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[DISCONTINUED] Return to the Underground

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      The sky was painted with shades of orange and pink as the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon. The sounds of the leaves rustling as wind began to blow through Frisk's hair and against her face. Frisk closed her eyes, taking in the feeling of fresh air and wind blowing against her. It felt so long since she's felt such underappreciated things. The sun was even more beautiful than she remembered and for once when she looked up into the sky she didn't see darkness with a few twinkling gems, but the sky painted the brilliant colors she grew to miss dearly. Frisk stood at the edge of the very same mountain she fell into, the same hole that lead to an unforgettable journey. The friends she's made and the laughs she had with them would stay with her forever until the day she died. 

       Frisk looked to her right, strands of her short brunette hair flying into her face as she stared down the row of the friends she made in the underground monster world. The first being the very same beautiful monster that saved her from the evil flowey in the ruins stood beside her. Torieal was the kindest of her many friends, her heart pure and her smile always bringing Frisk joy, the very same woman that Frisk saw as a mother that loved to make cinnamon butterscotch pie. Beside her, was the short skeleton brother that wore a blue hoodie,men's work-out shorts, and, funny enough, a pair of slippers. Sans was perhaps the funniest skeleton she's met, rivaling his younger brother Papyrus, with his endless number of bone puns. He also seemed to be everywhere at once, even though Frisk never saw the full extent of his power, just this fact alone made her know he wasn't someone she would want to fight. Next to him was the great Papyrus, Sans younger brother despite Sans looked more like a younger brother than Papyrus did. His natural silliness and self-confidence always brought a smile to Frisk's face. When they first met, he was determined to capture her in order to join the royal guard, but kindness and neutral love of cooking spaghetti brought them close together. Next to him was the mighty warrior Undyne and her new love Dr. Alphys. Never has Frisk seen an odder couple, a violence loving fish woman and a nerdy, anime loving, lizard professor seemed an unlikely couple, but seeing them together just seemed right, and they were happy together which what really mattered. Finally, the last being the king of the underground himself, Asgore. Even though Frisk and him were destined to fight, they ended up fighting together against a much greater foe...his own son. Even though Torieal is upset with him for his past actions, he still promised Frisk they will be a family together. With everything as it should be, everyone ran off in excitement to see the human world for the first time. Toriel, however, stayed behind to hold her hand tightly as she did when guiding her through the ruins, and lead Frisk into human world with a loving smile on her face. 

        Suddenly, everything was black again. Frisk couldn't see anything in front of her and thoughts began to rush through her head. "What happened? Where is everyone?" A light peaked down from above, shining down on a bed of golden flowers, the very same that she had landed on when she fell, but standing in front of the flower bed was a small child bearing the resemblance of Toriel and Asgore. "Asriel..." She whispered softly upon seeing the pure white fur of the one she had failed the most. His ears twitched and looked over his shoulder, giving her a smile. Frisk's legs moved on their own, she walked close to join Asriel in front of the flower bed to see he was holding a single golden flower. "You did it saved everyone..." Asriel spoke in a cheerful tone. "Everything's going to be okay..." A smile grew on Frisk's face she stared at the golden flowers by her feet. She felt his claw touch her shoulder, but the moment she turned to look at him, a gasp escaped her lips. Asriel's eyes were completely black and soulless, his face and body starting to melt. "Why?" Echoed his distorted voice, "Why? Why didn't you save me Frisk?! You left me here!" He cried out as his claws reached out to grab Frisk with his body melting away more and more. Frisk tried to grab his claw to help him, but her body was frozen "Save me! Save me Frisk!" He screamed and cried, then darkness consumed Frisk as she tried to scream only to realize that she couldn't breathe and her lungs began to burn only with the cackling howls of Flowey's evil laughter ringing in her ears. 

