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First steps

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Becoming a paratrooper is not the hardest thing Webster has done in his life. It takes him time to adjust and the first month his body is in shambles, but he welcomes it. He chose this, and he cannot back out now. First time jumping out of an airplane is amazing. It’s everything he’s dreamed it to be and more. The rush of adrenaline and the blood pumping in his ears is amazing.

He cherishes his jump wings dearly, Harvard be damned.

Camp Toccoa, Georgia is where David meets the part of his soul, he hasn’t realized he’s missing.

Paratroopers are new to the military. Wolf Corps is the forgotten, except for the selected marine battalions.

This is one of the reasons Webster, together with his fellow paratroopers gets taken to the wolf breeding compound within Toccoa. There is a lot of noise and a lot of yapping, as pups and their mothers mix together. Packs within a bigger pack.

Many of his fellow paratroopers are taken aback, but David feels strangely calm. He has been reading about wolfthreat and the old times… This compound makes his mind set off and Web’s fingers itch for pencil and paper. It is like an amazing meadow of flowers, all blooming at the same time.

He feels something bump his leg and looks down to find a gray wolf pup nudging his leg in curiosity. His fur looks almost pale blue in this light and David cannot help, but kneel down and scratch the pup behind the ear. That’s when the animal closes its little jaws over Webster’s wrist and bites down.

Human. Friendly. Mine.

It feels almost like the world stops for a couple of seconds, before a sudden new burst of color leaps in, and David cannot breathe. There is something new in his head, a humming, he has never experienced before.

The pup looks up at him with eyes as blue as David’s own, and cocks his head to one side, sending him a taste of the scent. Dark cherries, Morpheus and ink.
Morphine, Webster decides then and there. Morphine.

“Congratulations, paratrooper,” a voice disrupts his thoughts, reminding him, that he is not alone. “You have been chosen by a wolf, and, unless you are going to commit, you should break the bond now, before it becomes too strong”.

Break? It takes Webster a second to kick is brain back into action, tune out the chatter in his head and look at his commanding officer. He suddenly feels protective over the pup.
The pup looks at him in confusion.

Mine. Not safe?

Safe, Webster’s brain supplies, and the does pup settle down.

“No, sir, I would never refuse,” he hears his own voice and sees the CO nodding in approval.

“Very well, trooper. Fill out the paperwork and report for duty to the 101st Airborne division”.

The pack sense among the 101st is a slowly building in structure. It starts as humming. Webster compares it to an un-tuned radio. It’s a constant chatter, sometimes becoming overwhelming, sometimes not being there enough.

David is assigned to Fox company. He wouldn’t care, to be honest, but there is a procedure in place, before he can have his pup with him. He gets an hour a day, before they are both released and out of quarantine.

The only other person who is also a part of the Fox with a wolf, is Ronald Speirs.

His wolf is big and black, amber eyes looking almost feral. Flame, Webster knows now, looks at David with his amber eyes and it sends a shiver down Webster’s spine. He closes his eyes and tries to slowly feel out the pack sense. Speirs is there, as is Flame and David sees Speirs nod in approval. They shake hands.

Pack. Friends. Safe.

Flame projects and Speirs offers approval at this, while his hand is still clasped in David’s. It makes Webster feel better, settled, more at home.

Being within wolfthreat puts him into a different position than those who live without a wolf. It makes him and his pack closer. Pack is a thing he has yet to learn.
His education has not provided him with understanding of wolfthreat.

It’s scary, but it’s arousing at the same time. He doesn’t know how to react to this new wave of emotion coming his way. Pack sense takes time to get used to, unless you have been born and bread in it.

He’s shown to his billet and left alone to settle in, tomorrow being an another proper training day. Webster doesn’t mind the training, but the overwhelming chatter suddenly in his head is overwhelming. He copes the last couple of hours and falls into the bed, exhausted, worried.

The army has provided manuals, books and training sessions to the future possible wolf brothers, but it’s not fully prepared. He pup, Morphine, is snoring down by David’s legs, when he feels a presence of another soldier.

The bed dips, and Webster’s eyes fly open in panic. Morphine is suddenly very awake and lets out a soft whine.
It takes David a second to recognize Speirs.

“Your wolf chose you,” Speirs says, his voice is quiet. “You accepted. Take your time to tune in to the sense. Welcome to the pack of hundred and first, trooper” and after that he is gone.

Maybe it has been Web’s imagination all along.

101st division is not just an experiment in the warfare, trying to combine wolfthreat and paratroopers, but there is no going back.

The wolfthreat has taken a liking to the Paratroopers.