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The Secret Life of General Hux

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The long straight white hallways, with the glowing panels that covered almost all of the Finalizer created a sense of uniformity and order in the ship and thus this small world that the First Order existed in. For each capital ship was like its own world with miles upon miles of hallways. To really get to know the ship’s insides, its ins and outs would take years. Hux knew this; he’d been doing it ever since he received command of the ship. Whenever he had the free time he would try and find a space of the ship to walk through that he’d not been in before.

It served several purposes. One, it as mentioned earlier, gave him a familiarity of his ship that couldn’t come from just examining the plans – which he’d memorized – and two it allowed him to see his people at work; men and women all toiling for the grander glory of the First Order. It did them good to see their commander, their general, take an interest in them. Who they actually might be didn’t matter and who knew with most of them hiding behind those white helmets. What did is that they saw him and his interest gave them pride in their work. A man who had pride in their work did better than someone else.

Standing on the bridge, with his hands behind his back, he mentally reviewed the sections of the ship he’d visited earlier in the day. Before him the dull desert planet of Jakku spread out before him, covering up the endless expanse of space. Going over the sections kept him mentally occupied but not enough that he couldn’t pay attention to what happened around him.

 And he needed to pay attention.

 Two battalions of stormtroopers had gone down to the planet in search of the missing piece of a map leading to Luke Skywalker the mythological Jedi of a mythological order. He believed in the Force. How could he not with Kylo Ren aboard his ship? And even then his father had attested to its existence. His belief was more like believe in a table; something that existed but one didn’t necessarily feel in great awe about. Yes, he respected the power it had. He wasn’t that much of a fool. He just thought that other things were more useful than the Force and that to treat a Force user like some sort of … god was ridiculous and a waste of time and energy.

 He hated that.

 As much as he hated waiting.

 What was so important about one man anyway? At least what was so important that they would expend so much in terms of time and resources to find him? There were more important things he could be doing – like finishing up Starkiller base.

 Supreme Leader Snoke had other opinions on the matter. He felt the search for Skywalker was more important than anything else. He feared… perhaps that was the word – Skywalker. Though Hux would never, ever admit that though out loud. The Supreme Leader wouldn’t take to kindly to such thoughts.

 “General?” His communication’s officer said, catching his attention. “Kylo Ren and the others are returning. They have a prisoner.”

 Nodding sharply, Hux said, “Thank you. I’m assuming that Ren will be taking the prisoner to the usual cell?”

 “He did say so, yes sir.”

 “Very well, I’ll go and greet them and see who our new guest is.”

 Leaving the command deck he headed down the comforting and uniform corridors, down several levels and through even more corridors until he got to the interrogation room that Kylo Ren preferred. Why he liked that one, Hux didn’t know. They were all the same, but Ren preferred that one and refused to use any other one. Hux disliked that. One room should be as good as the next.

 A pair of stormtroopers flanked the door and he nodded to them absently before standing straight again, hands behind his back, once again waiting.

 He didn’t have to wait long, thankfully.

 Two troopers came dragging a third man between them. A human, dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, utterly filthy and handsome…

 Hux took in a sharp breath and his fingernails dug deeply into palms.

 Poe Dameron.

 They’d caught Poe Dameron, the greatest pilot in the galaxy.

 They'd caught Poe Dameron. The absolutely last person he wanted to see and considering the list of people he didn’t want to see was quite long that was quite the accomplishment.

 The pilot, despite a slightly dazed look, caught his eye and winked at him. “Hello General, long time no see.”

 Pressing his lips together, nails digging deeper into his palms, Hux stared right past him as he got dragged into the interrogation room. This was an utter disaster.

 Starkiller Base blowing up couldn’t be a bigger disaster.

 He hadn’t seen Dameron in …. Years… and he’d hope he’d never see him again.

Apparently that wasn’t to be.


 Now he just had to hope Kylo Ren didn’t find out that the two of them knew each other; oh sure it’d been years ago, but even so it would damn him and damn everything he’d worked for.

Looking at the corridors that mere moments ago represented everything wonderful with the First Order and his life now felt like a restricting cage that he wouldn’t be able to get out of.

 At least not alive.