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You Were Always By My Side, No Matter What

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(Riley's Point of View)

This was finally happening...I'm finally getting to meet the two men that saved my life. How do I react? What do I say? I'm the last one in line, so do I get more time with them? I can hear Jack's loud and amazing Irish accent and voice back here and I smile.
'Don't be scared...they'll love you. I hope..' I thought as the line moved on, me moving with it. I had nothing but a notebook and a rainbow pen that I made myself. I was excited and nervous all in one bundle, and all I could hear was Mark and Jack's intros playing in my head and that calmed me down.

It's time to wait to meet my heroes.


(Author's Note: I'm so sorry this is so short, I'm blank on ideas...thank you for reading though and I hope you come to enjoy the story!)