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Patrice glared at Dan Levin's back as he walked out her door. She couldn't believe she was about to have to live this nightmare of a case again, say those things, hear herself say those things. As soon as he was out of earshot she slammed the file shut, she couldn't' even bear to keep it open, let alone take it home for the weekend like he had instructed. Patrice stood and grabbed her things; she had to get out of there, even if it was only 4 PM. 20 minutes later she was slamming open the front door of the apartment and moving to get a drink as fast as she could. The blonde didn't make it to the kitchen though, tripping over Sabina's backpack and shoes in the hall and nearly falling. The she caught herself and immediately swore, glaring down the hall, "Sabina! Get over here!" She knew it wasn't smart to deal with this now, and she had come home early, but it was the third time that week.

Sabina poked her head out of her bedroom and found Patrice glaring her. She wasn't exactly sure what she had done, but she knew better than to ignore the other women. She stepped out of her room and toward Patrice.

Patrice was further annoyed by Sabina's calm demeanor. She crossed her arms and glared again, "Today please." She motioned to the items she had just tripped over. "Pick those up; you've been told before."

"Oh. Sorry." Sabina grabbed her shoes and her backpack and carried them to her room. "You're, um, home early..."

Patrice followed behind the brunette, close enough that she would feel it and stopped just at the door to the girl's room. "That's not an excuse, just as it wasn't one the last time. Go wait in the corner."

Sabina wasn't exactly trying to use it as an excuse, merely an observation, but something told her that Patrice didn't really care about the difference. She didn't say anything as she headed to the corner and knelt.

The blonde tried to calm down, but it was all too much. She felt a wave of anger rise up again and walked into the living room and was almost more upset to see Sabina kneeling as she was told. Patrice was upset and was starting to feel a rising panic she couldn't quite control, "Get up," she spat at the young girl.

She got back up again, utterly confused about what it was she had done wrong this time. She looked at Patrice questioningly. "Are you okay?"

Patrice stood more rigidly and crossed her arms, trying to ignore that her eyes were starting to sting. She raised her voice louder to compensate, "Did I tell you that you could turn around!?" As if to punctuate the fact, she crossed the room and grabbed Sabina's shoulders and turned her roughly to face the wall.

Sabina's breath caught in her as she stumbled into the wall. Something wasn't right, but there was something about the way that Patrice was talking to her, touching her, and she couldn't ignore how appealing it was. Her chest was heaving and she pressed her shoulder blades back into Patrice's hands. Patrice was a little past thinking rationally, and Sabina's just accepting her behavior wasn't calming her. She stepped back half a pace and brought her palm down hard across the brunette's ass, then again before the girl could react.

"I asked you a question!" She leaned in as she yelled at her and bit the young woman's skin, marking her neck before she could reply.

"Oh God," Sabina whimpered and tried to clutch at the wall. "No... No, ma'am." She didn't normally use any sort of honorific, but it seemed somehow appropriate.

Patrice stared at the girl for a moment and quietly closed her fingers around the back of her neck, holding her to the wall. The blonde was breathing hard, not even trying to control it. With the other hand she quickly unbuttoned the girl's jeans and pushed them down, then reached between her legs from behind, nearly growling when she found Sabina already wet. "If you like this so much, then it's not much of a punishment is it?"

Sabina whimpered as Patrice touched her. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry." She pushed her hips forward against Patrice's hand, completely unable to stop herself. "Please..."

Patrice yanked her hand away and smacked Sabina's ass again, "Shut up and get undressed, you look ridiculous like that." She didn't move away, standing uncomfortably close to the brunette, letting her feel her breath as she stood over the younger woman.

Sabina scrambled out of her clothing, letting it drop in a pile on the floor. Patrice didn't normally act like this and there was something distinctly thrilling about it. Sabina had no idea what was happening, or what was going to happen. Her chest was flushed and she felt like she couldn't quite catch her breath. She turned back to the wall, hoping that was what Patrice wanted, but fairly sure that no mater what she did, Patrice would find a reason to be unhappy.

