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nya, nya, I know you luv me (us)

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Namjoon observes with amusement as his kitten plays with his new fluffy plushy, laying down in the thick carpet across the TV. "Hey, Jimin?"

The redhead seems to ignore him but then he lazily sits up and turns his way, pouty lips and eyebrow raised, "What?" he keeps hugging his toy.

"I need to leave for a few days, I told you last week remember?" he chuckles at the tiny whine that comes next, "I promise I'll bring you something real good" Jimin whines again, "So, I wanted to ask you, do you wanna stay here with someone or at the shelter?"

"Shelter!" Jimin scandalized stands, gripping his panda-bunny tighter, "You're dumping me?"

"Oh my God, Jimin. Of course not!" Namjoon quickly makes his way towards him, stretching his arms, "I just thought you would like it there since the are other hybrids you can play with"

Jimin gnaws on his pinky lower lip thinking, he takes the few remaining steps and lets the other pull him towards his chest, "I don't wanna stay alone if you're not here" he mumbles, lips brushing against Namjoon's neck.

"Of course baby, I'll take you there then"



Honestly, Jimin likes the shelter since it was his home for the few years he spent there before Namjoon took him, "Hello!" he waves enthusiastically as soon as he arrives, Daehyun greets him, already discussed details of his stay with Namjoon.

"Hi, Jiminie!" he takes his bag and waits for him and Namjoon to say bye. "Let's go to the playroom, you'll meet some guys I think you'll like"

Namjoon, sure that his baby will be safe and content takes his leave towards the station.




"Namjoon, my friend" Jaebum, one of his business partners, circles his arms around his shoulder once the meeting is over. Daegu's sky is particularly grey by noon, "You need to come with me"


"I want my own hybrid"

Namjoon sighs, whether he agrees or not, he knows Jaebum.


Jaebum drags him to three different places before finally deciding for one, yet it takes Namjoon one look to pick up his second hybrid. At least he stupidly thinks that just by pointing out he'll get it.

Apparently, is not that easy with this one.

The hybrid has blonde hair with traces of mint here and there being his ears the only ones fully and deeply colored just like his tail that swings lazily from side to side while he lays tummy down on a big cushion, reading through a hybrid's magazine.

"Go talk to him" One of the employees tells him, "But by law I have to tell you that— Sometimes, he scratches?" the girls looks apologetic "But I assure you he is nice, he's name is Yoongi"

Namjoon nods and with firms steps he approaches the other. The cat doesn't even bat an eyelash at him. "Hello, Yoongi" He says and hopes for it to be gentle enough, "I'm Namjoon"

The hybrid finally lifts his gaze, "Hi."

That's something, Namjoon thinks. "What are you watching?"

"Nothing" He keeps turning the pages but stops when he sees a full page displaying a shining white and pink collar.

Namjoon catches him biting on his lower lip, "That's pretty" Yoongi looks back at him, "The collar"

"...Yeah" The hybrid closes the magazine and sits up, "What do you want?"

Namjoon kneels down, "You're caught my eye through the window. You're really pretty"

"Isn't that shallow?" The hybrid keeps his gaze, like challenging him.

"Shallow?" Namjoon chuckles, "Says the one drooling for a diamond pink collar?"


And the employee was right, Yoongi scratches him. But after offering a nice house, the company of another and friendly hybrid (and the diamond pink collar) Yoongi accepts his offer to go with him. Of course he points out that life there was getting bore anyway.

And while Namjoon waits for the three days it takes for the process to be complete he wonders the safer way to tell Jimin.




Jimin is excited, bouncing in his seat while waiting for Namjoon to pick him up. "He said he is on his way here, Kookie! You're gonna love him and he is going to love you!"

"That's not how this things work you know?" the black haired kitten is more amused by his new friend. "He might be nice but he is not gonna take me just because you want to"

"Yah, Kookie!" Jimin brings one hand above his heart, "I adopted you. Of course you're coming with us" Jimin tells him like if Jeongguk is just dumb to think otherwise.

Jeongguk rolls his eyes reaching up for the redhead to lick shortly at his cheek. "I like you" it's a gesture Jimin taught him the first day the met.

