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I Will Bite

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Eren's POV

"Come on ass hole your late!" Yep that's the first thing I hear as I walk through the gates. As Sasha drags me into Titan High I look up at the entrance. My second year at this dump. Sasha is running down the hall to homeroom her hand digging sharp finger nails into my skin making me hiss in pain. We finally get to homeroom when she lets go of my wrist.
"We made it in time looks like he isn't here yet!" She beams at me.
"Wait? He? But we have Mrs Krunchin?" I state and she smile's at me.
"No she left last term. We now have a new teacher and apparently he's hot" She starts nudging my side with her elbow. I grab the body part jabbing my side before saying, "I'm not gay!" and walking to my seat at the back. I am gay of course but no one knows why should they? It's not like any guys in this dump would actually be considered attractive. That's when the door slammed open and silence fell like fresh snow on the now cold and harsh room. Then large feet walked into the room and stood strong in front of the desk. I travel my eyes up his muscular legs, over his toned chest to find stern eyes and jet black hair.
"I am Levi! Your new homeroom and English teacher" He stated staring around the room. His eyes met mine and locked on not breaking the eye contact he continued his introduction. "You will obey me, If you don't, I will bite." A shiver runs down my spine and I release the breath I didn't know I was holding. Okay I didn't find anyone in this dump hot but now he's here. I watch as he smirks and tears his eyes away from mine.
"Now I don't have time to do a proper lesson today so we will go round and you will introduce yourselves to me." He stated. "Jean, Let's start with you."
Jean stood up from his seat next to Marco and began his introduction. I didn't give a shit. I started to day dream about the hot new teacher in front of me. Pinning me down, Pushing his dick in and out of me so I'm a moaning mess afterwards. Him dominating me, making me call him daddy and begging to cum and just before he lets me he...
"What's the shit brains name?" I hear faintly "Eren sir"
"Eren!" I hear Levi shout snapping me from my beautiful daydream. I Jump in my seat and become aware of my aching boner in my jeans.
"Yes sir?" I manage to say trying to hide my embarrassment. Levi starts to smirk again.
"It's time for you to introduce yourself to me. Also because you were daydreaming you will be punished after the lesson. Now stand up and tell me a bit about you." Stand up!? I can't stand up with a boner can I? I don't wanna be known as Boner brains forever! I stand up using my hands to discretely cover the bulge in my jeans.
"My name is Eren. I am 18 and everyone already knows me." I say quickly sitting down.
"Now, Now Eren that wasn't very much information now was it. Answer some questions for me."
"What subjects do you take?"
"English literature, Science and Cooking" I answer wishing this interrogation would end.
"Do you always need to be punished?" Levi said suggestively making my dick stir.
"Not normally Sir" He walks close to me and only then do I realize it's the end of class and it's just me and him in the room.
"Okay, Last one, are you afraid of me?" I start saying no but then I realize his eyes turning red and black ram like horns appearing from his head. I jump out of my seat and run to the back of the room. Levi follows me like a predictor stalking it's prey and pins me up against the wall, lifting his knee up to rub my dick. He leans in and breaths on my neck.
"Answer the question, Are you afraid?"
"Should I be?" I reply and can practically feel Levi smirking against my neck.