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My Brother's Bitch

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"Do you still want a woman?" Raoh asked out of the blue, one night. Well, it wasn't completely out of the blue; the two of them were spooning one another after another round of intimacy and judging by the tenseness between his shoulder blades, Toki had yet to drift to sleep.

Despite this, Toki was slow to reply, turning his brother's words over in his head. Did he still want to sleep with a woman? He couldn't deny his attraction to Lady Yuria still, but he highly doubted Raoh meant her. No, one of the female servants of the dojo would be far more likely; he had seen the looks some of them casted towards the heir apparent. He tried his best to conjure up any one of them but was given a hazy image at best. Soft skin, callous-free hands, smooth hair, and a pliant demeanor, if they were anything like the other boys had said.

But Raoh had no patience for the ploughshare of self-examination. The arm he had thrown over Toki's side trailed lower, past his chest and stomach and pubic hairs and skirted his sated member.

"A painted whore," Raoh enunciated, words wet against Toki's ear, "With a hole tighter than you can imagine. You can even mount her like the dogs do, spill your seed on something other than sheets." It was the way Raoh said the words: his husky voice in the middle of the night would render their practical scrolls erotic. Toki felt his cock twitch; heard Raoh chuckle and palm his balls; and he thought of himself, for the first time, with a woman.

As Raoh was languidly stroking him, a thought occurred. He voiced it, albeit incoherently. His brother gave a grunt, though he did not cease his ministrations, and Toki needed to bite down on the inside of his cheek to concentrate.

"Will you..." he tried again, though he interrupted himself to moan, " there?"

Raoh paused momentarily, and Toki wondered if the request had not occurred to the other. But then he redoubled his pace and brought Toki to orgasm for the second time that night.

The post-coital exhaustion which he had been distracted from returned full-force and Toki couldn't recall (or rather, couldn't make out) whether his older brother had answered his question. Either way, when they got up the next morning and prepared to wash and dress, neither of them brought it up. It was how their nightly activities always were and Toki presumed the other boys (some of which had reached this stage of manhood before him, despite being younger than him) did the same. It was as their master always said: personal affairs are to be shared in private.

Furthermore, it wasn't as if their days were empty. No, far from it -- although they were no longer made to spar with their lessers (save for Kenshiro and Jagi, but only when Raoh was feeling kind and Ryuuken was up to mend bone), they were still made to spar against each other as well as help the junior dojo members in their day-to-day chores. Raoh was in charge of the crops while Toki was in charge of the sickbay and so, outside of their spars, they really saw very little of one another in the middle years of their adolescence.

Despite the sickbay having very few patients (what with Raoh and himself removed from the regular roster), there was still an immense amount of cataloguing to be done. Toki was suitably reassured then, what with the state of the dojo fields and the imminence of the harvest, and worked knowing his brother had more on his plate.

Which was why he was caught off-guard in discovering that Raoh not only delegated away the majority of his responsibility, but that he somehow had the time and the means to not only lure a girl away, but a girl who was, by all means, supposed to be working right underneath Toki's nose!

Sara was Doctor Ramos' eldest daughter and she was one of the girls who often worked with Toki in the sickbay. She was three years older than Raoh (although Toki had already surpassed her in height) and she looked very out of place in their shared bedroom with her hands clasped and her eyes closed.

"Sara-san?" Toki asked, looking from the girl to his brother.

Sara opened her eyes, looked at him, and blushed.

"Toki-san," she murmured, "I'm sorry for the intrusion, but your brother, he..." she trailed off, unwilling to say more, and Toki found himself thinking how small and frail she seemed, sitting three steps away from Raoh.

"Go on," Raoh prompted, uncrossing his arms to motion at Toki, "Have at you."

Toki took a deep breath, closing the door and striding through the threshold. It was so odd, having so much space on the lower mattress, and so strange to kiss another familiar face. He didn't know then, though Raoh took great pleasure in teasing him after the fact, but Sara had apparently fancied him for years and simply hadn't worked up the nerve to talk with him outside of their shared duties. As it was, Sara was just as responsive as Raoh, and though her lips were smaller and softer and though Toki needed to use more care when removing her garments, he was surprised to find that her hands -- when running down his sides -- still had the same number of callouses as his own. He took her wrist then and kissed the palm, and because the gesture made her giggle, he did it with the other hand.

Although Raoh had said he could take her from behind, Toki found he wanted nothing more than to see her reaction -- and to have her see his. Like Raoh, Sara was enthusiastic about touching him, petting and groping and pinching and not at all bothered by the various bruises, scars, and lovebites scattered across his body. Toki, on the other hand, didn't know what exactly to do. He fondled her breasts for a bit, because she placed his hands atop them, but she didn't seem to like having her nipples pinched and tugged as Raoh always did to him.

"Toki-san," Sara repeated, cheeks a fetching red. "Toki-san, down there, if you please." She rested her back against the mattress and parted her thighs, pointing at the apex of her legs. Toki obediently moved his hands, only to be stopped by Raoh.

"She wants your mouth there," his brother drawled. If he weren't lazily stroking his own unsheathed member, he might have rolled his eyes.

