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Patrice glanced at the coat rack by her office door. No, she most definitely did not have the blazer that matched her skirt, and was suddenly due in court that afternoon. She sighed and picked up the phone to call the apartment, hoping Sabina might not have left for class yet.

Sabina was on her way out when the phone rang. She thought about not answering it, but once she saw Patrice's office number on the caller id, she dismissed that thought entirely. "Pronto."

Patrice smiled, both out of relief that Sabina was still home and just because she loved hearing the girl's voice. "Sabina, glad you're home, will you bring me my navy blazer that's hanging on the closet door on your way out?" She didn't usually ask her to run such errands, but today could be an exception.

"Of course." Sabina bit her lip at the sound of Patrice's voice. "I'll be there in 15." She would be cutting it close to get to class on time, but she couldn't say no to Patrice, even when she was allowed to say no.

"See you soon then." Patrice hung up the phone and then called Jacob's extension to let him know to let Sabina in. The few times the girl had been to her office had been enough for Patrice to be well aware of his tragically misguided crush on the young brunette, but Patrice wasn't about to say anything.

It only took Sabina 10 minutes to get to Patrice's office building, and she smiled at Jacob as she breezed past him and into Patrice's office. "One suit jacket, as you requested." She flourished the jacket and hung it on Patrice's coat rack.

Patrice smiled at the girl and checked her desk clock, it was noon and most of the staff was out for lunch already. "Do you have class soon or can you stay a minute?" Sabina looked lovely as always, and whenever she pulled her hair up like that Patrice had an almost uncontrollable urge to take it down for her.

"I have a little bit of time." Sabina rounded Patrice's desk and perched on the edge of it. Given the choice, she'd stay with Patrice rather than go to class.

Patrice quietly ran her finger up the girl's leg, "Good to hear; then why don't you go close the door." Patrice smiled and leaned back in her chair, toying with a pen, twisting it through her fingers.

Sabina smiled widely and hopped off of Patrice's desk. She had about ten minutes before she would have to give up on the class for good for the day, and if Patrice wanted to fill those 10 minutes, she would happily let her. She closed the door and returned to Patrice's side. "Closed and locked," she reported.

Patrice smiled and arched an eyebrow at Sabina's eager attitude, however, though she was better at covering, the blond was already anticipating a very enjoyable lunch hour. She pointed to the floor in front of her, "You know your manners, they apply here as well."

Sabina happily dropped to her knees beside Patrice, though she didn't try to erase her smile. She looked down and waited for Patrice's next instruction.

Instead of giving an order right away, Patrice reached for the girl's hair, taking it down and running her fingers through it. She was glad that Sabina was behaving well enough to be looking down, and couldn't see the look of outright desire that was building across the blonde's features.

Sabina shook her head a little to encourage her hair to fall, and because she knew that Patrice liked it when it looked messy. She had put on one of the outfits that Patrice had picked out for her on one of their shopping trips, and while it wasn't anything that would draw too much attention in class, it was easy enough to push aside, or remove entirely if that's what Patrice wanted. Sabina tried not to fidget or anticipate what Patrice would have her do. She took a deep breath.

Patrice couldn't wait much longer, and she quickly undid the few buttons on Sabina's shirt, letting it hang open. She pressed a hand inside and tweaked the girl's already taut nipples each in turn, feeling her own arousal build. She then leaned down and kissed Sabina's cheek, then pausing to nip at her ear and whisper. "Much beautiful."

The brunette squirmed and pressed her breasts forward. Just that quick action on Patrice's part was enough to make her wet and she turned into Patrice as she whispered in her ear.

Patrice smirked at how eager the girl was and decided to indulge herself. She whispered again, but more firmly this time, "Get under the desk if you want to stay, I have things to do."

Sabina eyes lit up at Patrice's words and it didn't take her any time to do as she was told. She crawled into the space under Patrice's desk and settled on her knees. Her shirt was still hanging open and her nipples were still hard, and if she brushed them against Patrice's legs as she got situated, Patrice couldn't really blame her.

Patrice's stomach quickened markedly as Sabina hurried to comply and she didn't want to wait much longer. She reached and smoothly slid her panties off, tossing them under after Sabina since the girl would have to put them back on her eventually, then turned back to her desk as if it was a normal moment at work, brushing her toe over the girl's legs casually. Sabina had to stop herself from pushing against Patrice's shoe. She looked behind herself at the solid from of the desk and briefly wondered just how long Patrice would let her stay there. She really couldn't think of a better place to spend her afternoon, but she doubted that Patrice would indulge her for that long. She turned back to Patrice's legs and slid her hands up the outsides, pushing her skirt up just a bit. Then she kissed the inside of Patrice's knee, silently asking for permission.

The blonde let herself shiver when she felt Sabina's touch, there was something decidedly erotic about knowing the girl was there but hidden from anyone else's sight. With one hand the blond picked up the file she had been reading, and slid the other under the desk to pull Sabina firmly between her legs.

Sabina started licking at Patrice's lips, running her tongue over them, content to take her time. There was no way that she was getting to class that day. She steadied herself against Patice's legs and lazily kept licking, in absolutely no hurry to make Patrice come.

