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Blanket Statement

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Usage: You do not need to ask my permission to create any recursive, derivative, and/or transformative works based on my fanworks. This includes, but is in no way limited to, a remix, remaster, podfic, filk, translation, art, game, cover, cover edit, icon, banner, background, script, transcript, free talk, meta, mix/playlist/mixtape, secondary work/sequel etc. Also note the following Further Transformation of/for Podfic Policy for further podfic-specific notes, Archiving / Distribution Policy for a note about fanbinding, and Warnings, Ratings, Accessibility/Formatting and Tags Policy for a note about tagging/updating tagging.

Limitations: This policy does not cover portions of my fanworks that are licensed separately (such as, but not limited to, sound effects, music, images, etc.). These items are indicated separately on the works in which they appear, with links or notes regarding their usage. This policy also does not extend to fanworks from which my fanworks are transformed/derived. If you would like to create a transformative/derivative/recursive fanwork of one of my fanworks that is itself a collaboration or a transformative/derivative/recursive fanwork of someone else's fanwork, please also seek permission/check the blanket statement of the other creator(s).

Attribution: If you are posting on any public platform, you must include a link to my work as posted on Ao3. Additionally, I request that you (also) post your recursive/derivative/transformative work on Ao3 and mark it as being officially related to the work of mine from which it is derived. (You can find instructions on how to do so in the Ao3 posting tutorial.) I will always accept the related works association requests (see my list of related works). If you cannot post to Ao3, please contact me with the link to your publicly-posted work. I will create an Ao3 external bookmark of your recursive/derivative/transformative work and link to it from mine.

While completely optional, I welcome hearing about the recursive/derivative/transformative work from you.