"My mouth?" Toki repeated, at a pitch which might have been a squeak.

Sara flushed even redder.

"No," she quickly said, "It doesn't have to be your mouth, your hands -- your fingers -- Oh,!"

"That's good," Toki could hear his older brother saying, "Now trace the names of the fists with your tongue."

Needless to say, Toki felt more than a little ridiculous, sloppily writing the strokes against Sara's cunt with nothing but the spit on his tongue. Girls got wet down there when they were aroused, he knew, and judging by Sara's moans and how her thighs were now clamped against his head, she was plenty aroused.

Right as Sara was about to climax, Raoh reached out and yanked on his brother's hair.

"Stop," he commanded.

"Wh-what? Why!" Toki demanded. His lust-lidded eyes swerved from one partner to the next; Sara wore a similar expression while Raoh simply looked amused.

"Because," his older brother drawled, "Now you put it in her." He released his hold on Toki's hair and leaned back against his own seat.

Toki tried to get his breathing under control, looking to his partner for advice. Her face was still flushed and her lips were parted in a small gasp. He could see her tongue poking out at points and her breasts seemed to have swollen after he had mouthed against her there. Still, she made eye contact and nodded so he leaned forward and kissed her as Raoh would kiss him after they were both ready. He shifted himself up so that his legs were aligned with hers and hastily pulled down his own pants. Then he wrapped his fingers about his own erection and attempted to line it up as Raoh had done.

In truth, it took a couple tries; he fumbled and he was unaware of how low girls' entrances were. But he squeezed himself in and the two of them gave the same sigh of pleasure at the meeting of flesh.

If it were him and Raoh, he would be moaning and whimpering with the pleasure of being filled. Raoh might've had to touch his dick a bit if Toki had been milked dry but for the most part, Raoh could move his hips and Toki would eventually match his rhythm. At this point, there would be no coherent conversation until the end of the act, maybe the grunt of a name or two, but nothing resembling a whole sentence.

With Sara, however, he sees her as Raoh must see everyone: someone smaller and weaker, someone who needed to be accommodated and reassured. So Toki pulls at her hair and kisses her face and tells her three very damning words.

The reaction is instantaneous: Sara climaxes, kicking her legs in so that the heels of her feet pressed against Toki's backside. The tightening of her inner walls led Toki to experience a white-out delightfully-numbing orgasm of his own. Perhaps it was the idea of doing it with a girl, perhaps it was, as Raoh said, the feeling of his seed spilling against something other than sheets, but for whatever reason, the orgasm, despite being his first for the evening, left him strangely drained.

Raoh was not in a lenient mood however; the unexpected declaration from Toki had left him on the brink of climax. He scowled and, with his usual amount of finesse, strode over to the bed and, while ignoring both participants' complaints, lifted his younger brother out and off of the doctor's daughter.

"What are you..." Toki tried, only for Raoh to bring him back to the other seat, practically draping him across his lap.

"Girl," Raoh said, ignoring Toki's weak protests, "Come here."

Not for the first time, Sara wondered what she had gotten into. It seemed too good to be true, the successor-to-be personally inviting her over to the brothers' shared bedroom in hopes of an illicit encounter? She swallowed and sat up, wondering if there was any point in the façade of presentability. There was none, she decided, for Raoh was the sort who wouldn't spare a person over matters of propriety. So she came forward, entirely naked and with Toki's semen still dripping between her thighs, and watched in disbelief as Raoh inserted his fingers into his brother's backside. He took pleasure in watching her horrified reaction -- she knew men often enjoyed the act, but to see it in the flesh was a different matter entirely. More than Raoh, however, there was Toki, whose wanton expression was proof positive that this was not the first time he had been violated in such a manner.

She wanted to avert her eyes, but between the two brothers, there was no chance.

And then --

And then Raoh beckoned for her to come near.

"Sit down," he commanded.

Sara immediately dropped to the floor.

"Not there," he scowled, and then gestured to Toki's cock, "Here."

Only Raoh would be able to take the weight of two persons and only Toki would consent to being squeezed and filled in the same moment. More than sensation of fullness however, it was the weight of their sin -- to bed both brothers, and on the same night! -- that caused Sara to kiss at Toki's open mouth, moaning appreciatively as Raoh groped at her naked flesh. They must have been a mess and it was impossible to know who finished first. Raoh kept going even after he was done and by the time Sara came to her senses, she realized Toki was still buried deep within her and that both of them were being rocked by Raoh.

It was bizarrely titillating, she thought, to see the boy she had loved for so long with such a dazed (well-fucked) expression on his face. Even if it weren't entirely her doing, she felt somewhat responsible, and so, leaned forward to kiss him.

Toki's tongue lolled and he gave another whine of pleasure as Raoh drove into him a final time.

Sara climbed off and the two of them helped Toki back into bed. Raoh regarded her with something like envy, and she tried her best to see him as the successor to the Hokuto school rather than Toki's older brother. Towering over her in the candlelight, he leaned down and pressed a chaste kiss to her cheek.

"You suit him well," he grumbled, and it was all the approval she needed.