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So You're A Vampire?

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Snape was prowling around the potions classroom when he saw the small group of Slytherins in his Slytherin/Gryffindor potion class toss a variety of items towards Potter's cauldron. He watched, almost in slow motion, as he and Potter drew their wands to put up shields, but they were too late and there was a loud boom. He saw Potter drop to the floor, the cauldron falling on top of him. He heard the metal clank as it finally landed on the floor.

He made his way quickly over to him only to be greeted by a low, menacing growl. "Everyone out, NOW!" He stopped moving, his senses very aware of the danger lurking in front of him. He wasn't sure what happened, but he didn't want any of his students hurt. He noticed Granger and a few of his snakes hadn't left. "I said now. That means every one of you."

His snakes knew he wouldn't put up with them staying and left the classroom fast, Granger, however, still stayed. "What part of ‘get out now’ didn't you understand, Miss Granger? 5 points for failure to listen." He saw Potter move - something was very wrong. The boy was moving too gracefully to be his usual self, almost predatory in his movements to rise.

"Sir, I think-"

He cut her off. "Don't think, it's not your strong suit. Get out. 15 points for failing to obey your Professor, and if I have to tell you again I will add a month of detentions and a suspension." That was enough for her to leave. He had never liked the girl.

As the door closed, it seemed to wake Potter up from whatever stupor the potion mishap might have caused because Potter was now fully aware and looking at him. Potter started to move towards him, slowly, almost as if he was prey and Potter was the hunter. He noticed changes in Potter and he froze again as he assessed them. Potter didn't have his glasses on. He glanced down and saw them on the floor, broken. His eyes were now a deep black instead of the usual bright emerald green, and that was alarming, in and of itself.

He suddenly noticed the pointy teeth he was sporting and something was dripping from them. He quickly recognized it was some type of venom. Potter also looked taller. He wasn't sure, but he seemed to have grown. He was almost circling around him as if he was working something out. Potter let out another low, warning growl as he moved a step away. He froze, again. Potter was a living vampire, he realized suddenly. He didn't want to deal with a living vampire. They were deadlier than a regular vampire and three times harder to kill. Vampires died by fire, sun, beheading or stake to the heart. There were reports of living vampires walking out of the fire, not burning in sun, picking their heads up, and pulling stakes out of their hearts. He actually wasn't sure what would kill a living vampire, and that made him very afraid.

He watched as Potter smelled the air, and he knew Potter smelled his fear. Potter went down into a crouch, and he knew that he was indeed the prey. He wasn't sure if he should run or not. It depended on what he did now. He could either be a food source for Potter until he died, or he could die right now as Potter ripped his throat out. He had no hope of outrunning a living vampire.

He began to search for anything that would help. He couldn't use his wand because no spell he knew would affect Potter in time for him to escape. Actually, it would only delay him by a few seconds, and just make him mad. He did the only thing he could think of: he knelt, bowed his head, and exposed his neck. He hoped Potter would accept the offer and not rip his throat out anyway. He could still see Potter's legs and watched him as he slowly walked around him. Potter circled him a few times and he stayed very still, not moving.

Potter was lightning fast as he felt his teeth in his neck, and he was pressed against Potter as he fed. The pleasure was incredible, after the first bit of pain as the fangs pierced the skin. He heard the classroom door open. "No, don't, he will kill you before a spell could be fired." He had felt Potter get tense when they opened the door.

"Severus, we have to do something." Minerva was horrified by what she was seeing.

Snape knew she desired to help, but the only help he knew she could offer was to stay where she was. "If you do anything it will seal my death, and anyone else he might encounter. He is a living vampire, they are a lot harder to kill than your average vampire." He could feel Potter licking his neck. "He is done with his feeding. Don't move closer." He felt strangely warm and secure in Potter's arms.

Potter kept licking his throat when he suddenly felt another bite on his shoulder, and he cried out in surprise, as he wasn't expecting that. He heard the gasps. "He is marking me, don't make a move." He repeated his earlier warning. He felt Potter begin to lick the wound clean, and he could feel something else on the wound but he wasn't sure what it was. The marking of him was a surprise. He knew that meant that Potter saw him as his primary food source. He knew that it also meant he was going to be very protected by Potter, Potter would kill anyone who threatened him.