           Frisk shot up from her bed, gasping for air as the sight of her bedroom replaced the darkness she was drowning in. She felt her heart pounding in her chest like it was going to explode. Several minutes passed by before Frisk finally felt her heart slow back down. Frisk looked around her room, expecting there was more to the nightmare, but nothing had changed. She looked down at herself and no longer was she a child, but her regular adult self. A sigh of relief escaped her lips when she realized she was no longer in a dream, but back to reality. Frisk ran her hand through her short brown hair and held her forehead. Another nightmare, she's been having the same one every day now, each time made it harder for her to fall asleep. Frisk was being plagued every night by the same Asirel that melted before her. She hadn't had these dreams since she first left the underground. Why now was she having them all over again? Frisk didn't know why, but the same twisting guilt and sorrow filled her being. Tears began to roll down her face as her body laid back down in the bed, curled up with her knees against her stomach, "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry." She repeated this phrase until the sun has risen up. 

             When morning had came, Frisk could hear the sound of her door opening, pretending to be asleep Toriel left a slice of pie by her bedside as a morning ritual, letting Frisk know that she was awake. Ever since coming to the underground, Frisk and her friends managed to find homes rather close to each other. Keeping his promise, Asgore that Toriel and he will put their differences aside and offered her to be a family with them. Luckily, the years had given Toriel plenty of time to forgive Asgore and currently reclaimed the nuzzle championship trophy together. Frisk was happy to see they were finally together again, since it became quickly tiresome to see Toriel constantly glaring at Asgore every time he tried to talk to her. Toriel succeeded and becoming a teacher and getting her own school, teaching both monster and human children. Frisk, who no longer needed school, still like to drop by every now and again to tell the children her story of how monsters and humans became friends again as part of a history lesson. Asgore was the groundskeeper for his wife's school, managing the trees and bushes, even trimming one to look like Papyrus. It was the family Frisk had always wanted.

               When the door closed again, Frisk sat up in her bed to stare at the slice of pie by her bed. Normally, Frisk would dive into the delicious pie, but as of lately, Frisk had lost her appetite because of her nightmares and ended up secretly throwing them away. Frisk decided to get up from her bed, not wanting to spend any more time in bed to be reminded of the night that she went through. She changed out of her pajamas into her classic outfit of a striped shirt and a pair of jeans, both made my Toriel to replace the ones that no longer fit her. When she walked out of her room, she could hear the distant voices of Toriel and Asgore as she walked down the stairs. The little two story house was as comfortable as Toriel's old house. There were bookshelves filled many topics normal humans would find strange, such as a book about snail facts. The living room had a small couch with a fireplace just across from it with pictures of Frisk with all her monster friends and family on the mantle. Asgore was sitting down at the dining room table reading this morning's newspaper, no longer wearing his armor and crown, but now wearing a bright shirt decorated with flowers and a pair of tan pants, looking much more like a dad then he would in his armor. Frisk could hear the sounds of sizzling coming from the kitchen knowing Toriel was using her fire magic to cook breakfast for them. 

               "Howdy Frisk! Fine morning we have" He greeted in his deep fatherly voice and a warm smile, but the moment he looked at Frisk, his eyes went from caring to worried. "Gosh, you don't look so good. Did you feel sick?" He asked, folding his newspaper and standing up to feel Frisk's forehead. A small smile grew on her face feeling Asgore large, warm, paw against her forehead, their fur was always so soft. " feel normal..." He thought out loud as he looked down at Frisk. Frisk didn't have the heart to tell her parents that she was having nightmares of their lost son. Everything was going so well for them that she was scared to mention Asriel's name would stir up unwanted emotions. "I'm fine dad...just didn't sleep very well." As Frisk answered, Asgore moved his paw away from her forehead and Toriel was walking in with a stack of blueberry pancakes. "You didn't sleep well again? That's the fifth time this week." Toriel replied with a worried look placing the pancakes down on the table. "Has Sans been telling you scary stories again?" Frisk blushed softly, "Mom, I haven't be scared of those stories since I was little, besides, I'll feel better once I eat." She smiled softly, taking her seat at the table. "Well...if you say so my child." She resigned placing plates of stacked pancakes in front of Frisk, Asgore, and finally herself. After breakfast, Toriel kissed Frisk's forehead and Asgore gave her a tight hug with their goodbyes as they had to leave to go to the schoolhouse. "Don't get into too much trouble while we're gone!" She called out before leaving. Once Toriel and Asgore were out of sight, Frisk climbed to the top of the house to sit on the roof, knowing Toriel would throw a fit if she saw her on the roof.