It wasn't good enough, it just wasn't. What was worse was that Patrice couldn't decide why. It didn't matter, Sabina didn't deserve a reason. She grabbed the girl by the hair with one hand and the arm with the other and dragged her down the hall to the bedroom, throwing her down across the bed. Patrice opened a bedside drawer and pulled out a set of leather cuffs and roughly caught the younger woman's wrists, binding them over her head as she lay face down. "You're not good at apologies yet. Try again."

Sabina squirmed as Patrice cuffed her, flexing against the slightly too tight cuffs. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry," she said breathlessly. "Please, I'm sorry." She was getting frantic with desire for Patrice to believe her and just desire in general. She rubbed her thighs together and tried to get closer to Patrice, no matter how angry she was. It was so sexy, so hot, and Sabina just wanted. She wasn't even sure exactly what it was she wanted, but it didn't matter.

Patrice wasn't entirely listening to Sabina's apologies, she was instead noticing how shamelessly the girl was enjoying the treatment and she started to feel arousal of her own mix with the anger and frustration. She reached for the drawer again and took a short length of rope, then hauled the brunette by the cuffs up to the head of the bed and tied her wrists to the headboard. "I don't believe you." Patrice stated flatly, now upset at herself for her own growing enjoyment in the moment.

Sabina wasn't sure what she could do to get Patrice to believe her, so she just kept repeating herself, telling her that she was sorry over and over. She pulled against the rope, even as she knew it wouldn't do any good. "Please..." She didn't know what she was asking for, but Patrice was starting to upset her and tears started to run down her face. It did nothing to lessen her arousal.

While Alex's day hadn't been particularly terrible, it had been full of small headaches and tedium. She was tired and eager enough to get home that she already had her shoes in her hand when the elevator doors opened to her floor. She thought she might put together something light for dinner to have waiting for Patrice when she got home. But the moment she unlocked the door, hearing a sound smack at the same time as seeing Patrice's things left in the entryway, Alex knew something was distinctly wrong. She furrowed her brow, noting that neither of the dogs came out to great her. "Patrice, Sabina..." she called, heading down the hallway.

Alex furrowed her brows, quickening her step as she heard Sabina's entries, which seemed to be turning into sobs. She stepped into the bedroom, seeing immediately that the rope was too tight, that the entire mood of the situation was somehow tilted. And Sabina looked genuinely upset, but it was the distant, angry stare she met from Patrice that made Alex turn cold. "Patrice, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Her voice was hard as she crossed her arms.

Patrice turned quickly, Alex's appearance startling her. "I..." she paused realizing she didn't know exactly what she was doing, then continued when she remembered how Alex's name kept coming up in her workweek, her surprise turning back to almost unbalanced anger, "... I'm teaching a lesson." She concluded the statement harshly and moved over Sabina, tangling her fingers harshly in her hair.

Sabina moaned through her tears and arched up into Patrice. She wrapped her legs around Patrice's waist and wished that she would just fuck her.

Narrowing her eyes, Alex watched the moment unfold as if it were hours ticking before her eyes. Despite Sabina's obvious enjoyment, she caught Patrice's wrist, holding it firmly even as she tried to extract the blonde's fingers from Sabina's hair without doing too much damage. Perhaps it was new, perhaps it was exciting, but Alex would not have Patrice doing more harm than intended. She pulled her away, pursing her lips as she tried to imagine what Sabina had done to cause so much anger in Patrice, but Alex it had barely been two weeks since she had seen the same look in Patrice's eyes, had felt the same anger directed towards her. "I'm not entirely sure you are." She closed her fingers more tightly around Patrice wrist, grip bruising as she began to tug her towards the hallway.