Patrice moved her hand away from Sabina's hair, and shuffled through the papers. She wanted the girl to hear her at least pretending not to be paying attention. Her attempts at nonchalance were foiled, however, by the way she hooked her feet through the base of her chair, holding her legs apart to allow Sabina better access.

With Patrice holding her legs apart for her, Sabina was free to use her hands to other purposes. As she licked, she shimmied her own skirt upward, hoping that Patrice wouldn't notice when she started touching herself. She was completely hidden from view after all. She nipped at Patrice's clit, then soothed over it with her tongue, doing her best to prolong the experience.

Patrice's fingers closed on the paper she was holding, creasing it slightly. She wanted to tangle both hands in Sabina's hair, to hold her and make the girl push her over the edge, but the sensation was too guiltily pleasant and she wanted to prolong it. Patrice leaned back in her chair, breath quickening.

Sabina rubbed her own clit and tried to suppress the pumping of her hips as she licked Patrice. She was entirely caught up in the moment and if Patrice had wanted her to spend the rest of her life kneeling under her desk, in that moment, she would have agreed.

Time had gotten away from Alex, so she was running a little late in picking Patrice up for lunch. Her text had gone unanswered, so she simply assumed that the same was true of the blonde. And that wasn't so unusual, after all. When she reached Patrice's floor, she noticed that Jacob's desk was empty and Patrice's door closed. Alex casually glanced at the open calendar on Jacob's screen, noting that Patrice didn't have any meetings immediately before the lunch hour, so she decided to knock casually and stick her head in, hoping she wasn't interrupting an impromptu meeting.

Patrice had her eyes half closed and her head leaning back into the leather of her chair, enjoying Sabina's touch and very nearly reaching the point where she couldn't resist letting go any longer. The blonde didn't register the door opening until Alex was in the room. Startled, Sabina jumped at the sound of the door and hit her head against the underside of the desk. The thump was obvious, and she only just managed to bite her lip to stop from cursing. She prayed that Patrice would manage some kind of cover story as she shrunk back against the front of the desk. She was blushing furiously as she tugged her skit down.

Alex raised her eyebrows immediately at the look she had seen on Patrice's face before the blonde registered surprise. And if she hadn't known what was going on before, she certainly had a very clear idea when, she could assume, Sabina became startled and hit her head. "Forget to lock the door?" She put her hands on her hips and pursed her lips, unimpressed.

Everything seemed to happen at once: Patrice registered that the door had been opened, she saw Alex, and heard Sabina hit the desk. The blond blushed furiously and pushed her chair back, standing and trying to push her skirt back down. It wasn't that Alex hadn't seen her in far more compromising positions before, but the location and the surprise got the better of her, "Alex! I...was....umm.."

Sabina let out a breath in relief at hearing Alex's voice. At least she wasn't going to get Patrice fired. Her shirt was still unbuttoned as she slid out from under Patrice's desk. She supposed that she was still under orders to stay there, but she didn't think Patrice would remember that.

"I believe Sabina is late for class." If Alex was right, the brunette had missed most of the beginning. Her eyes lingered on Sabina's unbuttoned shirt for a moment before she turned them again to Patrice. The situation presented irresponsibility heaped upon irresponsibility.

Patrice let her eyes shift from one woman to the other, feeling totally off balance. She was still uncomfortably wet, and her underwear were most definitely still under her desk. She looked down and despite Alex's demeanor, couldn't help smiling a little at the situation, "I....Sabina brought me my jacket I forgot and ...we must have lost track of time."

Alex crossed her arms, absolutely unswayed by Patrice's little moment. "Button up your shirt and go to class," she said to Sabina, her tone leaving no room for argument.

"But..." Sabina was already buttoning up her shirt, but it seemed at bit pointless to go to class now. By the time she got there it would almost be over and thinking that she'd be able to concentrate was really just asking too much.

Patrice watched Sabina comply and pulled herself together, noting that Alex was less amused by the situation than she was. The blond hadn't intended to keep the girl from class, and in retrospect knew she shouldn't have let things linger, but temptation had gotten the best of her.

"Go," Alex said. She turned back to Patrice, giving her a pointed look. "I don't think you have time to come out to lunch. Be home early." Her morning had been long and particularly full of frustrations, so she was in no mood to negotiate with either of them.

Sabina grabbed her bag and slipped out, wondering just how trouble she was going to be in that night.

Patrice crossed her arms, not entirely receptive to Alex speaking to her in the same tone as Sabina. However, she wasn't in the mood to put up a fight, seeing the other blonde's mood written over her features and nodded, "fine, I'll do my best."

Alex licked her lips as she took two self-assured steps toward the blonde. She took her chin firmly, forcing Patrice to look into her stony eyes. "See to it."

Patrice glared back at her, pulse rising again as she never could stop when Alex looked at her that way. She leaned in and kissed the other blonde forcefully before Alex could react, acting on instinct. Patrice pulled back, out of Alex's reach and stood taller, "I'll be there."

She met the kiss, surprise giving way to equal force. Without responding, Alex turned on her heel, determined already to simply head back to the office. Her mind, however, was already on plans for the evening.