After a few more minutes of licking, Potter stood up, taking him with him. He was still in his arms securely held against Potter’s body, and before he could even look up he was behind Potter and he heard Potter growling at the others. "Relax, they won't hurt me." He knew Potter had known they were there, the tensing earlier had told him, but Potter was giving them a warning.

He noticed Potter seemed to be regarding Minerva and Albus before he relaxed and let him go. "What happened?" Albus stepped towards them, only to have Potter give a much louder and deeper growl.

"Don't. Stay away from us until he can settle his new emotions. He is feeling very protective and will guard me. He is also feeling very territorial. You are in his territory and he doesn't like it." He paused, seeing Minerva and Albus moving back towards the door. "He is a living vampire, as you can see. It was a potion mishap, caused by I am not sure how many different ingredients being tossed into his cauldron."

"Miss Granger stated that it was the group of Slytherin. She mentioned Mr. Malfoy, Miss Parkinson, Mr. Zambini, and Mr. Nott, but didn't see what was tossed." Minerva stated. "Can we do anything about it?"

He wanted to groan, of course, the Know-It-All would tell them. While it was true, he really had no use for the girl. "That is true, however, the problem is that this can't be fixed. We are going to have to work on what type of living vampire he is, and getting him to handle his new instincts. Keep him away from Umbridge also. He might just kill her if she interferes with either of us."

"I am afraid I don't know much about living vampires." Albus appeared to be a bit stumped.

The man clearly wasn't expecting this, he knew Albus hadn't counted on Potter being turned into a vampire. That must be throwing a kink in his plans. Snape wondered what he would do now. "There hasn't been one in almost 300 years, so that isn't surprising. Not that there were many that provided wizards with information, to begin with. I can tell you, however, from what just happened, he is not your normal living vampire. He has venom, for one thing. He also had something he put in my mark. I felt it but I’m not sure what it is. I will have to test it."

All three of them were watching Potter pace around the room, but not going near the door that lead to the hall. He seemed to be focused on Snape's office door. "How long do you think we are going to be here before he will talk to us?" Albus asked.

"I am not sure." Snape was now sitting on one of the benches. He had tried to move to his desk but Potter seemed to get more agitated when he tried it, so he stayed in place. They waited, quietly, until Potter turned his head and stared at them for a few minutes.


"Harry, my boy, we need to talk about this." Albus said.

Snape wanted to snap at him. If he thought Potter was going to listen then the man was daft. Albus took a step forward as if he could persuade Potter to listen. Potter let out a very loud and dangerous growl and began to move towards Snape. Albus stopped moving. Snape noticed Potter tilt his heading, eyeing them, "Albus, Minerva leave now. I will be fine. I don’t think he’ll calm down until it is just us in here." He knew what Potter was getting ready to do. If they didn't leave soon, Potter would attack them.

"I am not sure that is a good idea." Minerva said.

Snape knew she had an honest desire to help but was lost as to what to do exactly. They really had no clue how close they were to being killed. He needed them out of the room. "We need him calm, he won't be if you stay. Once he is calm, I can talk to him. Until then, we really can't do a thing." He walked toward Potter hoping to stop him from going after them, but suddenly he was grabbed and pulled through his door that led to his office, and he heard the door slam as he was pushed to the floor. He stayed still. It was times like this that he wished people would listen to him the first time he said something.

"Potter, everything is fine. No one is going to touch me or you." He heard Albus and Minerva trying his office door. He wasn't sure what Potter did to keep them out. "Albus, I am fine. If you don't cease, you will cause more problems. Let me get him calmed down and we can talk after that."

Everything was quiet for a few minutes, and he was sure Albus was trying a few spells but he must have given up as he heard Albus speak. "Let us know as soon as you can."

"I will, but you need to leave. You are endangering yourselves for no reason." He heard them leave. Potter was still highly strung; he was checking out every corner and crack in his office. "Potter, we need to talk."

At his name, he watched Potter turn and growl lowly again. He wondered what that was about. "Not safe."