Patrice turned her stare on Alex, icy blue eyes narrowed out of anger, and in an attempt to hide her emotional panic at her own behavior. She yanked at Alex's grasp, though not quite hard enough to free herself. "Don't touch me!" Her voice was sharp, and she yelled to cover any loss of control, though Patrice knew if Alex didn't let go she would realize her hands were starting to tremble. The blonde possessively reached with her free hand and covered Sabina's lips with her fingers; she didn't want to hear the girl's continued pleading. Sabina went quiet when Patrice covered her mouth, and looked between the two of them, trying to figure out just what was going on.

Alex watched the gesture, both possessive and almost possessing of gentleness at the same time. She was glad of Sabina's quietness, but it only left the blood rushing in her ears to the ring of Patrice's words. But Alex did not hesitate, did not pause to tell herself that something was wrong, something had been wrong. She resisted the instinct to evaluate a collection of moments since Patrice barged into her office, to categorize and look for what she had been missing. Instead, she pulled Patrice close, locking her stare with Patrice and setting her jaw. "In the hallway," she growled, voice low, uncompromising. "Now."

Patrice struggled against Alex as she was nearly dragged away from Sabina and off the bed. She fought to stay on her feet as she half stood, half fell and was yanked toward the door. Patrice barely registered when Alex slammed the bedroom door behind them on Sabina, as she finally managed to twist out of the other blonde's grasp. "What the...hell... Alex?!?" Patrice was seething, and could barely speak from the shock of it. She yanked her other wrist away and shoved Alex roughly back against the wall, staying where she was, and stared at the other woman defiantly. "I said don't touch me." Her hands were now visibly shaking, and she crossed them over her chest, still glaring at Alex.

For a moment, Alex thought Patrice had knocked the breath out of her. She flattened her palms against the wall, steadying herself, but she did not remain slumped there for long. Alex straightened, standing face to face with Patrice and holding her eyes, daring her to look away. She was angry that Patrice would take this--whatever this was--out on Sabina without trying to talk to her, without being rational in her approach to dealing with it.

Patrice looked, Alex realized, almost like a frightened child, lashing out because she didn't have the tools to deal with whatever it was that she was facing. But Patrice did have the tools. Alex felt deeper color rising in her cheeks with her annoyance. "Do you realize how irresponsible you're being?" She gripped Patrice's shoulders and nearly yelled, words clipped. "Do you, Patrice? This is absolutely unacceptable."

Alex's stare and the accusations caught Patrice off guard and she bit back a dismissive retort. She stared back at the other blonde and saw genuine concern mixed with the other woman's anger. Her stomach dropped and she finally didn't have the strength to hold her stare any longer and looked away, eyes trailing to the ceiling. Patrice's pulse was beginning to slow, and though the hot anger was fading, it was being replaced with panic that she had broken something that couldn't be easily fixed. "I...can't.." Her voice caught, and she took a shaky breath, "I can't do it again." She didn't qualify the statement, too shaken to go further, and pulled away from Alex again, mind already looking for an exit strategy.

When Patrice broke the stare, Alex let herself sigh inwardly as a small part of the tension disappeared. But she did not let herself relax for fear that her focus would disappear. The anger, however, became less important than concern when Alex saw Patrice's eyes dark with a heaviness that she had only seen matched once before. Sensing the blonde's instinct to fly, Alex gently but firmly took her chin. She forced Patrice to focus once again on her face, and she kept her tone even as she spoke, "You don't run away from things."

Patrice felt her heart lighten briefly when Alex stopped her, and she didn't pull harder. She would realize in the calm of the next day that it was the first time someone had cared enough to keep her from running. However in that moment her mind was tired, worn out from her earlier fury and she couldn't make sense of it all. A few tears finally started to roll down her cheeks, and she tried to explain, "I just can't say those things again, I can't stand to listen to myself." That wasn't the extent, she knew that the more she prepared, the more she would have to believe what she said and it made her sick. There had been so many cases, so many lines she had delivered with utmost conviction before, serving her purpose, but for some reason this one was a step too far.

