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Cerulean Rain

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Your body felt stiff as he looked down at you, his eyes flickering slightly as he seemingly examined your face for something. It felt like hours went by until you felt yourself stand up awkwardly, your gaze level with his. Had you not been wearing the short heels of your boots he might’ve been a few inches taller than you, but you still had to tilt your head up just an inch to look into his eyes sockets.

“I-I uh…” you trailed off, your cheeks reddening.

His smile widened and he held out a skeletal hand to you. “I’m Sans. Sans the skeleton.”

His voice was a deep baritone that sounded nothing like Papyrus. It almost gave you chills listening to it, but in a good way. Never had you heard a voice like that, which made you all the more desperate to hear him talk more. Although now that you were talking, you’d have to avoid calling him in the future because even he would recognize you. Suddenly you blinked, noticing that Sans was still holding his hand out for you to shake.

You took it, refraining from having to introduce yourself. “Nice to meet you.”

Sans hesitantly pulled his hand from your own as Papyrus’ shadow towered behind you. “It’s about time, lazy bones! This is my new friend!” he explained, large gloved hands resting on your shoulders. “She’s great!”

Sans chuckled. “Heh. Yeah she seems real cool.” He looked to you for a brief moment before turning on his heel. “C’mon, let’s let my bro finish his awesome cooking huh?”

Papyrus perked up at that, gently pushing you toward his shorter brother. “Oh! That’s right! I’ll be done momentarily!”

You allowed the tall skeleton to push you into the living room and follow behind Sans, whose hands were in his pockets as he dropped onto the beanbag chair you occupied only minutes ago it seemed. With a huff you dropped into the one beside him, and when you turned to look at him he was already staring at you. Both of you held your gaze until he turned his head down to a phone in his hand. You thought you saw his smile falter when no notifications were on the screen. Oh.

“Waiting for something?” You asked, hiding a small smirk by resting your cheek on your hand.

Sans kept his eyes forward. “Just a message.”

You raised a ‘curious’ brow. “Girlfriend?”

He laughed at that, low and almost humorless. “Somethin’ like that.”

Your smile widened faintly. “What’s her name?” you asked innocently enough, leaning forward to look at him.

Sans allowed the faint dots in his eyes to look at you despite his head facing the tv. “Blue.”


You leaned back into the beanbag chair with a barely concealed sigh and only a small frown. Undyne was looking at you when you glanced over to the couch, her shoulders in a shrug and usually toothy grin slanted into an awkward frown. After a few minutes, Papyrus sauntered into the room carrying a few plates that he passed around to everyone with surprising grace and silence as to not disturb the show. He grinned widely as everyone began to dig in, or more or less stare down at the sparkling plates with their mouths open. Before Papyrus sat down he turned off the light and took his seat beside Undyne and Alphys, his figure hiding them both from view. The hairs on the back of your neck began to stand on end as you realized you were basically alone with Sans as everyone was immersed in the tv besides you and him.

“Ya know…” Sans began, his eyes and face dark save for the tv’s lights dancing over the side of his skull. “Her name isn’t actually Blue, it’s a nickname.”

Your brows furrowed, unable to read his expression. “Why call her Blue?”

“No particular reason,” he answered simply. “Nice shirt by the way.”

“Hu-Oh!- Yeah, I figured it would um...look nice,” you muttered weakly, sinking deeper into the beanbag chair. And here you thought you’d have the upperhand.

You sat in silence before standing from your plush chair and glancing down to Sans. “Where’s your bathroom?”

“Upstairs. It's all the way to the left,” he explained casually.

With a small smile you nodded and thanked him as you headed upstairs, rushing past the tv as you did so. Undyne gave you small thumbs up when you reached the top of the stairs and all but disappeared from view. As you entered the bathroom you almost began to wonder what exactly a skeleton would need a bathroom for, but it quickly slipped your mind when you pulled out your phone.

