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Cerulean Rain

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The first thing to come to your mind was ‘bitter cold’. You weren’t exactly at Snowdin yet, but you were first exposed to a forest-like setting that stretched for what seemed like a mile. A soft wind grazed your already reddening cheeks and it forced you to pull your fur-lined hood over your head. The trees lining the icy path were impossibly tall, descending into the foggy sky of the impossibly large cavern that was the Underground. Now you could see why Sans thought it was necessary to pack you an outfit fit for a snow storm, including a pair of charcoal colored gloves that fit your hands...well, like a glove.

Atleast he opted to carry your duffel bag for you, considering you felt heavy and he was simply sporting his usual outfit albeit he traded in his shorts for a longer pair of trousers that were nearly identical. When you thought he wasn’t looking, your gaze dragged over his face. He looked calm as usual, but there was a certain strained expression filtering through his eye sockets, looking alert.

You nudged your shoulder into him. “Something wrong?”

Sans blinked, his head facing forward but the miniscule lights in his eyes studying your face. “Nah, it’s just kinda...nostalgic. I wasn’t plannin’ on coming back.”

“Sorry,” you muttered, guilt crawling up your spine. It your fault he was here...or atleast you thought so.

The skeleton stiffened. “ I didn’t...heh.” His voice lowered into a stream of mumbles.

You smiled. “It’s okay, Sans.” His statuesque posture relaxed. “Besides, it’s always nice to see your actual home again right?”

Sans took a deep smokey breath. “Blue...home is wherever I am with you.”

A deep flush flooded over your already rosy cheeks. “You act like we’ve been together forever haha.”

“Sometimes it feels like we have...well...known eachother for a long time,” he said softly, so much so that you barely caught his words over the snowy wind.

How much would things be different if you’d known each other right when the monsters were freed? You liked to think you’d be acquaintances but...there wasn’t any way of knowing. Each of your footfalls grew heavy as you allowed your mind to wander, so much so that any noise to run past your ears were muffled. What if you fell into the Ruins instead of Frisk? A dull pain pinched at your temples when you tried to piece together a scenario where you and Sans were together here in the Underground. Just as you brought yourself back into reality you noticed an oddly barred bridge up ahead, each smooth bar spaced far apart to a point where anyone could get through.

“Paps work,” Sans mumbled beside you, easily slipping through the beams with you in tow. “He made the bars too wide to stop anyone.”

An airy laugh escaped your lips in a stream of smoke. “For being abandoned for so long, I’d say he did a good job of making it last.”

The monster chuckled lowly, keeping his pace beside you. “Kinda sucks that you weren’t here to solve all his puzzles.”

You hummed in response, tugging your hood closer to your face. The quick breeze started to pick up the snow gradually, leaving you to drag your body through short flurries of snow. Sans kept closer to you than before, his hand hovering over your back. His lazy demeanor was forced, but instantly relaxed when a...was that a lamp? It stood right there, oddly colored a deep purple with a ragged pale blue shade crookedly placed on it. What was a lamp doing in the middle of a snow storm?


He said nothing, only pulling you further into the onslaught of heavy snow. Just a few feet away from the lamp was a small station caked in icy snow. The stand itself was in poor condition as the roof of it had collapsed under the weight of the thick snowfall. You had to squint to get a good look at it, watching as Sans inspected the station before returning to your side with still intact ketchup bottles in each of his hands.

He seemed pleased with himself as he shoved one into your duffel bag. “Glad my stash was safe.”

You groaned. “You made us stop for a bottle of ketchup?”

“Hey,” he began, wiggling the bag in front of you. “I made us stop for ten bottles...and a half.” He proceeded to hold up the bottle in his hand as he finished, that most likely being the half full bottle. You almost gagged at the thought of years old ketchup just sitting in the snow.


The skeleton was already walking ahead of you with newfound vigor. “Come on, needa…”


Ketchup .”

“Argh,” you seethed, stomping after him with a furious pout. Despite throwing out a pun at the absolute worst time, you smiled if only faintly.

It wasn’t long when you passed a few more stations, one of which you were told was of Papyrus’ making. Perhaps it was once well built, but now it was crumbled onto the ground and barely visible under the snow. Not only that, but you managed to walk without trouble through some of his notorious puzzles. As you studied the nearly snow concealed puzzles and stations, you began to wonder how magic seemed to still thrive in the Underground. Sans did tell you there might be a few monsters around where were they?

“Sans? Has the weather always been like this?”

You weren’t granted an answer, and after several more moments of silence you dared to look up. The skeleton was gone. It didn’t help that you couldn’t see more than a foot in front of yourself either. The prickling wind whistled in your ears and you held onto your hood for dear life.

“Sans?” you called out, looking in every direction you were able to without losing track of where you were.

You shoved a hand in your pocket to pull out your phone, trying your best to keep the snow from sticking to the screen as you sent a hasty message.


Sans where are you?

-Please answer

Your phone remained still in your hand, which left you the only option to move forward. The cold was starting to nip at your legs, leaving them numb and riddled with goosebumps. You held your phone to your chest as you pushed on. Sans sudden absence was starting to worry you. He’d realize you were gone right? Even though your legs felt like jelly beneath you, you slid your boots through the snow until you reached a long bridge made up of chipped wood and ice riddled rope. It was intimidating, but you were determined to cross it. Just as you took your first hesitant step onto it, a crackling white noise rumbled in your ears violently. Your body crumbled immediately, your legs kicking you away from the bridge and into a small pile of snow.

Unbearable pain accompanied the static, and you dropped your phone into the snow so your could bring your hands to cup either side of your head. It almost felt like someone was talking to you, but their voice was choppy and nearly impossible to understand. Among it were whispers you could barely make out. You felt like screaming into the snowstorm, until bony hands cupped your flushed cheeks and forced you to look up. Sans was staring down at you with a frown that looked misplaced on his face.

“S-Sans,” you sobbed, moving your hands to cover his own. “I...I don’t know what’s happening! They keep talking in my head, but-””

“Hey,” he said sternly, pressing his forehead against your own. “Snowdin is just across this bridge alright? You’re gonna be fine...I won’t let anything happen to ya.”

You sniffled. “Where...where did you go?”

Sans sighed. “I wanted to make sure Snowdin was safe before bringing you there. I told ya I was gonna check it out.”

“Oh,” you mumbled. “I guess I didn’t hear you.”

“Let’s get outta here,” he cooed softly, his arms guiding you to your feet.

Something different about him caught your eye. “Where’s my bag?”

He raised a brow bone. “Wha-oh,’s at my place. Well...old place.”

You nodded, allowing the monster to cautiously lead you over the bridge. Patches of ice seeped from a few of the wooden planks, and you were relieved when you didn’t slip over any of them. Since Sans had returned to you, the harsh and icy winds had eased up a bit. He was whispering encouraging words to you as you walked along, relaxing your nerves a great deal. You kept your sight ahead of you until a fluttering banner came into view, a few lights flickering in the snow beside it. The words on it were faded and the sign itself was battered and torn, but you could make out the visible blue and red lettering.

Welcome to Snowdin.