Alex put her forehead on Patrice's as she continued to hold her shoulders. Between the intense anger that Patrice directed towards her and that look, that look of utter loss gave Alex an inkling of just what Patrice couldn't stand to do again. Of course she wouldn't have known; had she stayed in the DA's office, this would have been on her mind for weeks as well. But as it stood, Alex had had no idea Patrice was going to have to suffer through it again, and she knew in her gut just how that had come about. "I'm so sorry," she whispered, pulling Patrice into a tight embrace.

The tears were falling freely now, less over her dread at taking the case, but more turning to her fear at how she had reacted and why. The blonde kept her face turned to the floor and started to speak again quietly, "I'm sorry. It's just worse now to take and..." Her eyes moved from the carpet and back toward the closed bedroom door. Patrice let out a quiet sob in place of words and wiped away a few of her tears with her palm. She had always been able to do her job, and well, because she could see clients as starkly opposed to her own sense of control and morals. Now she was panicked, dreading she had finally lost herself in a maze of mental illusion and moral gray areas.

"Patrice..." Alex smoothed the blonde's hair and wiped her tears away with her thumbs, the gesture more important than its effectiveness. She remembered her sleepless nights, her moments of feeling so lost that she became desperate to the point of making stupid decisions. But this was more than that, and Patrice needed more than a censure, a wake up call, more than a suspension or a firm hand. And Alex needed to know that Patrice would trust her enough to come to her, to let her in. She followed Patrice's gaze, holding her tighter. What Patrice needed was clear, but Alex couldn't let her go to Sabina just yet, not like this. She pulled back just enough to cup Patrice's cheeks, told her face gently. "I'm here..." she said, aching to calm her, to let her know that she wasn't facing this entirely alone. "I'm here, and I love you, and I need...I need you to know that and trust that." She needed Patrice to know that she could turn to her instead of let such destruction build and build.

Patrice's eyes opened a little wider and she looked back to focus on Alex again. Her mind was still spinning and she was trying to decide what part of Alex's statement to answer. In the end she stopped thinking, and replied simply, "I love you too." She felt a flicker of a smile build behind her tears at how natural the words felt, at how she needed to say them, and kissed Alex quietly, closing her eyes as the last few tears streamed over her skin.

Alex held her, leaning into the kiss and enjoying its calm until its natural end. She pressed her cheek to Patrice's as she stroked her back soothingly, letting the not unwelcome gravity of their words fill the silence around them. Finally, she pulled away, wiping Patrice's tears in earnest this time. "Go on," she said softly, nodding towards the door. Patrice needed to finish, needed to know that it was really what they all wanted.

Patrice swallowed, her anger long gone, and her panic diminishing. However, when she looked at the door she felt it rise again, remembering what she had done. Patrice nodded, knowing Alex was right, that this was a bridge that had to be crossed before their lives could continue, and having Alex there knowing she could manage helped. Patrice turned and quietly opened the bedroom door. She kept herself in check and looked into Sabina's confused eyes as she moved toward her. "I accept your apology, and now I need you to tell me what you want." She didn't' care what the response was, how Sabina would interpret the question as long as it was honest.

Having been left alone to calm down, Sabina didn't know what she wanted anymore. It had been easier when Patrice wasn't giving her a choice, when she didn't have a chance to think about it. "I... I don't know... I..."

Alex followed behind Patrice, but she purposefully kept a slight distance between them. Patrice needed her there, she knew, but this was also something that the blonde needed to do herself. Sabina was young, and Alex knew she would come to understand all of this later. For now, she simply closed the door behind her and watched.

Patrice waited for a moment, then slipped onto the bed, straddling Sabina's hips lightly. She looked into the girl's eyes and gently brushed her fingertips over her soft skin, lingering in the moment. "It's ok whatever the answer is, I just need to know."

Sabina tugged at the rope tying her to the bed. She wanted to touch Patrice, yet at the same time, she loved that she couldn't. "I don't know. I don't. Please..." She squirmed under Patrice.

