak about the inn, please. Poor Yugo just lost his father.”

“Okay,” Percedal whispered back. “So, your name is Yugo, huh?” he said to me.

“Yeah, and your name is Dally, right?” I said.

“Please, call me Sir Percedal,” Dally said. “I am a knight after all.”

“But, Percedal is really hard to pronounce,” I said. “Dally is easier to say!”

“Fine,” he replied. “So, since you saved me from my shushu, Rubilax, I will repay my debt by protecting you!”

“Hey, Ruel, do you know where these Polters came from?” I shouted over to Ruel, who had squashed a bug, and a gigantic tree popped up where the bug was. “Wow! How did you do that?!”

Ruel shrugged. Dally said, “Oh, your village was attacked by the Polters, too?”

“Yeah, but what do you mean, ‘too’?” I asked.

“On my journey, I came across at least 5 other towns that had been attacked,” he stated with a shrug.

“The Polters come from the Dark Forest, right?” I asked. They nodded. “So the solution for turning these people back to actual people is in the Dark Forest!”

“I’ll go with you to free the people!” Dally says excitedly. “I have to repay my debt. Plus, it is the right thing to do.”

“Yeah, the Iop is right,” Rubilax says. “He may be a moron at times, but he still occasionally uses that brain of his.” Rubilax gave a creepy laugh.

“Yeah, exactly! … Hey, you shut up!” Dally shouted. He started to pound Rubilax against a rock.

“I owe Alibert a few things, so I’ll come with you,” Ruel said. “Especially since Alibert would kill me if I let you go somewhere dangerous.”

“Alright, it’s settled then. We’re off to the Dark Forest!” I said excitedly, because I’ve never been on a real adventure.

Ruel and I had already made it to the edge of the forest when we heard Rubilax. “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be following your ‘savior’?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Dally replied.

A little ways into the forest, Ruel was saying that we need to stick together. Suddenly, we heard screams.

“Damsels in distress,” Dally said, “can this day get any better? Let’s go!”

“Didn’t I just say to STICK TOGETHER?!” Ruel yelled.

“Yeah, but we can’t just ignore people screaming!” I shouted back to him as I started to teleport towards the screams.

I saw a little clearing ahead of me and thought that must be where they are. I teleported a little faster, and, all of a sudden, I was in the clearing and I saw why the two girls were screaming. They were surrounded by Polters.

The first girl I saw was a Craw, which are a species of people that have pointy ears and love archery. This Craw had a bow and arrow and was shooting the Polters. The second girl was one of the Sadida people. She was in a tree, making vines and branches out of the tree.

I saw that a Polter was sneaking up to her. I teleported myself up into the tree and used my powers to make the Polter fall off the tree. The girl stared at me for a minute, then jumped down next to the other girl. Instead of jumping, I teleported down the tree.

“Amalia, are you alright?” the Craw asked.

“Yes, Evangeline, I’m fine,” Amalia said. “Thanks for helping us out. I’m Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm, and this is Evangeline, but everyone calls her Eva.”

“I’m Yugo, and this is Dally and Rubilax and over there is Ruel,” I said. “What are you doing out here, especially away from the Sadida Kingdom?”

“We’re on a journey,” Amalia said.

“So are we,” I said. “We are looking for some way of returning my father and the people in my village back to normal.”

“Cool,” Evangeline said. “We’ll be glad to help you.”

“Alright, but I’m not sure if we’ll find anything,” Ruel said.

As we walked further away, Ruel asked for me to get a better look around, and see if I could see any large groups of Polters. I teleported up the highest tree that was around, and saw an enormous tree a little farther ahead.

“There is a huge tree farther on,” I yelled down to them. “I could get a better look around if I teleported up that tree.” I teleported my way back down the tree. When I got onto the ground, Amalia and Evangeline were staring at me, their mouths wide open in surprise. “What?” I asked them.