That confused him, since when wasn't Hogwarts safe? He could only think of one place that might work. The one place where, if anything happened, Potter wouldn't go on a rampage and kill everyone in Hogwarts. "How about we go to my home and talk?"

Snape thought that might make Potter feel safer and he could get back to a somewhat normal life. He would take him to his manor and go from there. He had enough wards and not even the Dark Lord knew of his manor. He saw Potter nod his head in agreement. "We need to floo, we can go from my quarters." He started to walk and noticed Potter following him closely, on very high alert. He hoped no one would interfere on the walk to his quarters.

Snape groaned as he saw Draco, Pansy, Blaise, and Theo walking toward him. It was just not going to be his day. This was the very group of students who caused this. He felt a quick breeze. Potter was now in front of him and in a crouch. "Don't come any closer." He had hoped to avoid this.

"It's just Potter, what is he going to do?" Draco asked.

Snape wondered about the boy's sense of self-prevention, and he was beginning to think Draco didn't have any as he noticed the others were backing away. They knew something was off. He was wondering why Draco didn't believe Potter had power. The boy had it, he knew it, and so did most of his snakes. "Draco, I am warning you. Do not come any closer."

"Draco, I think you should listen to Professor Snape, Potter doesn't look the same." Pansy took another step back.

Snape watched as Draco stopped and look closely at Potter, and he watched as Draco’s brain finally caught up with what they warned him about. "What happened to him?"

"You happened. This your fault. All of you, and if this gets out, Dumbledore will make sure you are expelled and you might even get sent to Azkaban." Legally, as a living vampire protecting him, Potter could kill them and get away with it, especially since they had been warned. Creature laws didn't affect vampires, as part of the treaty they made over 500 years ago to stop the vampires from killing off Wizards, ending a small war. Living vampires were given some pretty lax conditions since they were the victors, vampires had it a bit tougher but they could get away with murder if the right situation arose. He could see Draco thinking and worried what the boy would say. He hoped it wasn't something stupid.

"Umbridge, she can deal with Potter."

Well, there went that hope, he thought. Snape wanted to smack the boy upside his head or hex him. He wondered where Draco's brains were. Draco was so caught up in trying to hurt Potter, he never thought things through. He thought Draco understood what was happening, but clearly, the boy was an idiot. He saw Draco start to turn around, most likely to go and get Umbridge. He wasn't sure why Draco was trying to be viewed in a good light by her, the woman was a harpy.

"What exactly do you think she will do? She can't do a thing. Laws that protect Potter now, thanks to every one of you, don't protect us. He can kill you and get away with it." Snape watched all of them pale. "If you think telling Him about it will help you are very wrong. If anything, telling Him about it will get you killed. He warned you about Potter." He had heard that directly from Draco when Draco was complaining about not being able to hurt Potter anymore. They had been told no one was to touch Potter in any way. "I need your word on this, nothing you saw or did today will leave your mouths."

Snape was relieved when they quickly promised, and they knew his threat was real. Maybe this was the power that the Dark Lord didn't know. The Dark Lord would punish them severely once he found out. Potter seemed to relax. "Potter?"

"Not safe."

Snape watched as Potter seemed to be studying his snakes, and coming to a conclusion.


"That is why I had them give us their word, so He can't."

"Wrong he."

Snape heard him, but Potter said it low enough that no one else had. He wondered when Potter began to be sneaky and why he would want to protect his snakes. Snape realized what he meant. "I haven't told the Headmaster, but Granger has. You need to stay away from the Headmaster."

"Professor, what about Potter?" Draco asked.

Snape wondered why Draco had such a thirst to hurt Potter. He knew Potter didn't go after Draco as much as Draco went after him. He also knew, despite how many times he gave the boy detentions, that Potter was really one to walk away to avoid a conflict if he could. "I will deal with him, Draco. Everything should be fine." He really hoped. Potter didn't seem ready to hurt them but that really didn't mean anything if his snakes tried something stupid.


