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Usage: You do not need to ask my permission to create any recursive, derivative, and/or transformative works based on my fanworks. This includes, but is in no way limited to, a remix, remaster, podfic, filk, translation, art, game, cover, cover edit, icon, banner, background, script, transcript, free talk, meta, mix/playlist/mixtape, secondary work/sequel etc. Also note the following Further Transformation of/for Podfic Policy for further podfic-specific notes, Archiving / Distribution Policy for a note about fanbinding, and Warnings, Ratings, Accessibility/Formatting and Tags Policy for a note about tagging/updating tagging.

Limitations: This policy does not cover portions of my fanworks that are licensed separately (such as, but not limited to, sound effects, music, images, etc.). These items are indicated separately on the works in which they appear, with links or notes regarding their usage. This policy also does not extend to fanworks from which my fanworks are transformed/derived. If you would like to create a transformative/derivative/recursive fanwork of one of my fanworks that is itself a collaboration or a transformative/derivative/recursive fanwork of someone else's fanwork, please also seek permission/check the blanket statement of the other creator(s).

Attribution: If you are posting on any public platform, you must include a link to my work as posted on Ao3. Additionally, I request that you (also) post your recursive/derivative/transformative work on Ao3 and mark it as being officially related to the work of mine from which it is derived. (You can find instructions on how to do so in the Ao3 posting tutorial.) I will always accept the related works association requests (see my list of related works). If you cannot post to Ao3, please contact me with the link to your publicly-posted work. I will create an Ao3 external bookmark of your recursive/derivative/transformative work and link to it from mine.

While completely optional, I welcome hearing about the recursive/derivative/transformative work from you.

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While I post my fanworks under various different pseuds of the main bluedreaming account, I'm happy to be credited as simply bluedreaming. This is pronounced like a compound word: blue + dreaming.

Please keep the podfic to publicly-accessible and non-monetized spaces, and preferably fannish or fannish-friendly spaces if the host is searchable (i.e. please don’t distribute to podcast services like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.)1 and please provide download links for accessibility. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

You do not need to ask my permission to adapt my fanwork to better express it in podfic form. (I don’t consider a simple SPAG-type edit to be an adaptation; use your discretion as to whether that’s an adaptation or not.) This encompasses anything from intentionally changing phrasing or words for better mouth-feel, to omitting sections of a work if you just don’t feel like reading them for length or content (sexual or violent etc.) reasons, to a paraphrase experiment or audio drama/script-type adaptation. In summary, get as creative as you like! If you’ve adapted the work, you must clarify this in your notes both on the recording as well as any header/post text that accompanies it.

An example could be:

TITLE written by bluedreaming, with alternations (or adaptation/contributions/transformations/etc.) by your-name

Please also see my Warnings, Ratings, Accessibility/Formatting and Tags Policy for notes about changing/adding tags. (In summary, please do!)

If you would like to podfic a fanwork that I have already podficced, please do so! (However, please do seek the creator's permission or make sure they have a blanket statement/transformative works policy).

If you’d like to edit my podfics for a better listening experience, I’d love it if you shared the edited file with me so I can update the post (crediting your production). Some of my earliest podfics (or even recent ones where I may not have had as much editing time as I would have liked) are on the rustic side!

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It's always okay to follow/friend me on any of my provided social media accounts (see my website) and any applicable redirects. I'm not able to follow/friend everyone back due to time constraints and other realities of life—in fact, I'm only beginning to emerge from a long hiatus from many events and platforms due health and other issues. Therefore, if I've followed/friended you, I absolutely don't expect you to do the same unless you would like to do so.

If there comes a time when you'd prefer not to be following me anymore, that's perfectly okay. However, you're always welcome to stop by and say hi on any of my social media platforms. I may not be able to answer all messages right away and it's always possible that I might, unfortunately, miss some, usually due to issues with lost notifications, but I do enjoy connecting with others.

If you’re ever concerned about something in my fannish interactions, such as use of vocabulary or slang, please let me know. I welcome and deeply appreciate this type of feedback via private communication.

Hello in advance!