"Of course you like me. You're my kitten now" Jimin nods and jerks his head fast when he hears the front doors. Namjoon coming through.

"Why it took you so long?" He whines but jumps at his arms.

"Hey baby!" Namjoon picks him up, "I was doing something and it has to do with the surprise I have for you"

"I have a surprise for you too!"

"Really?" he lets him down.

"Yeah, yeah"

Daehyun gives him Jimin's bag and tells him about his good behavior and that he needs to sit down for that surprise before going back to answer the phone. Namjoon looks puzzle for a few seconds till Jimin finally shows again, this time bringing by the hand another hybrid.

Jimin smiles widely while pushing the boy in front of Namjoon, the elder can see pink cheeks on fair skin accentuated by the black of his hair. "He's our new baby kitten, Jeonggukie!" he peers over the younger's shoulder, "Isn't he the cutest? I adopted him by myself"

Namjoon does need a seat.


"I know!" the dark haired kitty speaks looking down, "I told Jimin it doesn't work that way" And Namjoon can see how he shivers and hear the quiver in his voice, "Don't worry!" And he runs back inside.

"Kookie!" Jimin calls, eyes wide with fear and pain. "What did you do?" he yells at Namjoon.


Jimin crosses his arms over his chest, "You hurt our baby. Fix it!"

And fuck, Namjoon thanks the heavens Seokjin isn't there because he is not going to admit to him that indeed Jimin has him wrapped around his finger.

"Jimin, you're smart. You know this thing don't simply—"

"I really like him. A lot. You left me one week alone and he stayed with me making me company. He's super cute too. And nice and he's just a baby that needs a home like ours to grow and learn. And I know that once you know him, you're gonna really like him too" He sniffs, "You didn't even give him a chance"

Namjoon can't even front to that, Jimin might do reckless things sometimes but never with bad intentions nor ever bringing him trouble. "Wait here"

Jimin looks up at him, eyes already watery and fuck Namjoon is so whipped is almost ridiculous and when he finds the kitten hidden and looking heartbroken under a table he knows he is on his way to be whipped x3.




Seokjin smiles wickedly, Namjoon can see it in his phone screen, "I see that you got Jimin friends"

Namjoon rolls his eyes, he should have known better than to leave Jimin his phone and here he is now, one new family picture sent to Seokjin later. "I have a big heart, you see"

Seokjin scuffs, "Right, tell the kitties I say hi and you, my cute little brother expect a surprise from me soon too" he winks and ends the call. Namjoon shivers.


Later, when he arrives home, Jimin is cutely wearing a baby blue apron and doing what Namjoon assumes is dinner, while Yoongi, pink apron on, eats strawberries laying down on the countertop. Jeongguk is safely playing in the living room.

To Namjoon's relief, as soon as he got home after picking up Jimin —and Jeongguk— from the shelter, there was no bloodbath when Jimin saw Yoongi on the couch playing with one of his toys. The kitties introduced themselves (after Jimin's screams of "Is this my present? You got me another baby? Look at his hair! Oh my God, I love him already!") Luckily Yoongi didn't mind being babied sometimes or Jimin's over exciting personality) and by the very next day Namjoon could assume they all got along.

That was over a month ago, and now, when he gets three sets of arms circling him when he gets home from work he does not care for Seokjin or being whipped x3. He just loves his kitties, he does have a big heart and they fill it.


"It smells good"

"That's because I made it!" Jimin croons, "Yoongi helped too" like with a cheer or two from his spot lazing around the counter.

They all four sit at the table Namjoon smiles, "You look like a cute little wife" He tells Jimin, who looks down cheeks coloring.

"Are we your babies then?" Yoongi asks with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"I—" Jeongguk looks between them and then down to his plate, "I'm sorry I broke it!" he exclaims quickly out of the blue.

The other three look back at him wondering. "What it is, Kookie?" Jimin encourages. "One of the controllers" he mumbles softly as respond, "So that's why you didn't want to play with us today" Jimin comments going for his chopsticks and grabbing some veggies. "Don't worry Kookie, I'm sure it wasn't your intention, right?" he lift the veggies in front of Yoongi's mouth. Jeongguk shakes his head and apologizes again. "It’s okay" Namjoon assures him too, "Now open up" he instructs Yoongi.

