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You & Me

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It was one of those times were it was that hard part in life. Stiles stood on the porch of the older beta's house, no Scott and hadn't even planned on coming here in the first place. But Derek needed help whether he would admit to it or not. Scott had been more annoying than usually and was cooped up in his room because of Allison. It seemed Derek hadn't want to deal with Stiles, since he hadn't opened the door and told him to go away. That or he just wasn't home.

Stiles gathered up his courage and pounded on the door. Sure he could just walked in but Derek would rip his fingers off probably. Though the werewolf scared him, Stiles still somehow manage to fall for him. Stiles of course told no one but somehow Danny without really talking to the teen figured out Stiles liked somebody and it was no longer Lydia or a girl for that fact and promised not to say anything after Stiles begged him not to.

"Come on Derek. Open up!" Stiles yelled as he continued banging on the door. Stiles went to bring his hand to the door again, but his wrist was caught and the door was now open and there was Derek, gripping the teen's wrist and a look of annoyance on his facial features. "What do you want Stiles?" The wolf asked, his tone even had annoyance in it, though he didn't let go of the teen's wrist.

Stiles heart skipped a beat as his wrist was caught, name said and the fact it hadn't been released. "Your having a hard time. And don't you even dare try saying you aren't." Stiles said, giving the wolf a stern look. Derek glared at him. "And what if I am going to say I'm not? What is someone of your ranking going to do?' Derek questioned the teen, yanking his wrist. Stiles gasped in surprise at the yanking of his wrist and stumbled a bit.

"Don't do that!" He exclaimed. Derek was having fun teasing the teen, it was as fun as scaring him. Stiles hadn't tried taking his wrist back either, it had Derek wondering. "And why not?"Derek questioned, pulling Stiles to his chest and placing his other hand on his hip, hearing the teen's heartbeat pick up. "B-because your using it to change the subject!" Stiles told him, stuttering only slightly. Derek raised an eyebrow as for the teen to continue.

Stiles sighed, looking down at Derek's hand on his wrist than up at the wolf. "Just admit that your in a rough patch. Even Scott knows you are. We don't even know who the alpha is so of course it's a rough patch for us too." Stiles explained. Derek shrugged, eyes looking with Stiles' chocolate brown ones. The teen took a breath in through his mouth and released it through his nose. "Hard times never ever have been easy." Stiles stated adding. "Sometimes all you gotta do is fight." Smiling slightly.

Derek listened to him speak. Stiles had some of the oddest things even if they were from a song. He smirked and leaned forward, only inches from Stiles' causing his heart to pick up more speed and his eyes widen. "Take time 'cause I don't want you to leave me." Derek said, Stiles smirked at this. So Derek knew the song too. "Make time 'cause I want you in my life." Stiles finished as he did, Derek pressed his lips to the teen's, letting go of his wrist to wrap around Stiles' waist and pull him closer, and noted that Stiles didn't waist time to react or slip his arms around his neck once Derek had let go of his wrist.