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LEGO The Lord of the Rings: The New Adventures

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The Narrator began the next tale, in his typical loud, booming voice, “Years after the events of the first LEGO The Lord of the Rings tale, Frodo Gamgee and his siblings celebrate with Prince Eldarion at the citadel of Minas Tirith, after their success of defeating various orcs and other allies of Sauron, the Lord of Darkness. But now, something evil is brewing in the galaxy far, far away that has yet to set upon our reluctant heroes…”

The camera zoomed into Minas Tirith, right into the heart of the citadel. It was here that all the LEGOs from Middle-earth, of the Free Peoples now, took to partying as loud and as hard as they could. It was a big celebration. However, not all the LEGO Free Peoples were excited, as LEGO Faramir Took put forth his concerns, while watching the narration text crawl out into the skies above the white city:

“Oh no.” LEGO Faramir asked the group, aloud, “I don’t think we should celebrate so loudly! What if Darth Vader catches us? You know he’s the new Dark Lord.”

“Faramir, relax. And no, I’m not talking to the Big Folk Faramir, who is our steward,” LEGO Goldilocks Gamgee said, also a young adult, turning to the Man Ranger.

“What did I do?” Faramir’s gaze fell on Éowyn, who waved in his direction.

Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Gamgee’s father, declared, “Listen, as long as no one upsets Darth Vader…” He looked up at the window, only to see Darth Vader’s tie fighter through the front window. “Oh. Well that’s a problem.”

“I’ll distract him!” Frodo-lad rushed outside.

“No!” Sam joined his son outside, right next to the White Tree. “You know, Frodo-lad, you are just like your Uncle Frodo. Always rushing into danger before…”

“That may be true, pops, but Uncle Frodo didn’t have this,” Frodo-lad pulled out a big blaster. Sam was stunned.

“Where did you get that, son?”

“I borrowed it from that fellow Lando Calrissian. It’s supposed to take out tie fighters.”

“Well then, you had better stop that ship, before it…”

“I have you now!” Darth Vader, donned in his black skull-like helmet, black leather armor and black cloak, announced from his mega-speakers. Frodo-lad, on the other hand, was prepared to fire. He was almost ready…


Meanwhile, in Valinor…

LEGO Frodo Baggins stared at Galadriel’s mirror. Surrounding him were many LEGO pots and plants. And yet, what he saw in the mirror was Frodo-lad, who was like a nephew to him, about ready to blow Darth Vader’s ship to smithereens. Frodo shook his head at the scene, before looking up at Galadriel.

“Frodo-lad is getting himself into trouble.” Frodo moved towards a bench. “I told him not to use a blaster on Darth Vader. It doesn’t work.”

“I’m sure Frodo-lad will do well. Do you remember your last confrontation with Vader?” Galadriel replied.

“Yes. It was perilous…”


A Longer Time Ago…

LEGO Frodo narrated over the slideshow of pictures: “When Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, I thought it would mean the end of Middle-earth. Anakin turned his back on everyone. So while Obi-Wan Kenobi and the other Jedi planned on finding the holocrons, things in Middle-earth, from my experience, never became so desperate…”

The black-and-white pictures turned to color and moving, as the camera panned back to Frodo in the Shire. He was with his friends Samwise Gamgee, Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took. He was determined to figure out a plan:

“Come on. We can’t let Sauron return from the grave.”

“Uh… I don’t think Sauron can take another form, Frodo,” LEGO Merry admitted, confused.

Frodo shrugged. “Well, now that Sauron is gone, we still have the issue with Sauron uncovering certain artifacts the Númenoreans left scattered across Middle-earth. We have to find them and bring them to a safe area.”

“The Iron Hills are a good place to start hiding them,” Merry suggested.

“All right. Now that we have a place, let’s start recruiting,” Frodo said.


The recruiting process was much faster than LEGO Frodo expected. Taking their chances and piloting their new vehicles to Minas Tirith, Frodo regrouped with Merry, Pippin and Sam. They weren’t alone.

“We’ll need to start finding the artifacts as soon as possible. I don’t know how long it will be before Darth Vader arrives,” LEGO Frodo admitted.

“Yes, but Mr. Frodo, even if we find all the artifacts, how are we to know that they will –”

“Did someone call for backup?” Gimli announced, joining his fellow hobbits. Behind him was the army of Gimli replicas. “Lord Gimli has come to assist you, and we brought with us some artifacts of the Dúnedain.”

“Yes Lord Gimli,” the Army of Gimlis bowed before their leader. Frodo shook his head.

“Still the same old Gimli I remember,” the brown-haired hobbit chuckled.

A grey vehicle dropped down from the sky, landing on the seventh level of Minas Tirith. Jumping out of the vehicle was a young Frodo replica, donned in a sash. He still wore the black uniform Sauron gave him, but he would eventually give up on this for new attire. It was Fodo Braggart, the twin that Sauron created who betrayed the Dark Lord. Fodo had a few new powers up his sleeve.

“I’ll fight for you, Heroes of Middle-earth!” Fodo said, cheerful.

“Fodo, you made it. You didn’t show up at the last second either,” Frodo admitted, glad to see him.

“Yeah, I’ve learned my lesson,” Fodo answered, saddened. He perked up as he said, “Well, I did bring someone from our last adventure.” Frodo looked at the ship, as a familiar elf archer jumped onto the stone platform.

“Tauriel!” Frodo said, cheerful.

“Yes, and I’m not alone.” Tauriel gestured towards Fodo’s ship. “Come on out. I think Frodo wants to see you in person.”

“Right!” The blond-haired gentle-hobbit jumped down from the ship, pulling out his sword as he did so. “I’m here for a fight!”

“And who are you?” Frodo asked the hobbit.

“I’m Bingo Bolger-Baggins, but you may call me Bingo!” Bingo introduced himself. Ecstatic, he pointed with his sword towards Sam’s direction, “I was Sam’s friend back in his gardening days. Don’t you remember me?”

“Eh… yeah.” Sam approached the hobbit. “Bingo, my old friend. How are you?”

“We had lots of adventures, including the time we pranked Lotho,” Bingo informed him.

“Yes… do I remember that.” However, Sam looked at Frodo for help. Frodo gestured with his pale claw hand, hoping Sam would remember the hobbit. Although it was far-fetched. “Eh… on second thought, I don’t. No one remembers you.”

“What?!” Bingo asked, alarmed and concerned. “You don’t remember me. I was once Bilbo’s son and Gandalf’s supporter.”

“You were?” Sam asked, concerned and backing up towards his friends.

“Yes! It was tragic –” Bingo was angry and Sam knew it. Frodo nearly chuckled, but held it back. It was sad that Bingo Bolger-Baggins wasn’t memorable, but then why was he with them?