Snape was getting tired of these one-word sentences from Potter. He looked over to Potter, who again seemed to have grown just since they started walking. He was almost equal to him in height now. His eyes were back to their usual color. "I am not making them take a Vow." That was the wrong thing to say, as Snape found himself up against the wall, with his feet dangling. He warned his snakes as he saw their wands begin to come out. "No."

Potter must have thought he meant he was saying no to him as he was suddenly bitten on his mark. "Potter, please." He said quietly, almost sounding as if he was begging. He glanced over at his snakes. They were frozen, watching them.

Potter released him and began to pace around him. Snape knew he had to get a Vow from his snakes. "I need a Vow. You will tell no one what has happened regarding Potter today."

They went to protest but stopped when Draco was pushed up against the wall. Snape moved faster than he thought he could. He put himself between Draco and Potter as Potter's fangs were about to rip out Draco's neck. He tilted his head and showed his neck. Draco was dropped and Snape was pulled into Potter. "I need that Vow from all of you, or he won't let you make it out of this hall."

They quickly agreed. He could see the fear in their eyes, especially Draco's. They realized how close to their own deaths they had come. Snape looked at them. Potter still had him pulled tightly against him. "Remember, this is your fault. I will deal with each of you later. Now go to your common room." He saw them almost run from them. "Potter, you need to let me go if we are to talk somewhere safe." He was released and Potter went with him to his quarters. They actually made it to his Manor without any more problems.

Once at the Manor, he was pushed into a chair. "Stay."

"I am not a dog for you to command." Snape snapped out as he went to get up. Well, that was another mistake as he was soon pushed into the chair and found he couldn't move, with Potter leaning over him, his breath on his neck.


Potter left to check out the manor. Snape fumed for a few minutes as he began to think. Potter was a living vampire, but what type? He knew there were a few different types known, but no one had seen a living vampire in almost 300 years so most of the information might not be accurate. Potter was powerful before but after what he just did, a wandless and voiceless spell that made him stay in the chair yet give him movement, that was something he had never experienced before. He heard Potter on the stairs and knew the boy was making sure the manor was safe. He went back to the problem of Potter.

Snape knew he was now going to be very well protected by Potter and viewed as a major food source. He also realized Potter had ways of making him obey. Thinking of that, he rolled up his sleeve and looked at his mark. It was gone. Instead, there was now a green cauldron with Potter's initials in silver. There was even steam coming out of the cauldron. He didn't get too long to think about it before Potter was in front of him again. "Can you release me now?"

Potter tilted his head as he sat down in the chair opposite him. "In a bit. We do need to talk, and I have a feeling you aren't going to like what I say."

"I have never liked what you had to say, Potter. You are a spoiled, arrogant brat."

"You know, you really need to learn to observe more, and not just believe what you think you know. Did my body look like I was well taken care of? Did I have the build of my parents? Didn't you ever wonder why my clothes were always too big? Didn't you wonder why I was so small? How about all the bruises?"

Snape leaned back in the chair. He was at a loss for a few minutes as he thought about Potter's questions, but before he could say anything, Potter continued. "Didn't you ever wonder why I didn't know anything about this world when I first came here? Didn't you ever wonder why I couldn't stir or cut potions ingredients as well as they should be done? Didn't you ever why my writing was so bad?" Potter, he noticed, was watching him closely.

"I don't see what that has to do with anything. Your attitude-"

"Enough. You see what you want to see. You see my bully of a father. You have never seen me or anything about my mother. Every person in that school just rattles on and on about James ‘the Saint’ Potter. No one ever mentions Lily Potter. Haven't you ever wondered why? She was there just as long as he was. She died saving my life, turning down Him three times before he killed her. I know because I remember it." Potter got up and left the room.

Snape found he could now move freely, but he didn't. He began to think about what Potter said. He never thought about what people said about the Potters. He suddenly realized what Potter said about his mother's death. He remembered it. He wasn't sure how to react to that bit of news. No one should remember something like that. He got up and went to find Potter.

He found him in the library, reading a book. That surprised him, he didn't think Potter read outside of what was required of him. Potter didn't look up. "Are you really ready to talk or are you just going to keep on spewing forth what you think you know?"

"I believe I am ready to talk." Snape moved to the couch.