Sans 7:17pm

guess that’s true

The message itself was from nearly an hour ago and you felt a little bad. You were hoping you wouldn’t be sitting next to him so you could text back yet you just wanted to be near him. So far he seemed to be almost too casual with you, like he’s known you for the longest time. Technically he has but still, he couldn’t possibly know after only exchanging a few words. You sighed shakily as you gripped either side of the sink and looked in the mirror. You could do this. You nearly splashed water over your face until you realized that doing so would surely smear your lipstick. You huffed and decided to stall some time.


If I didn't know any better I'd say you were a lil mad about yesterday ;)


Sans 8:24pm

not mad

-sexually frustrated

Your cheeks flushed at the message. Great, how were you supposed to talk to him now? You patted your cheeks and with a sharp breath left the bathroom. The whole way downstairs you were breathing heavily until you returned to your spot next to Sans. He was watching you from the corner of his eye.

"Are you alright, kiddo?"

Automatically you nodded quickly, refusing to look him in the eye. "Y-Yeah, I'm fine."

He hummed quietly, just as a doorbell rang through the house to which Sans stood, followed with everyone and yourself looking at him curiously. “It’s just pizza.” The others nodded and turned back to their show, though Sans was looking down at you with his hand held out. “Wanna help me bring it all in the kitchen?”

At first you were a little hesitant, but slid your hand into his as he helped you stand and walk toward the door. You leaned against the frame as Sans talked to monster holding at least six boxes in his hands. They both laughed as you watched the monster hand a few boxes to Sans, who gave them to you before grabbing the rest and saying goodbye. You trudged into the kitchen behind him, setting the boxes on the table.

“Why’d you get so many?” You asked as Sans set his boxes next to yours.

“Just cause.”

You frowned and opened the top box from your pile to find a regular cheese pizza staring back at you, and then peaked at the top box on his to find the same.  “Don’t tell me they’re all cheese.”

Sans was grinning at you as he shrugged. You groaned and walked over to random cabinets and opened them. You knew where they kept their plates but figured it wouldn’t hurt to seem like you didn’t know. As you leaned up to grab a few plates, you noticed Sans from the corner of your eye staring at you. His eye sockets were narrowed.

Carefully, you put the plates on the counter under the cabinets. “What’s wrong?”

He blinked, eyes no longer narrowed. “Nothing.”

You were about to nod, but words seemed to tumble out of your mouth without a second thought. “I see right through you. Literally.”

Laughter filled the kitchen before Sans covered his mouth. ‘That was a good one, kiddo,” he said from behind his hand, however when his laughter died down he had pulled his phone in front of him, looking at you as he typed a message and hit send.

For a moment you just watched with a raised brow until you felt your phone vibrating in your pocket, the noise loud enough to fill the kitchen. All color drained from your face when you saw Sans smirking at you from where he stood beside the table.

“Now, are we done messin’ around?”

Your throat felt dry and your voice came out in a raspy whisper. “H-How did you…” you trailed off, cheeks flushed from embarrassment.

Sans smirk softened into his permanent grin, nervously shuffling from one foot to the other. “If ya think putting on lipstick is gonna make me forget a mouth like yours you got another thing comin’ kid.”

You laughed. “It has its uses.”

He squinted at you for a brief minute until you began to walk towards him. Your skin was on fire as you lifted your hands to either side of his face. In the past minute of closing in on him you built up your confidence something severe, mostly because you didn't want to just shy away from him...especially after last night. A deep breathe left you as you lifted your face to his forehead and pressed your lips onto his skull. His cheekbones flushed and he was chuckling beneath you, but when you pulled yourself away you couldn’t suppress your laughter.

Sans looked at you with a raised brow bone. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh haha...nothing!” You said sweetly, turning your back to him and gathering the plates as well as a piece of pizza for each. With a soft smile you handed Sans two of the five plates you held. “Let’s go, we don’t want to keep everyone waiting.”

He nodded and followed you into the living room where everyone smiled at the plates you brought though Undyne grinned as you and Sans sat down. As you ate Sans would glance at you suspiciously before biting at his slice of pizza. For awhile it was relatively quiet though in the middle of eating Undyne leaned forward and pointed a finger at the Sans face.

"Hey, punk. What’s on your forehead?”