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A New Ambition

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The cottage was spotless and well-organised; he'd known where to find everything he'd needed from the moment he'd arrived, almost as though its arranger had known his mind. From the kitchen, the most delicious scents issued; that was comforting, as well. And there was a sense of peace here that Severus couldn't help but allow to pervade his entire being and lull him to sleep. It was her doing, he knew. What he didn't know, however, was why she'd chosen him, why she'd elected to spend her time making him a home.

He didn't deserve it. He certainly didn't deserve her, but his well-intentioned grumbling hadn't been enough to send her away, the stubborn woman.

As Severus fell asleep, he resolved to do what he could to make Hermione believe that he was worthy of her. She'd made this cottage homey, but he wanted her to consider it her home.