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Cerulean Rain

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“I don’t think any monsters are here, Sans…”

“Sure about that?”

You scoffed. “Besides you , obviously.”

This kind of banter had been going on for atleast ten minutes. Questions just flooded from your mouth to distract yourself from the cold. You found out some...things. Not necessarily useful, but intriguing. As it turns out, monsters were rather ‘weak’ compared to humans. Well, their souls anyway. You asked if you could see your own soul, but Sans quickly avoided the question by pretending not to hear it. It left you suspicious for awhile, but you didn’t press the skeleton into telling you more. Sans usually had a reason for keeping things to himself, and he’d most likely tell you when he was ready to...just like with the resets. Yet, this was about you , so why was he hiding your own soul from you? Your fingers absentmindedly touched your chest, but nothing happened.


You looked up, Sans gazing at you sadly. “What are you sorry for?”

He sighed, a wisp of thick air slipping past his teeth. “It’s just...I don’t know for sure if there are any other monsters around, and I don’t wanna have your soul attracting unwanted attention.”

“Oh.” So that’s why he didn’t want you to bring it out, not that you even knew how to anyway. “I understand.”

“Good. Me and Paps house is just a few more minutes.”

A gentle nod was your only response. It already felt like you’d been walking through Snowdin for hours now, but it had only been fifteen minutes at most. Guess you could thank the snow for that. Sans never mentioned any kind of snowfall like this, so it was entirely new to the both of you. It brought a small comfort to you, mostly because you felt so lost here and it was nice to find some kind of common ground. You were looking at the various abandoned buildings when you noticed the dim sign of Grillby’s towering over you. The establishment itself wasn’t really surprising, but now you had an inkling as to why Sans spent most of his time there. He lived only a few minutes away from it...five minutes maybe, considering not long after passing the building you came upon the skeleton brothers home. Papyrus wasn’t lying when he said it was an exact replica from the one on the surface.

Sans glanced at the mailboxes still standing in front of the house, envelopes scattered amongst the snow. “Guess nothing's changed.”

You studied the mail he was staring at. “That’s all your mail isn’t it?”

He grinned lazily and turned from the mess. “What makes ya say that?”

“First off,” you began, following the skeleton to his front door. “It wouldn’t be surprising if you were too lazy to get your own mail. And secondly, Papyrus’ name is on the empty one.”

The monster laughed, shoving his shoulder against the door to force it open. Ice lined the doorframe, and a bitter breeze drifted from inside the house and against your face. The whole ordeal gave you chills that left you standing in the snow before Sans ushered you inside. Only the luster from outside enlightened the living room just barely and enough so that you could see the dusty outlines of the faded olive couch. Your bag was resting on the arm of it. If Sans already came in here than why was door nearly frozen shut when you arrived? The only reasonable conclusion you could come up with was ‘shortcut’.

Since first arriving here, you felt generally calm. Sure, it was freezing and your body was quaking but you felt safe. You decided to explore the house, heading to the kitchen first. Sans was already in there digging through the fridge, and the rancid smell of death danced in front of your nose.

A hand flew up to cover your face, your jackets hood sliding from your head at the quick action. “What is that?” you questioned as Sans pulled a dark container from the flickering fridge.

He narrowed his eyes at it. “Papyrus’ spaghetti. I think.”

“Please get rid of it,” you begged, eyeing the skeleton as he merely abandoned the fridge and tossed the contaminated spaghetti outside through the front door that was still slightly left ajar. You thought you closed it, but maybe the wind blew it open? Although the ‘wind’ was nothing more than a breeze. You ignored it and allowed yourself the pleasure of breathing through your nose once more.

Sans slammed the door. “Gross,” he mumbled, heading over to your bag and digging out his stash of ketchup bottles. He wasn’t lying when he said there were ten of them, all huddled together in his arms.

“I think that's gross.” You pointed to the scuffed ketchup bottles. “Aren't those expired?”

“Nah.” Sans inspected the chilled bottles that had defrosted some. “They were frozen. Just think of them as...tomato smoothies.”

You were silent. Just staring at him in utter disbelief. There was nothing you could say because you were at a loss for words. Well, ‘disgusting’ came to mind...but Sans wasn’t exactly wrong about the ketchup technically being revolting smoothies by now. A quivering sensation vibrated in your throat and you quickly turned away from the skeleton.

“I think I'm going to be sick, Sans.”

You heard the clicking of bottles before you felt bony fingers rubbing at your shoulders affectionately. A soft hum of delight vibrated in your chest.

“Hate to break it to ya, but I'm kind of gross to some people.”

“I don't think you're gross,” you whispered, leaning against the monster's chest. “I mean, everyone has to like something that's a little questionable to a few people.”

Sans rested his chin on your shoulder. “So, what's somethin’ you like that's...questionable?”

“Sex with a skeleton.”

There a sputtering sound next to your ear before you were turned around, your face being cupped and peppered in skeletal kisses. You surprised even yourself with your bluntness and started to laugh. Sans rain of kisses ended on your forehead before he pulled away, staring intently at your mouth. He hummed before pressing his teeth against your lips, nipping at the soft flesh of your bottom lip. You sank into him, your gloved fingers grasping at the fur of his jack to pull him closer. Despite his lack of lips, Sans smooth bone against your mouth felt like you were kissing a coffee mug. It wasn’t bad and it reminded you of the warmth that soon followed when you pressed your lips to a steaming cup, but in this case that warmth was the velvety tongue Sans slipped into your mouth. You squeaked at the sudden intrusion but otherwise slid your hands to cup at the skeletons cheekbones. They were flushed in a deep blue, and you reluctantly pulled away from him. He was panting quietly as you stroked your thumbs over his blushing bones.

“You’re looking a little blue .”

His chuckle was low and raspy. “Really?”

You pulled a hand away from his face to poke at your own cheek. “Well, I’m looking red…” you trailed off, nuzzling your face into his. “I think we’d make a pretty purple.”

Sans sighed. “I can think of a few ways to do that,” he mumbled, his teeth pressing against your jaw lightly.

“I’m listening.”

The skeleton slid a hand down your jawline to the soft fur of your jackets hood and tugged at it. You shivered as the cool air brushed against your bare neck, though it wasn’t long before it was being kissed gently. Sans teeth felt warm against your skin, your cheeks darkening into a scarlet hue as he carefully placed each kiss. The familiar softness of his tongue slid along your neck in long strokes. A vague moan fell from your lips when he began to bite at the sensitive skin below your earlobe, his thin fingers holding your shoulder and neck still. You pressed your cheek against the side of his skull and kept hold of his jacket as tightly as you were able.


A sudden buzzing cut you off, the monster all but devouring your neck stiffening. The said buzzing was vibrating in Sans pocket, and you reached your hand down into his jacket to grab at it. You were greeted with your phone shaking violently against your hand. The corner of the screen was decorated in a webbing of cracks, but it was your phone nonetheless. 2 messages and 3 voicemails from Undyne.

Sans was groaning into your neck. “I...forgot that I grabbed your phone from the snow,” he growled, his hands gripping your shoulders.

You sighed, stepping away from him. “I should probably check these before she spams me.”

He nodded, but looked as though he were in a daze. “Yeah. I’ll be here...against the myself.”

“Oh, please! I won’t take long I promise.”

Sans raised the back of his hand to his forehead, sighing dramatically as he draped himself over the couch. “That’s something someone who will take long would say!” His performance before you would have Mettaton running for his money.

You huffed and turned away from him, stomping into the kitchen for a sliver of privacy. “Just...don’t do anything!”

A lazy grin spread along his face. “Not keepin’ any promises, Blue.”