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Cerulean Rain

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The walk back to the skeleton home was quiet, but it was peaceful and comforting to be walking hand in hand with Sans. Since leaving the Mt. Ebott clearing he seemed, he was over thinking on something. When you noticed him look off you gently squeezed his hand, to which he’d turn to you with a big smile. Silence soon followed again until you actually entered the skeleton brother’s house, where Papyrus was waiting in the kitchen with three plates already set on the table.

You released Sans hand to sit down next to the tall monster. “Hey, Papyrus.”

He grinned down at you, already raising a fork to his mouth. “Hello human! I’m glad you’re staying for dinner!”

A small smile made it’s way on your face and you parted your lips to speak, but Sans was already talking.

“I was thinkin’ Paps, how’d you like for her to stay the night? Like a sleepover?” he asked, though he was looking at you as opposed to his brother, a questioning look on his face.

You nodded, deciding to dig into the surprisingly edible and glitterless noodles as Papyrus thought over his brother’s question. There was already an inkling in your mind that’d he say yes, but he was polite enough to glance over at you and back to his brother before nodding excitedly.

“That would be nice!” Papyrus finally declared, standing from the table with an empty plate. “I shall clean my dish and prepare for a night of movies!”

You and Sans quietly watched as the lanky skeleton cleaned with plate before quickly jogging into the living room. There wasn’t a doubt in your mind that he was setting up a Mettaton marathon for you all to watch, but when you turned to Sans you noticed his plate was still very much full of spaghetti.

“Not hungry?” You asked, waving your fork vaguely at his plate.

He said nothing, standing to his feet to grab his plate as well as your empty one. His silence was odd, leaving you to stand up yourself and lean against the counter by the sink to watch him pack up his uneaten spaghetti and clean your sauce splattered plate. You raised a brow and thought of something to say before he turned to you with a sadistic smile that sent chills up your spine.

“I just prefer to eat out ,” he stated simply, releasing your plate into the sink and turning away to head into the living room.

It took you a solid minute to work out his words through your head, and once you did you nearly shouted at him with your flushed face although you opted to pout and follow after him. The pillows and blanket Sans had set out for you the night before were still splayed on the couch, but the towel that he threw on the arm of the chair was gone...most likely the work of Papyrus. The taller skeleton was happily sitting on the couch farthest to the left and Sans sat on the other side. You took the opportunity to sit between them as a Mettaton special played on the tv. Usually you’d be happy to sit with the brother’s, but now? You were on the verge of of irritation with a faint soreness between your thighs. Naturally, Sans had rested his arm over your shoulders without the overall notice of Papyrus, which got you thinking of something other than Sans. When were going to tell Papyrus about this...relationship? He deserved to know considering you were with his brother . The monster was sweet and would surely understand, maybe he would even be thrilled. That reminded you, you still had to inform Undyne about the news. Your phone was probably upstairs somewhere so maybe you’d tell her after the movie marathon if she was still even awake. It was probably 10pm by now…

“Somethin’ on your mind, Blue?”

You spared a glance to Sans and narrowed your eyes. “If anything, I’m trying to get things off my mind thank you very much.”

He chuckled faintly, averting his eyes over to Papyrus for a moment. “My bro over there is gonna be sleepy soon, wanna watch a movie after I put him to bed?”

Your brows furrowed for a moment. “Put him to bed?”

Sans rubbed at the back of his skull. “Yeah...Paps always likes a bedtime story and all that.” He looked to you as if you’d disapprove and it melted your heart.

You leaned closer to him, brushing your arm against his. “Well, only the greatest of the greats need bedtime stories and Papyrus is The Great Papyrus.”

The skeletons posture lightened slightly. “Right...he is pretty cool huh?”

“The coolest,” you confirmed, looking over to said skeleton as he dozed off like a kid desperately trying to stay awake.

Sans shifted as he got up from the couch to stand before Papyrus and quietly grab his arm. The tall skeleton said nothing and stood, only to be carefully led up the stairs. Once the pair reached Papyrus’ door, Sans looked down to you with a soft smile and held up a single bony finger before disappearing into the room. You sat quietly, twiddling your thumbs in front of you before deciding to pull the blanket over your lap. Sans innuendo in the kitchen still had you bothered, and you couldn’t even tell if he was being serious or if it was just a joke. Muffled voices were heard from upstair and you watched Papyrus’ door until Sans finally emerged with a lopsided grin that had you only a little worried. Your eyes narrowed suspiciously when he simply fell onto the couch beside you. After an agonizing several minutes he looked at you.

