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I don’t let nobody see me wishing he was mine

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Derek walks into school, Erica by his side and is greeted by a long line of people. “What is this about?”

“Maybe Stiles is doing another kissing booth, Derek.” Erica wiggles her eyebrows. “You better get in line now before the first bell rings.”

Derek rolls his eyes and sees Isaac in line, two dollars in his hands. He walks up to him. “What’s the line for?”

“Oh, uh, stupid Valentine Grams. They’re a dollar each.”

Erica smirks. “If they’re so stupid, then why are you buying two?”

Derek takes Isaac out of his misery when he sees Isaac’s cheeks starting to fill with color. “Erica, you gonna buy one for Boyd?”

“Oh, please. He’ll be getting something much better than a Valentine Gram from me on Valentine’s Day.” Isaac laughs and Derek pretends to throw up. “Come to think of it…I think I will buy one. Not for Boyd though.”

Erica cuts Isaac in line and struts up to the table, sliding a dollar to a pretty girl that just started at BHHS whom Derek knows as Kira. When Erica walks back to Derek they start toward their lockers. “Who’d you buy the gram for?”

Erica looks at Derek devilishly. One of her most common expressions. “Stiles.”

“What?! Why?”

“I made it from a secret admirer, but the little note I added gives a little hint to who the admirer might be.”

Derek trips over his own foot. He stops walking and cuts in front of Erica, staring into her eyes. “What did you do.” It’s not a question.

“You’ll see.” She has the audacity to smile at him. “Oh, look! There’s Boyd.”

“Wait, Erica, I –”

“See you at lunch!” Then she’s gone. Strutting to Boyd and shamelessly grabbing his face for a good morning make out session.

Derek wishes he didn't feel happy for her even when he hates her stinking guts.


It’s Valentine’s Day and Derek is thinking of ditching school. He’s terrified of what that gram that Erica got for Stiles says. If he didn’t have a Chemistry test, he would definitely not show up, but he does. And he spent a lot of time making the index cards that him and Stiles studied from during lunch the day before. He isn’t going to risk Mr. Harris not letting him make up a test that’s worth a huge chunk of his grade.

When he walks through the school doors, he feels like he’s walking to his death. He has no idea how obvious the little note in the gram is going to be, but he hopes that Erica had the decency to be somewhat subtle.

A hand comes down on his shoulder and he startles, looks to his right. Of course, it’s Stiles.

“Dude. Dude dude dude. We need a last minute study-sesh like right now.”

“Sure, no problem.” Derek keeps his cool even though it’s possible that at some point today his secret will be out.


Kira walks into the classroom with a basket full of Valentine Grams and Derek almost faints on sight. She hands the basket to Finstock and after Finstock gives a truly encouraging speech where he deems Valentine’s Day a holiday that inspires loneliness, he begins calling names.

“Derek Hale? Sit down Greenberg, not a chance.”

He walks over to Derek and drops the 3D heart on his desk. Derek is shocked. Who would’ve gotten him a Valentine Gram? Stiles is apparently wondering the same thing because he looks over at Derek and says, “Who is it from?”

“Uh…probably Erica.” He opens the heart and there’s a box of Sweethearts with a note taped to the back. The note reads: “Will you be my Valentine? – Danny” and Derek's eyes dart up to look at Danny, who is sitting across the room. Danny winks at him and Derek’s throat goes dry.

Finstock steps in front of Derek and cuts off his line of vision to Danny, which Derek’s incredibly grateful for until he sees why. Finstock has dropped a gram on Stiles’ desk. Shit.

Stiles grins from ear-to-ear. He looks elated. “Let’s see, let’s see!” Derek is holding his breath. He decides he hates Valentine’s Day. Stiles takes out the Sweethearts and begins reading the note aloud, “I’d like to kiss you for free, even though the Kissing Booth kiss was unforgettable. Love, Your Secret Admirer.” Stiles looks up to the sky. “Hmm…” Derek’s just staring at him, wishing he could read minds. “I kissed so many people that day, this could be anyone.” Derek exhales.

He laughs, relieved. “Yeah, could be anyone.”

“But, I mean. There were only a couple kisses that day that were actually worthwhile, in my opinion.”

“Yeah?” Derek selfishly hopes that he is one of those kisses and prompts Stiles to continue, even though he doesn’t want Stiles to piece together that the gram is technically from Derek.

“Yeah…” Derek swears that Stiles eyes linger on his lips, but then Stiles blushes, looks away, and coughs. “Oh, well! Guess I’ll never know.”

The bell rings and Derek watches as Stiles rushes to put all of his stuff in his backpack. “Wait up, I’ll walk with you.”

“Uh…no, I – I told Scott I’d meet up with him before our next class. See you later, man!”

Derek just sits there silently, wishing again he could read minds. Then Danny shows up at his desk. “So, waddya think, Hale?”

Derek had completely forgotten about his Valentine Gram during the stress of Stiles opening his. “I – well, I’m not much of a Valentine’s Day person. Had a bad experience once.”

He feels bad for lying when Danny just smiles and says, “Ah, I completely understand. Sorry to hear that, but maybe I can take you out some other time.”

Derek smiles at Danny even though he knows that he won’t take Danny up on his offer and Danny walks away.

He can’t help but think that Stiles agrees their kiss is one of the worthwhile ones and later, when he tells Erica what happened, she smacks him in the head. Says, “God, how are you so stupid? He’s clearly got a boner for you, Der.”

Derek wishes he could believe that’s true.