Patrice had regained her control, and seeing Sabina squirm under her with renewed desire forced a smile from the blonde. She gently tilted her head and considered the girl, mindlessly brushing her palms over the brunette's nipples. "Please what Sabina?" She let her voice take on a controlled edge, "full sentences please."

Sabina whimpered under Patrice's hands. "I don't know..." She was getting frantic again. "I don't know... Please just don't stop." She tugged at the rope, fighting it, and the fight making her wetter. She rubbed her thighs together.

Sabina's plea was concrete enough; Alex crossed her arms as she watched, as she tried to piece together what had happened before she arrived. The girl wanted it, wanted whatever Patrice had been giving her. And she felt relief in seeing Patrice so self assured. In fact, she felt her own desire rising.

Patrice nodded, relieved that the girl wasn't scared, not too much anyway. She pinched the girl's nipples, tugging at them as she spoke, "I need you to know that what happened earlier will not happen again. I was out of line to take my anger out on you." She leaned down and kissed the brunette's neck, grazing her teeth over the already red mark on her skin, "However, it appears it wasn't entirely uninteresting to you." She tried not to smile again, enjoying feeling the girl shifting under her, "am I wrong Sabina?"

"No," Sabina breathed, arching up as Patrice's bit her neck. "Please..." She knew that Patrice wanted full sentences but she simply wasn't that coherent.

"Full sentences, Sabina," Alex said firmly. She sauntered forward, stopping to kiss Patrice firmly. Then, she merely perched on the edge of the bed, making her presence obvious without interjecting herself into the situation completely.

Patrice shivered when Alex spoke. Even with their familiarity, Alex could make Patrice's stomach drop with a simple change of tone. She turned back to Sabina and waited for a reply, continuing to roll the brunette's nipples, more roughly now.

Sabina whimpered. "Please..." She bucked and twisted under Patrice. "Keep touching me..." She blushed furiously, "Keep hurting me," she whispered.

Alex raised her eyebrows, surprised at the last. It was easy to think of Sabina as delicate, scared, as a pretty girl to be coddled even as she was taught. But this...this was new, interesting. She found herself leaning forward, her breath quickening.

Patrice's pulse quickened at Sabina's last plea, and she leaned over her, trying not to look surprised. If that was what the girl wanted, needed to try then she wasn't going to be one to make her feel ashamed. She pinched a little harder with one hand and gripped the brunette's chin with the other, focusing her and reading the desire in her eyes. There was confusion and surprise there as well, and Patrice decided to oblige her, but slowly. She turned to Alex and raised an eyebrow, "Well, I think someone could use the rest of the lesson she didn't get earlier."

Sabina arched into the touch, flashes of pain leaving desire in it's wake. She sucked in a breath. "Yes...God..."

Patrice didn't need any more reassurance, and she reached up and untied Sabina from the headboard, keeping the cuffs on. Patrice leaned down and kissed her possessively, then addressed Alex, "get me a blindfold." Patrice wanted to push Sabina gently at first, and with this she would have to trust them, as well as the added confusion of not knowing who was touching her at any given moment.

Sabina's eyes went wide, at least until her eyes were covered. She squirmed more, trying to reach out for Patrice or Alex or anything.

Without hesitation, Alex went to get the blindfold. She tied it around Sabina's eyes with expert care, and when she was finished, she smiled to Patrice. Such sensory deprivation had always been a delight to her, and she hoped it would be the same for the girl. Silently, she asked what her partner would like from her.

Patrice looked at Alex and smiled slightly, taking a moment to prepare herself, getting in the right mindset this time. She tightened her fingers in Sabina's hair and drug her up from the bed to her knees, making room for Alex to move behind Sabina. She was already anticipating, it had been awhile since she had seen the girl marked properly.

Sabina tried to find her balance, but it was difficult with the blindfold on. She ended up swaying against whoever was behind her. Her breath was coming more rapidly and everything seemed slightly surreal.