“You look frustrated about something.”

You huffed. “I’m not.’re cruel.”

He laughed. “What did I do?”

“In the kitchen! Don’t tell me there wasn’t another meaning to it,” you said hotly, cheeks blazing and body stiff.

Sans only shrugged, scooting closer to you until he began to lay down and rest his head on your lap with his eyes closed. “I don’t remember.”

“Sans...” you ground out, poking his forehead. “I...ugh.”

He smirked. “Sorry, but I don’t remember sayin’ anything lewd in the kitchen.”

A deep sigh left your lips. “Sans…”

The skeleton opened an eye to witness your desperately flushed face and shuddered. “Heh. Try joggin’ my memory.”

An idea sprung forth, and you found yourself standing with your thumbs hooked in your leggings waistband. Sans only watched while you began to slide them down your legs, only pausing to glance up at Papyrus’ closed door. Your hands were shaking, but you were determined and allowed the dark fabric to pool at your feet. Without a word you lounged onto the couch as Sans sat up with his body turned to you, your legs draped on either side of him.

“Remember anything?” you asked politely, wiggling closer to him until your thighs pressed into his hips.

His grin faltered. “Can’t say I do.”

You shrugged. “Huh, that’s too bad. Nevermind then.”

Your body hadn’t even moved an inch away from him until Sans grabbed your legs. “Wait…”

There was nothing you could think to say, so you carefully watched as Sans situated himself into a comfortable position on the couch, your legs resting on his shoulders and his face only a few inches away from the ache that had been throbbing since the kitchen. Your breath hitched when you felt a single skeletal finger slide over the dampness staining your panties. Each touch was experimental and soft, but there was a small voice in your head telling you he was being agonizingly slow on purpose.

“S-Sans...hurry up,” you mumbled, your body squirming uncomfortably.

He paused to look up at you but not a single word left his mouth. You opened your mouth to say something only for it to come out as a broken moan when Sans tongue slid from behind his teeth and over the wet material of your panties. The soft appendage felt warm and sent riveting chills to your core as he licked. You were panting under him, desperately trying not to push yourself into his face. Suddenly it all stopped and you whined at the loss of him.

“Ya know, I'm not sure what to do about these,” he said softly, his fingers brushing over the fabric concealing your folds.

Your face felt hot. “Just...get rid of them...please.” you let out, your hands reaching down to tug at your panties.

Sans nodded, hooking a single finger inside them and pulling them down extremely slow. He was definitely doing it on purpose...and so you mustered what will you could to just patiently wait. You sighed in relief when you felt the cool air finally touch your skin, only to be replaced with a slimy lick that coated your dripping lips in a thin film. A shudder flowed through your body at the contact, your breaths coming in short pants. With each lick against your pussy you felt a constant coiling in your abdomen that tightened. Sans bony fingers dug into your thighs then, his teeth gently grazing your clit as he worked. You bit your lip to conceal any noise you made though as soon as you did you noticed the skeleton paused to stare up at you from between your legs, his cheekbones flushed and sweat accumulating on the side of his skull.

“Don’t do that,” he muttered, his voice husky and eyes heavy. “I wanna hear every noise you make.”

You hesitantly nodded, releasing your lip from your teeth. He hummed against your skin before continuing, one of his hands releasing your leg to dip a single bony finger between the slickness of your throbbing folds. Soft mewls of delight fell from your lips as he began to slide the finger in and out of you at a steady pace, the tip of his tongue paying special attention to the small nub that was your clit. You watched in awe as he carefully mapped out what made you squirm and writhe with pleasure, making you gasp when he slid in another finger. His pace was absolute torture.

“Sans.. please…” you desperately trailed off, your nails digging into the couch.

He pulled his face away from you and halted his fingers. “Something wrong?” A sly smile graced his slight glistening teeth.

The sight itself made you groan. “Please go faster.”

It looked as though he was pondering your request, and just when you thought he'd stop completely his fingers began to move again so swiftly that your head felt fuzzy with desire. You couldn’t process anything besides the feel of Sans phalanges pumping in and out of you, his tongue replaced with his thumb pressing into your clit. Everything felt so sensitive and just the fact that he was watching you intently had you coming undone against his hand, your throat raw as you continuously rambled his name. Your body was limp as he slid his fingers out of you, and you watched with reddened cheeks as he brought his fingers to his face. In one smooth motion he licked them clean while keeping eye contact with you.

You could text Undyne tomorrow.