                A soft sigh escaped Frisk's lips as she stared at the trees surrounding the houses that belonged to all her monster friends. Just in the distance, Frisk could see the top of the tiny wooden schoolhouse where her parents worked. The sight the roof gave her always filled her with peace and gave her a clear mind to allow her to think. The wind blew through her hair just like the night the barrier was broken. Frisk closed her eyes and took a deep breath to take in the peace. Was there really something she could have done? Everyone said she did everything she could, but...what if she didn't? What if she missed something that could have set Asriel free? 

                 "What you thinkin' about kid?" A familiar deep voice said just behind her. Frisk jumped at the sudden voice and turned to see Sans with his hands in his jacket pockets with a self-satisfied grin on his face standing right behind her. "Sans!" Frisk exclaimed, surprise. "I hate it when you do that!" Sans grinned and replied, "What? You mean-" He suddenly disappeared from the spot and reappeared beside her, sitting down, "This?" He finished chuckling softly. "Yes that!" Frisk chuckled as she gave a playful punch to his arm. "Ow! Don't break my bones over it!" He laughed rubbing his arm where Frisk had hit him playfully. "So..." He started, laying backwards on the rooftop with his arms folded behind his head. "Back to what I asked. What you thinkin' about?" Frisk looked over her shoulder to look directly in Sans' black eye sockets asking, "What makes you think I have something on my mind?" Sans sighed softly, sitting up again, using his hands to support himself up. "I know ya kid. You only come up here when you're thinkin', so what is it?" 

                   Frisk sighed softly, turning her gaze away from Sans to look at the scenery beyond, thinking about what she should say. There didn't seem to be any point in lying to Sans, he knows everyone shockingly well and she had a feeling he'd know when she was lying better than anyone. "I...I'd been having nightmares..." She started keeping her eyes off Sans, who remained quiet. Frisk explained the nightmares in perfect detail, having them every night gave her time to memorize everything that happened within them. Sans didn't say a word, but when Frisk looked at him again, Sans' smile was gone. "Listen, it's probably nothing. Just some leftover guilt for the things you can't control." Frisk, however, didn't quite believe that. "But what if there really is something I could have done!? Something I missed!" Sans became more serious from Frisk's words, he placed a bony hand on her shoulder. "Kid, there's nothing you could do." She was quiet for a moment when an idea popped into her head. "Well...maybe I can't but Alphys can!" Sans' eye sockets widened at her words saying, "What are you talkin' about?" Frisk, with a more excited tone explained, "I went into Alphys' true lab. She experimented with combining souls and it worked which eventually led up to Asriel turning into Flowey. If she can combine souls, who says she can't separate them again! Asriel can be his normal self again!"

                    Sans stared at Frisk seriously, but didn't object to her idea. "Well...I don't know anything about that science stuff, but seeing how this is eating you, I'll help ya out." Frisk's eyes widened in excitement asking, "Y-you will?" Sans gave her a confident smile, "Yeah sure, got nothing better to do, besides I figure you'll go no matter what anyone says. I might as well come, it'll be nice to re-visit the underground again anyway." Frisk became overwhelmed with excitement and ended up hugging Sans tightly making Sans chuckle and turn a light shade of blue. "Thank you so much! But are we gonna bring him back from Alphys to look at?" With a wink and a grin, Sans pulled out a flower pot that Frisk had no idea how he hid or even why he'd have one with him in the first place. "We'll use this, I think it'd be kinda fuuny to see the little guy shouting threats at us in a flower pot." Deciding not to question it, Frisk ended up having a laugh with Sans.