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Golden as the Sun

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It must've been sunny up on the surface, for the castle garden sparkled with sunbeams. The golden flowers gleamed like the gates of Heaven, and Asriel and Chara weren't going to waste today staying inside. So human and goat child relaxed among the blossoms, soaking up as much sun as possible in the time they had. Asriel nestled between Chara's legs, arms across his chest as he drifted off into a nap. Chara smiled... something they did a lot more since moving in with the Dreemurrs. They never imagined being out in a place like this, and not constantly have to be on guard. This garden was theirs, Asriel's, Toriel's and Asgore's... and it wasn't going to be snatched away. Chara kept looking for the strings attached, but if there were any, the Dreemurrs were completely oblivious to them. It amazed them how genuine monsters are... such a far cry from humanity.

The rhythm of Asriel's soft breathing put Chara at ease. When enough time passed, the goat whimpered in his sleep, and sometimes a tiny bleet passed his lips as the result of an intense dream. Something about that struck Chara as so damn endearing, dammit, that if he woke them up in the middle of the night they couldn't stay mad at him. The human child didn't want to disturb their friend's rest, nor did they care to move anyway, but that didn't mean they didn't have a trick or two up their sleeve.

Chara picked up a loose petal from the soil, dropping it on Asriel's snout like a lemon drop. The goat child's nose twitched, and he sneezed, blowing the petal into the breeze. Amused, Chara gathered more petals, dripping them one by one from their fingers. It worked like a charm; every time, Asriel sneezed and sent another petal dancing in the air. Finally, Chara dropped all the petals at once, covering their friend's snout in a flurry of yellow. Asriel shook himself awake, petals flying everywhere to Chara's snickering.

“H-Hey!” Asriel cried. The goat child squirmed, scooping a batch of golden flowers and shoving them at Chara's nose. Chara screeched and scrambled to get up, cackling as they're chased around the garden. Asriel's laughter trailed behind them, and it wasn't long before the human's craftiness caught up with them. The goat cornered them. Asriel pounced, knocking them down, and the two of them tumbled among the troubled blooms.

They rolled to a stop where the children found themselves in an awkward predicament. Asriel's snout mashed against Chara's cheek, and his lips pressed hotly to bare skin. As if stung by a bee, Asriel drew back, his embarrassment visible through his fur.

“Chara! I... I'm sorry! That wasn't supposed to happen! Don't be mad—!”

Chara didn't permit him to finish. Their hand grabbed a fistful of fur and pulled Asriel close, pushing their lips against his own. The goat child's eyes widened. If his cheeks weren't red enough, his blush spread so far that his ears resembled chili peppers. His heart battered in his chest, yet this felt... nice. Asriel closed his eyes and accepted the kiss. Chara loosened their grip, petting the tuft of fur on their friend's soft head. Asriel wrapped his arms around them in return, clutching their sweater. It wasn't like the kisses goodnight that Mom and Dad gave them. But it was something between him and Chara. His best friend. Something... special. Something only the two of them shared together.

They parted for breath, and all the human and goat could do is stare at each other. Chara seemed... confused. Like what they just did is a dream. What happened between them? The two of them did their own fair share of mischief, yet something as simple as this somehow feels... forbidden.

“Uhh...” Chara stammered.
“That was nice.” Asriel smiled, trembling.
“Ha... ha... I don't want to let go...” Asriel tightened his fingers around them and he lay his head on their chest.
“Me neither.”