“Wow,” Amalia said. “I have never seen anyone with that kind of powers before. You said that you just got your powers, or just found out about them, right?”

“Yeah,” I said, “so what?”

“So, I wonder what else you can do!” she said excitedly.

“Hmm,” I murmured. “I never thought of it like that. Well, we can see what I can do later. Right now, we’re busy.”

We continued on the path toward the tree. On the way there, we saw more Polters around the tree. When we reached the tree, it saw Amalia and thought she was a person named Leaf. Amalia and the soft oak talked for a while, and then she healed the oak.

The oak tree put her down and the Polters carried us back to the village. They started to turn people back. I saw Alibert and ran to him. The Polters had turned everyone back to normal by the time I reached Alibert. I jumped into his arms, my vision getting blurry because of the happy tears spilling from my eyes. Then, all of a sudden, I heard clapping.

“What a beautiful reunion!” someone said. I turned around and saw a Xelor, a time wizard that appears to be wrapped like a mummy. “My name is Nox, and, although you were just reunited, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take that brat in the blue hat and his tofu,” he said, pointing at me and Az.

“Get behind me, Yugo!” Alibert whispered through gritted teeth to me. Then, Alibert put his arm in front of me, to protect me, and stepped forward. “You’re gonna have to go through me first!” he shouted.

The Xelor did something with his arms, and, all of a sudden, I couldn’t move. Nox came up to me and said, “What an extraordinary amount of Wakfu you have little boy. Of course, not as much as Grougaloragran, but still enough to tell that something is different about you from all of the other species I’ve seen. You have a more powerful amount of Wakfu than them all. What are you? On the other hand, I don’t need to know. Here’s the deal, if you tell me where Grougaloragran is hiding, I’ll make your death as painless as I can.”

“Who?” I asked. “Who’s Grougaloragran?”

“The dragon, where is the dragon?!” he shouted.

“Dragons don’t exist,” I said, “I don’t think so, anyway.”

“Don’t play dumb! How else would you and this tofu have an extraordinary amount of Wakfu? If you don’t tell me where Grougaloragran is, I’ll kill your friends.” He grabbed Az out of my pocket. “Starting with this tofu. I will pluck its feathers one by one!” He picked a long blue feather from Az’s tail that I hadn’t noticed. The feather floated up and drew a circle in the air. I heard a deep voice telling me to go to Oma Island to find my real family. The letters flew into my eyes after the voice had stopped.

“The language of the dragons!” he said. “I don’t believe it! Tell me boy, what did it say?! What did it say?!

“It isn’t any of your business,” I said.

“You’re going to regret not telling me, boy,” Nox said. “You and your little pet tofu are coming with me!” He grabbed me by my shirt. My eyes opened wide from fear, and I still couldn’t move. Not that I expected that I could, with all of this fear.

“Over my dead body!” Alibert said, as he reached for his shovel. He rushed at Nox, swinging madly. Alibert kept coming at Nox until Nox was under his shovel. Then, Nox disappeared, and Alibert’s shovel hit the dirt and broke. As soon as Nox disappeared, we all fell to the ground. Alibert was breathing heavily. His brown hair turned white, like he suddenly aged 50 years.

“Thanks, Alibert,” I said, running up to him and hugging him. “But I have a question. What did he mean when he said that I was different from you and the other species he had seen, and when he said that I was more powerful than them?”

“To be honest, I’m not sure, Yugo,” he said. “But when I found you that night, I knew you were special. I never thought that you would be this special, though.” He patted me on my head, almost knocking my hat off. When he saw that my hat was about to fall off and reveal my disturbing secret, he stopped and fixed my hat.

“What do you mean, you found me?” I asked. “Where did I come from? Where did you find me?”

“I mean that I’m not you real father, Yugo,” Alibert replied. “I don’t know where you came from or who your real parents are.”

“Will you take me to where you found me? Please, Alibert?” I asked.

He sighed. “Okay, grab your stuff,” he said. “We leave in five minutes.”