Alex steadied the girl before moving away. She kissed Patrice briefly but with intent; however, she did not linger as she disappeared into the closet. After a moment, she returned, a harness and dildo situated perfectly on her hips. She smirked to Patrice as she took up position behind Sabina, pressing into the girl.

Patrice smiled back at Alex over the girl's shoulder, holding her steady. The brunette's gasp turned into a moan. She pressed into the dildo, trying desperately to remain upright. She wanted... She didn't know what she wanted, but she knew that she didn't want them to stop.

"Quiet." Patrice ordered to Sabina, keeping one hand still gripping the girl's shoulder, pushing her back against Alex, she brought the other down to toy with the girl's nipples, twisting them, rolling them between her fingers.

Alex smirked even as she felt her desire quicken at Patrice's sure tone. She began to press into Sabina harder, her strokes firm. She knew that they would not be entirely comfortable for the girl, but Alex guessed that Sabina would respond well to the treatment. And with that force behind her movements, she was pushing her into Patrice. "That's it," she said, voice low, almost a groan. She set her gaze upon the blonde and stared intensely.

Sabina winced and bit her lip to stop from making any noise. The pain only made her want it more, and she kept pressing back. Her head was swimming, and her awareness had shrunk to the dildo pressing into her and the fingers on her already sore nipples.

When Patrice registered Sabina's growing tension she moved her hand from the girl's breast to lightly tease her clit, letting Alex's thrusts press Sabina into her hand.

Pressing her chest against Sabina's back, Alex leaned forward and caught Patrice in a fierce kiss, holding here there until it was necessary to pull away. And when she did, she nipped lightly at the blonde's bottom lip before smiling. A whimper escaped from Sabina's throat as she felt them pressed against her. She was so close, and she squirmed against the fingers on her clit. Her lip was bleeding slightly and as she tasted the blood, she whimpered again.

Patrice didn't move on her first instinct upon hearing the girl's whimper. She looked so innocent, so young, bound and blinded. Still, Patrice couldn't deny her the earlier request, and the poignant way she was squirming told her she wasn't going too far. The blonde raised her hand and slapped Sabina across the cheek. The blow was enough to startle her, though not to leave a mark. Alex's breath caught in her throat, but she merely continued, her thrusts even, forceful. She lowered her head with the intent to kiss Sabina's shoulder, but as soon as her lips touched the delicate skin, she opened them to bit, marking the girl just lightly. She looked up through her lashes as she kissed the skin once again. Patrice's push against her own instinct was clear in her bright eyes, but her determination, her attention to the girl and the precise, sure way she moved made Alex moan softly.

At the slap, Sabina reeled back, but it only made her moan. She shuddered between them, grabbing at anything she could as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

When she felt the girl let go, Patrice leaned in and kissed her almost forcefully, drawing the moment out as long as she could. When the girl's grip slackened and she sagged between them, Patrice held Sabina, letting her come down in her own time. She brushed her fingers over the girl's slightly flushed cheek, smoothing her previous actions.

Alex pulled away, letting Patrice bring Sabina down, letting her finish what she had started. She watched as Patrice closed her eyes, the weight of the past few hours, of the past few weeks lifting at least a little off of her shoulders. But she did not let the moment last too long. Alex put her hands on her hips and glanced down tot he dildo. "Patrice..." she said firmly.

Patrice shifted, laying Sabina down on the bed gently. She raised an eyebrow at Alex, asking both what she had in mind, and also whether they should let Sabina watch.

The blonde moved to the bed and pulled Sabina's blindfold away, indicating that it was alright if she watched.. The girl was likely too tired for much else at the moment. She went back to Patrice and stroked her cheek as she cocked her head. "How should I punish Patrice, Sabina?"

"I..." Sabina looked between the two of them, utterly lost. "I think...," she tried to stall, until her brain could catch up to what was happening. "Why are you punishing her?" Sabaina was confused, not sure what Patrice had done that needed punishing.

Alex pursed her lips even though the question actually amused her. She went to Sabina again, this time running her hands up the girl's sides, stopping to tease her tender nipples. "Why do you think I'm punishing her?" she asked, smirking.

