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Twelve Times a Blonde Lunatic Molested the Doctor... And One Time She Assaulted Him

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Contrary to popular belief, using a Dimension Cannon is not as easy as it sounds. Even after they had figured out how to latch onto the Doctor’s signature, there was still the issue of ending up at the right point in his timeline.

The first time she saw the Doctor, all plans flew out of her head and she attempted to snog him into his next regeneration.

He was a blonde man, younger than either of the Doctors she had known, wearing an ensemble that reminded her of the penguin scene in Mary Poppins.

Rose might not have recognized him if he hadn’t just stepped out of the TARDIS but seeing him for the first time in several years was enough to make her tear up and race towards him despite his different appearance. His eyes widened in alarm when he turned just in time to catch her in his arms but he responded quickly enough when she tugged his head down to her level. She snogged him until she was flushed and breathless and her mouth was sore.

She only came to her senses after he looked at her through glazed eyes and moaned. “Do that again.”

Immediately, she extricated herself from his embrace and used her Dimension Cannon to return to the parallel universe.

She didn’t put the encounter in her report.