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I do not extend any permission for my fanworks to be archived on any site other than where I have archived them at,,, or, or, in the case of images, (posted by me) or This includes having them printed/housed by any platform used for commercial printing/distributing where their terms of service reference copyright.2

You may download, save, and/or print fanworks for your own personal, non-commercial use, but you may not redistribute the files. If you can't find a particular fanwork of mine, please contact me and I will be happy to provide it for you. Please also let me know if you encounter any broken links.

I 100% support fannish bookbinding3 and give blanket permission to fanbinders to use any of my fanworks in any way they would like (just please credit me for my work as noted in my Transformative Works Policy).

Fannish Archivists: Please archive my fanworks however you would like, and see my note below about making them publicly available.

Fannish Domain Caveat: If I have not been active on Ao3 or other fannish platforms for five years, my transformative works policy is definitive and my works can be re-archived/distributed in fannish spaces (but must be credited to me) (i.e. they are in the “fannish domain” as a counterpart, but not the same thing as, the public domain.) If you’re not sure, send me an email!

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Many of my older fanworks were imported to Ao3 by a friend, so I have not yet had the time to go back and review all tags, warnings and ratings. If you have any concerns about reading a particular fanwork and would like clarification before reading, please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

For newer fanworks, I use all Archive Warnings as applicable and use the Archive rating system. I attempt to tag for warnings and will include additional warnings in the author notes. For fanfiction, I only use relationship tags if they involve the protagonist, and I only tag the POV character(s) as characters. For fanart, I only use relationship tags if they involve the depicted characters, and I only tag characters that are depicted. For podfic, I use the writer’s original tags but may add additional tags and/or notes if I deem it necessary.

If a fanwork of mine is difficult for you to access for whatever reason (formatting, volume, embedded images, broken links), please contact me and I’ll do my best to fix the issue or improve the situation. I now include alt text for images and non-sfx/music versions for podfic, but did not do this for older works, so I welcome requests to edit specific works, including requests to use different metadata. While I can’t guarantee that I’ll always be able to address the problem, or be able to do so right away, I’ll certainly take it into consideration and very much appreciate the feedback.

If you're creating recursive/derivate/transformative works of my fanworks, please do change/adapt/add-to/subtract-from the tags to fit your fanwork. You do not need to ask my permission.

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I welcome reviews on any fannish platform. I would like to be notified about the review, if it’s public. (Publicly bookmarking the fanwork on Ao3 and linking to your review in the notes section is 100% sufficient!) This does not include Goodreads or other similar (non-fannish) sites. I know there’s some ambiguity about what constitutes a fannish space—if you’re not sure, I’m happy to answer any questions about what this means to me.

I prefer to receive mainly positive comments, but welcome typo, spelling, grammar, translation, definition, broken link, etc. alerts via private communication (email preferred). If you have concrit that you’d like to share, I’d also appreciate this via private communication. If you have a concern about one of my fanworks, be it tagging, warnings, formatting/accessibility, content or vocabulary, I appreciate this type of contact, and ask that you be in communication with me privately. Any response I make to this type of contact will be polite and considerate. While I may ultimately decide not to edit a particular story (primarily if it relates to the structure of the story, less so for tags/warnings/formatting etc. which I will almost always try to accommodate) I will certainly keep it in mind for future writing.

I enjoy and read all comments but I may not be able to respond due to time commitments and a backlog of older comments. However, any responses will be polite and considerate. I welcome comments in any language. I welcome both long and short comments, including emoji and keyboard smashes. I am equally happy to receive comments on older fanworks as newer fanworks. I will quietly delete comments that I consider to be derogatory. I will report abusive comments and will not engage. I allow anonymous comments.

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My fanworks are works of purely speculative fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either borrowed from canon (see next sentence), the work of my imagination, or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events, or locations is entirely coincidental. These fanworks are not intended to infringe on any legally existing copyrights by and of the companies and/or individuals involved in the production of any canon (book, film, show, etc.), as per the Organization for Transformative Works' assertions about the legality of transformative works as fair use (see FAQ, specifically the legal section). No profit is being made.

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