"I... I don't know." Sabina looked up at Alex. Patrice's actions hadn't really made sense earlier, when she had been so angry, had she done something wrong? Sabina wasn't sure. She had been enjoying it so much. "She... was angry?"

"I think you liked that a bit too much," Alex whispered, tweaking the girl's nipples harder. "I think you might not have been paying attention because of that."

Sabina whimpered and arched upward. "I'm sorry...I'll try to do better."

"Yes. You will." Alex bent, kissing her firmly. "Mm. I think it's time to make your training more rigorous. Perhaps I'll give you a whipping tomorrow." She turned back, glancing at Patrice. "But I think only a spanking for Patrice tonight." The blonde's tears were still fresh in her mind, and Alex could not help but let that soften her.

Sabina whimpered again and squirmed, already looking forward to the next day.

Alex went back to Patrice, pulling her into a soft kiss before holding her at arm's length, looking at her discerningly. "Take this off of me," she said softly, glancing down to the toy.

She watched the exchange with rapt interest, enjoying Alex's calm demeanor in the middle of such a night. She shivered at the other blonde's promises, anticipating the next night with what she judged to be only slightly less excitement than Sabina. She moved to Alex, fingers going immediately to her waist, unbuckling the leather and helping it off of the other blonde. She never looked forward to a spanking, but knew she deserved it that night.

In truth, Alex was not looking forward to giving the punishment, but she felt it necessary for Sabina to see, even if the girl didn't understand why it was being given. She would at some point. It was afterwards, when she could feel Patrice's warm skin, when she could hold her close, that Alex found herself wanting. She drew Patrice with her to the chair they kept in the bedroom and used for this more often than the reading either of them claimed to do there at any given time. Once she sat, Alex carefully pulled Patrice over her lap. She ran her hand down her back, stopping to knead some of the tense muscles. And with a breath, a pause to let Patrice know she was about to begin, Alex finally brought her hand down without bidding the blonde to count. She looked up to make sure Sabina was paying attention.

Sabina was rapt as Alex spanked Patrice. She rubbed her legs together, reveling in how sticky her thighs were.

Patrice clenched her hands into fists, pressing her knuckles into the carpet for the first few blows, steadying her mind as much as her body. By the 5th, she was pulling her hands up, crossing her wrists behind her back to give Alex complete control. She didn't squirm, didn't kick, Patrice not one to show weakness twice in one night.

Alex took her wrists, only smiling for a moment at the absolutely poise. At twenty, she stopped. Liz would say she let her feelings get the better of her...Donna probably would too. But for Alex, it was enough. The symbolism of the punishment would weigh more to Patrice, she knew, than the pain. Finally, she released the blonde's wrists and rubbed her back warmly. "Come here," she whispered.

Patrice breathed deeply, the punishment had been long enough to allow her to organize her thoughts, but not so severe as to cause her body to move her to tears again. She slipped off the other blonde's lap, landing on her knees only briefly before climbing lightly onto her, straddling her. Patrice leaned against Alex, pressing her face into the other woman's neck for a moment. "Thank you."

The moment ended the scene for Alex, and she wrapped her arms around Patrice and held her close, soaking in her warmth. Alex kissed her shoulder and nuzzled it lightly. "You're all right?"

Patrice nodded against Alex's skin, feeling calmer by the moment. "Yes. I'm sorry for earlier."

"Don't." Alex pulled back just enough to kiss Patrice softly. "It's the past." She smiled and glanced to the bed where Sabina seemed almost in a trance as she watched. "Why don't we let Sabina sleep at the foot of the bed tonight, hmm?"

Sabina brightened at that, hoping that Patrice would agree.

"Good." Alex kissed Patrice again, this time more thoroughly before letting her go. She had a long day the next day and would not forget that she had promised Sabina a whipping. Slipping into bed with Patrice at her side and Sabina at her feet seemed the most inviting thing she could imagine.