"What are you doing?" the cat raises a brow in annoyance.

"You don't like veggies, but you need to eat then"

Namjoon observes the scene across him amused by Jimin's nagging and Yoongi's astonishment. Jeongguk seated by his side suddenly pulls at his sleeve, "Yes, baby?"

"Can you feed me?"

The question surely takes him by surprise, Daehyun has mentioned that Jeongguk was in the need of a home soon because of the lack of family environment he had while growing. Hybrids are made in labs with the exception of the ones born under monitored environments. But unlike most hybrids instead of being put to adoption or sell, Jeongguk stayed in the lab for most part of his life till he ended up in the shelter.

"Feed you..."

"Yes, like in those dramas Jimin likes to watch!" That Jimin also makes him watch despite Jeongguk falling asleep half way into it.

Well... Namjoon smiles gently nodding and grabbing one spoon. Jeongguk's cheeks color prettily after the first bite suddenly shy but not pulling away. "Your hyungs made a good job with dinner, yes?"

Jeongguk just nods leaning more towards him, Namjoon understands and with his other hand starts petting his head, soft black hair between his fingers, cute ears twitching playfully.

"I want to be pet too!" Jimin pouts still shoving food at Yoongi's mouth.

Yoongi for all scary he has tried to look before is really a softy that sucks for being pampered which reminds him about a certain collar he hasn't gotten yet.



Sleeping arrangements are supposed to consist in Jimin's room and Namjoon's room, but certainly Jimin spent more time in the latter's bed that his own and now with the new kitties Namjoon has said goodbye to the room he once thought about turning into his personal gym and hello to Yoongi's personal space since Jeongguk and Jimin are more than happy to share. Of course that doesn't mean that Namjoon sleeps alone, he has now three more bodies next to his at nights.

It started with Jeongguk, the kitten silently walking into his bedroom and asking to be let stay by his side, then Jimin asking where his baby was and then Yoongi complaining about not being invited. Namjoon has never being happier about his huge bed.

So everything is good.

Or at least till one morning Yoongi finds Namjoon holding Jimin down in his office's desk, the hybrid completely bare save for his electric blue collar. But isn't necessarily a bad thing since Yoongi catches the sight of a pink sparkling collar that seems to be on his way to be wrapped, his own eyes shinier.



Jeongguk wakes up tangled in warm bed sheets and completely rested, he stays in bed for another while just lying and enjoying the mixed scents of Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon's. When he isn't feeling as lazy as when he woke up he gets up and walks down the hallway to the kitchen.

Jimin usually has breakfast for him and even once, Yoongi (trying to prove something). But this morning none of them are there, Jeongguk deflates a bit because he loves Jimin's morning kisses but knows where the cereal is so he goes for it.

It's only when he is finishing his bowl that he sees one of the other three living in there, Yoongi looks flustered cheeks colored disheveled hair wearing only a long T-shirt and throwing himself face down on the couch burying his face in the bear shaped cushion. "Morning-hyung"


Jeongguk picks up the strong scent of Namjoon all over the hybrid, Jimin's too but what catches his attention is the beautiful collar around Yoongi's neck. He traces one finger over the soft material.

"You want your own collar too?" Jimin's voice is soft but still startles him a bit. Jimin looks even more wrecked than Yoongi. "Morning, Kookie! Sorry about breakfast" he looks apologetic.

"It's okay. I can make it, too"

"Of course!"

Namjoon comes in, fully dressed and ready for work. He eyes the younger and calls him. When Jeongguk stands in front of him, Namjoon shows him what he has on the hand behind his back. The Kitty's eyes widen at the sight of red. "I thought this one would look amazing on you"

Jeongguk has a collar, but it's just a plain black common. "I love it"

Namjoon chuckles, "You just saw it"

"But I love it already!" and he pouts deeply, just as he has learned from Jimin.

Namjoon pets his head, caresses his cheek and suddenly pecks him on his pouty lips, "I'm glad you do, baby" unhurriedly he locks it around his neck, two arms circling his waist and a thank you muffled against his dress shirt. "My Kitty looks so beautiful" he compliments.

Jeongguk then gets on the tip of his toes, kissing softly his new owner's lips.