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Cerulean Rain

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Just as the last word left your lips you felt a shudder creep along your skin. Your wish? As far as you were aware you’d never been to the Underground at all. Even the flower beside seemed to shake just a little at your words. You had to find Sans, had to make him explain all of this. You stood cautiously if not a bit wobbly before wandering around the room trying to find an exit.


No answer. He only said he was going to see if no one else was here, so he couldn’t be too far right? So far, the that you’d encountered was that child. Deep down you almost wanted to see them again because they just looked so...alone. It was hard to describe but you could empathize with them. Especially now that you were literally alone with only the Echo flowers to keep you company. Which reminded you that Undyne needed a sample. You could easily pick one on the way out of here, hopefully soon.

You called out to Sans again, but he just didn't answer. Whether on purpose or not you couldn't tell. Reaching into your pocket you pulled out the familiar cracked screen of your phone and tried to send him a message.


Sans? Where are you?

-Starting to get worried here…

At first, you weren't expecting anything in response so when your phone buzzed against your fingertips you were surprised to say the least. To your relief ‘Sans’ presented itself on the screen.

Sans 9:44am


-just gimme a few minutes

--found something for ya

Your eyes narrowed. He found something for you? Honestly, in a cave like this the only thing worthwhile to you was….well, everything if you were being honest. The flowers….the glittering pieces of stone above you that almost looked like stars. Were these the same ‘stars’ Sans looked at every night? They looked so alike and not all at once, and you just stared in awe. It must’ve been what it felt like when Sans saw the stars with you.

“Cool, huh?”

A chill left goosebumps along your skin at how close he sounded. You turned to find Sans with his hands in his pockets, though instead of a wide grin usually etched into his skull it was turned into a faint frown. With a sigh you looked back to the cavern ceiling.

“Uh...yeah. They kind of look like stars.”

A small laugh left his mouth. “Heh. Yeah. Before the barrier went down we used to think these were what stars looked like.”

You suddenly looked to Sans with a curiously raised brow. “We?”


“Ah.” Hearing him say that made your chest ache. “You said you had something for me?”

Sans nodded, taking a few steps closer to you with his hand held out. Resting in his palm was what looked like an aged snail shell that was slightly green in color.

“ me a snail shell?” you asked, eyeing the small shell eerily.

A smile dawned on his face. “It was the only one I still saw intact looked cute.”

“I see,” you said softly, reaching out to take the rather smooth carapace in your hands. It was a sweet gesture that made you laugh at the monster, his grin returning to normal. The ache in your chest faded with each passing moment.

“Blue, I’m joking.”


Sans held out his hand, and you hesitantly placed the shell in his skeletal palm. “This isn’t what I wanted to give ya.”

A sigh you didn’t realize you were holding in left your lungs. “Oh, good. Because I don’t know what the shell I’d do with a snail shell.”

He chuckled, rolling the little thing around on his palm. “Well, I don’t mean to be shellfish , but I think I’m gonna keep this for myself.”

You laughed faintly. “No arguments here. Now what did you really want to give me?”

The joking demeanor he held himself with faltered, his hands shoving themselves into his pockets as he avoided your gaze. “It isn’t really somethin’ a shell though so…”

As Sans words trailed off you closed the distance between you in favor of wrapping your arms around him, your hands clutching the back of his jacket. “That’s okay. What is it.”

After a few moments of silence you felt his arms wrap around you in turn and his face pressed into the crook of your neck. “I’m gonna tell you why you’re feelin’ the way you do about this bear with me, alright?”

“Okay,” you whispered, preparing yourself for whatever he had to say.

“About the Echo and that smart guy-”

You interrupted. “What was his name?”

Sans hummed. “It’s not like he’s still around so it-”

“Please, Sans? I have to know.” Your voice was pleading enough, making the skeleton sigh and pull away to look at your face.

“I’ll tell ya when I finish.”


The monster stiffened, although he nodded vaguely. “Promise. Now, me and him were trying to figure out a way to break the barrier without killing any more humans than necessary. At this point we had four already and it was just...sickening.”

You listened carefully to his words and made sure not to interrupt again, but couldn’t help the feeling of melancholy in his words.

“With some luck we got permission to take a piece of a soul from a human who...died here.” He paused, most likely awaiting a reaction from you but when you said nothing he continued. “We uh...took that piece from the soul and infused it into the Echo flowers we had. Since they're just flowers we figured they wouldn’t come to create a monster, but something human enough to pass through the barrier.”

“And what came out?” Your heart felt cold, Sans gaze looking right through you as though you were a ghost.