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Donna sighed as she accepted a drink from the bartender. It had been a long week and she was tired; and a quiet night at the club was exactly what she needed. She found the most comfortable looking couch she could find and lounged there.

It was a surprise when Liz came into the bar and found her usual seat occupied. It afforded the best view of the room in addition to being comfortable. She got her drink, determined to either scare the occupant off or negotiate something more equitable. But as she approached, she realized just who was sitting there. Liz arched one of her eyebrows in interest. "Ms. Geysen, what a surprise."

"Judge Donnelly." Donna looked up at her in surprise as she sat up straighter.

"Liz, please." Liz smiled, waving off the formalities as she sat. One of the dangers of the club was that elements of work often filtered into it. But she had become adept at that balancing act. "Welcome to the club."

"Thank you." Donna smiled. "I haven't taken your seat, have I?"

The judge smirked as she sat next to Donna, turning to face the younger woman. "I can hardly blame's the best spot in the room."

"I was more concerned with how comfortable it looked." Donna sipped her drink. "Though I think I'm going to abandon it for the sauna in a few minutes."

"And you haven't found anyone with which to enjoy them?" Liz sipped her drink as she glanced about the room. There would certainly be quite a few willing parties for someone like the AUSA.

"Truthfully, I haven't been here long enough." Donna subtly looked over Liz, then the rest of the room. "Any suggestions about whom I might want to meet?"

Throughout the low-lit room--more modern and sleek than any of the clubs in Europe--shadowy forms clad in simple, black underwear moved about, serving drinks, performing other services. There were pets in various states of undress, but those that served the club had a look, a carriage about them. "Any of the ones in black would be happy to serve you, but I do have my favorites. Why don't I join you?"

"I can't turn that offer down." Donna stood and offered Liz her hand. "I've only been here a couple of times, so I haven't really had a chance to explore." The club in DC was outside of the city in an old plantation house and she was almost finding it difficult to have one so conveniently located.

Liz took the proffered hand and stood, leaving her almost empty drink on a small table beside the sofa. "That's a pity; it has its allure." She smiled as she led Donna to the sauna through a back corridor. "But we're happy to have you."

"Thank you, again." Donna followed Liz through the unfamiliar corridors, smiling when they emerged in a hallway that she recognized.

As soon as they entered the anteroom to the sauna, a young blonde appeared at Liz's side. She kept her eyes down, but there was a slight smile on her face. It was always a treat, a pleasure to serve Liz Donnelly. She quickly and carefully undressed the judge and without question moved to her friend to do the same.

Donna smiled indulgently at the girl as she allowed herself to be undressed. She was certainly attractive enough and she wondered if the girl would be joining them. Recognizing Liz's attractiveness took even less time.

"Mm, good girl, Helene." Liz stroked the blonde's hair thoughtfully. "Shall we?" She led Donna into the sauna, choosing a secluded corner. Helene went to her knees in front of Liz, waiting for instruction and content to simply be there between the two women. "It's not the baths in Paris, but..." She smiled. "I think our clientele values this a bit more."

"I haven't been to the club in Paris, but it certainly sounds nice." Donna leaned back and closed her eyes "Though I can see how most New Yorkers would like this better."

Liz took that moment to let her eyes linger on Donna, and she was certainly appreciative of what she saw. "So..." She let her fingers brush against Donna's thigh. "How did an AUSA end up here?" She had a few guesses.

Donna shifted her thigh under Liz's touch. "I've just been promoted to EAUSA for the southern district of New York."

Liz chuckled. "That was hardly the question." She smirked as she blatantly put the plat of her palm on Donna's thigh, luxuriating in the warmth of her soft skin.

"Mmmm... You mean more specifically?" Donna still had her eyes closed as she soaked in the moist heat. "I found the club in LA not long after I got my first job there." She shrugged lightly. "I had a friend in law school that was into the scene and introduced me to it."

"Ah." Liz relaxed, fingers walking upward, inward. She could see that much practice in Donna, from her posture, her nonchalance. Her touch was light but sure. It was not the way she would touch Helene, but she was still appraising the other woman.

"May I ask the same of you?" Donna finally opened her eyes and looked at Liz intently.

The judge opened her mouth slightly, pressing her tongue into her cheek. "It was a bit more complicated than that." She opened her eyes and shifted to turn more directly towards Donna. "I was introduced to the Scene in a most unfortunate way, and this place..." She swept the room with her eyes. "I've been here a very long time."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Donna covered Liz's hand with her own, offering easy sympathy.

"It was a long time ago, and more good than bad." She twined her fingers through Donna's and pulled the woman closer until their lips nearly touched. "Mm."

Donna leaned in and completed the motion, pressing her lips to Liz's. She reached up and tangled her fingers in slightly sweat-damped hair, though she kept the kiss light, almost lazy.

Liz smiled into it, settling, content with the languid movements for the moment. Though, she was vaguely aware that she would not be content for long. Donna eventually let the kiss end and sat back.

"Are you planning on taking a new pet here?" Liz asked, fingers running through Helene's damp hair lazily. She remained turned towards Donna, her other hand still on her leg, brushing circles on her inner thigh.

"Mmm, I don't think I'm looking for anything so involved yet. I haven't entirely settled in and it doesn't seem fair. But that could change if I met someone interesting enough." Donna ran her hand up Liz's arm, but otherwise didn't impede her touch. She was really starting to feel at peace with herself for the first time in a long time and she didn't want to complicated that just yet.

"How long has it been?" Liz could sense a past there. She pressed her fingers forward and teased Donna's lips lazily, without real intent.

Donna spread her legs slightly, letting Liz touch her. "There was someone in DC, but that ended almost a year ago. What about you? I don't see anyone devotedly following you around." It wasn't a criticism, merely an observation.

"No one in my collar at least." Liz pressed forward, ignoring Helene entirely then in favor of Donna. She brushed the younger woman's clit lightly. "I let my last go about five years ago, but she came back to me when she needed it, and now...I think she's found someone." Liz smiled slightly proudly as she thought of Alex. "She floundered coming back here, and this...this served to ground her."

"Mmm." Donna arched into the touch. "Sounds like things worked out for her then." She leaned in a kissed Liz again. "I actually just ran into one of my former companions. Apparently she mover here from LA not too long ago. It was good to see her. We got to clear the air a bit."

Liz returned this kiss but paused her touches, wondering, thinking. "What a coincidence. Has she been here yet; I wonder if I would know her..."

"I don't think she has, but she might have ended up in you courtroom. Patrice LaRue?" Donna waited to see if the name was familiar.

After a pause, Liz arched one of her heavy brows. "It seems our former pets have made a connection between us." Patrice had appeared before her in chambers, but Liz had much more extensive experience with the blonde.

Donna raised her eyebrows. "Really? So you have met?" This could prove interesting.

"Intimately." Liz pursed her lips, eyes trained intently on Donna. "You've met Alex Cabot, perhaps?"

"I have." She didn't think she needed to point out that that meeting had been of an intimate nature as well. "This is certainly a coincidence."

"Mm. It's a pity we've seen neither of them here." Liz's hand went back to helene's hair. "Perhaps we should remedy that."

Donna chuckled. "That could lead to an interesting night." One that she wouldn't be opposed to participating in.

"I think so, yes." Liz smirked to herself. "Perhaps I'll have a little chat with Alex."

"You'll have to let me know. I think it would be quite the surprise for them to find that we had met." and Donna wasn't above using that to tease them.

"I will." Liz smiled thoughtfully. "If you'll excuse me, I have a few things to take care of. But I'll leave Helene for you to enjoy."