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Breathe In

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The first thing Boo Seungkwan feels when he woke up suddenly, in the middle of the best dream he’d ever had, was the weight of something on top of him. And then his brain registers that something is covering his mouth, pressing into him with intensity and holyfuckIcan’tbreathe and THISISHOWPEOPLEDIE!!!! His eyes fly open, and for a second his heart stops cause holy shit I can’t see anything am I blindfolded?? Is someone actually trying to kill me right now!??? and then he remembers that it’s the middle of the goddamn night and why the fuck is someone kissing me?

Kissing me.

Someone is sitting on top of me.

Right now.


In the middle of the night.


And they’re kissing me.


He tries to open his mouth protest but whoever’s kissing him takes advantage of the opportunity in an instant to softly suck on his lower lip and god. damnit.


How can someone be so good at kissing?????


The muted sound that comes out of his throat, breaking the silence in his room, is more of a garbled whimper than anything really and he tries to move away but whoever’s kissing him is pressing into him fiercely with really fucking soft lips and he hates how he’s beginning to enjoy it so he decides to sharply twist his head to the right and that works, and suddenly he can breathe from his mouth and he’s almost panting as he sucks oxygen into his deprived lungs.


What the hell ?” He croaks, his voice cracking.


He gropes blindly into the darkness and is met with half a handful of soft hair, the other half of his hand is touching a face, judging from the feeling of eyelashes tickling his pinkie finger cause he has accidentally poked whoever was kissing him in the eye.


There’s a soft, exhaled grumble of ow and when it reaches his ears, barely audible, it’s enough for his eyes to narrow and his eyebrows to knit together.


“Jisoo hyung?” He mumbles into the darkness, confused. “What the actual f---”


And then the lips descend on him again, pressing and moving against his own with a new kind of ferocious intensity, making him forget about breathing again as his brain shuts down and his body automatically responds by melting into the kiss, just the slightest bit, and it’s not until his chest begins to tighten and he nearly feels light headed and who he presumes is Jisoo doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon that he begins to panic again.


He twists his head sharply to the left this time.


I - don’t - understand?


He’s definitely panting now.


There’s a sudden puff of hot air on his his right ear that make the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight and then there’s that trademark soft, smooth purr of a chuckle and a soft waft of clean vanilla mixed with warm spice that he knows only belongs to the one and only fucking Hong Jisoo and said boy exhales a hushed “it’s okay ” and then his mouth is back on Seungkwan’s own for the third time in an almost overwhelmingly small amount of time, but this time it’s a little different: less demanding and more gentle, questioning… searching… and he timidly parts his lips as he begins to sink into the kiss, which seems to be what Jisoo is looking for as he makes an appreciative noise from the back of his throat, pausing to briefly suck on Seungkwan’s rapidly swelling lower lip before gently licking into his mouth.


Seungkwan figures he might as well make the most of it while it’s happening and their tongues find each other, swirling languidly. Jisoo groans into his mouth and he honestly tries - he tries really hard - to ignore the tingles of electricity that are shooting across his body but it’s kind of fucking impossible when all he can taste and feel is Jisoo, Jisoo, JISOO and he can’t help but want more, more, MORE so he takes initiative and grabs onto one of Jisoo’s lips with his teeth, nibbling on the flesh gently - not really sure of how rough he should get, partly due to insecurity partly to inexperience - and suddenly there’s a soft hand running down his shoulders and dipping underneath his covers to rest at his waist, gripping his hip easily due to long fingers and a large palm and goosebumps zip down to his toes and fingers,


He’s fully awake now, all traces of exhaustion gone and he can’t help it when his hips twitch subconsciously from the intense feeling of Jisoo’s lithe body surrounding him, capturing him, grounding him, and he definitely can’t help it when he breaks the kiss, his back arching as a single finger runs dangerously low across his stomach.


Both of their chests are heaving, and his eyes have adjusted well enough to the dark that he can see the way that Jisoo is looking at him, the corners of his mouth have curled into his devastating, trademark “innocently mischievous” smile; the fire in his feline-like eyes ever present, dark pupils blown with lust.


Questions rise to the tip of his tongue but every vein in his body is screaming at him otherwise and so he pushes them to the back of his head. Take advantage of the situation now, ask questions later.


Jisoo’s hand is still radiating scorching heat against his abdomen, adding fuel to the low thrum of pleasure tugging in the base of his stomach, and when the older boy swoops in for the fourth time he’s ready and meets him half way, his hips simultaneously naturally rolling up to meet the body on top of him and the fingers clutching his hip tighten perceptively. He tilts his head, deepening the kiss and flexing his hips and it’s Jisoo who breaks away this time, his face flushed and his tongue swipes across his lower lip in what he can tell is both nervousness and anticipation.


It’s soft and low and just above a whisper, but he still can hear slight tremors through the layers of velvet and honey that indicated that Jisoo was struggling to keep himself composed. It was an unsaid question, the mood in the room shifting suddenly and it causes him to shiver, anxious of what was will happen next.

There are still questions.


Questions that he wants to ask the older boy, like how did you sneak into my room and why all of this now and what does this mean and do you really feel this way about me  and what are we and what happens tomorrow morning and is this gonna be a one time thing and how will this change our dynamics, not just the ones between us but as a group and mostly, can we do this again?


But instead he busies himself by running a hand down the length of Jisoo’s back comfortingly. Now is not the time for questions, and the older boy is smart enough that he’s probably already got answers for most of them which he will say at a better time. He wants to wrap himself in Jisoo’s warmth and scent and contagious energy and stay there forever, hiding from the rest of the world, relying on Jisoo’s ever tempting kisses and delicate touches to keep him grounded.


However he knows that’s less than likely to happen, so instead he looks up and smiles a soft, shy smile at the ethereal boy looking down at him, and tilts his head as his lips get captured again.