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Sabina pushed the door to the apartment open. For the first week of school, she had been so caught up in the excitement that she didn't really think about how hard it would be... or how lonely. Her friends were all in Paris or on Sardinia, and making new friends was... complicated. It was only the second week of school, but as the newness wore off, she was left feeling homesick. She put her books in her room and grabbed Porcelian and Persia's leashes.

Persia bounded forward, sliding a little as she tried to stop in front of Sabina. She tried to sit, though she barely touched the floor in her excitement at seeing the leashes. Sabina's newness, for her at least, had not worn off just yet.

Sabina smiled slightly at Persia's antics and started scratching her neck, prasing her in Italian. "You're a good dog, no?" she clipped the leash to her collar and looked around for Porcelain.

The white dog was lying on her side in the living room, and she looked up languidly when Sabina entered with Persia following. Once she saw the leashes, she stood, going to Sabina more obediently than she had ever approached Patrice.

"Good girl." Sabina clipped the leash to her collar and petted her head. "Andiamo. Let's go." She opened up the door and walked them into the hallway.

The dogs trotted to the elevator and they both sat as they waited for the doors to open. Persia wiggled, her tail wagging slightly.

The elevator arrived, and after a quick trip, they were out on the street and headed toward the park. Sabina's spirits were starting to lift, a small smile gracing her lips. There was something about the dogs and being outside, no matter how cold it was, that cheered her up.

When Persia began to pull at her leash, wanting to trot out in front, to drag Sabina along in her excitement, Porcelain gave a low growl and nipped at the other dog's ear.

Sabina chuckled at their antics, a real smile finally lighting her eyes. She guided them under the snow covered trees and onto the path. She didn't know why Patrice seemed to have such issues with the dogs. They were perfectly obedient for her.

Jacob was hurrying along the path, taking a shortcut that didn't seem to be so short. He had Patrice's dry cleaning, hangers hooked over his fingers, draped over his shoulder and coffee in the other hand. The place was closer to Alex's than to Patrice's office, but she had insisted that it needed to be picked up so she could wear a particular suit to court the next day, and she wouldn't be home before the place closed. Of course had done it. And of course he had stopped to get coffee for himself. and he knew he would stop again closer to the office to get coffee for her. She was staying late, and that meant he would be staying late. But he didn't really mind because it was what it was, and he was so lost in to do lists and emails and the ten other things she wanted him to do and the five she hadn't asked for yet that he nearly ran into Sabina and the dogs.

Sabina reached a hand out to steady the man, only then realizing that he looked slightly familiar. "James...?" She thought that was his name, but hse couldn't really remember. He was someone from Patrice's office, but that was all that she could remember.

"What? Oh..." He stopped short of spilling his coffee all over the big, almost terrifying white dog that he instantly recognized as belonging to Alex, who was equally as terrifying, though possibly less likely than the dog, or Patrice, for that matter, to take his arm or leg off. The other dog seemed nicer, but he wasn't really a fan of dogs in the first place. The girl, he recognized immediately. "Sabina, right?" Event hough he knew it was Sabina because Patrice had introduced them briefly, and the girl had come in a couple of times. And she was totally hot in an almost accessible way. "It's...Jacob, actually. But yeah...hey."

"Oh, sorry. I've just, um, met a lot of new people lately." Sabina smiled sheepishly. "You... work with Patrice, right." She scratched Porcelian's neck, knowing that she could be temperamental with new people.

"I'm her assistant," He said, raising her dry cleaning slightly as if that would illustrate it. Porcelain, for her part, merely sat. From Jacob, she sensed the appropriate amount of fear and respect, so there was no need to assert herself as she had to with Patrice. Though, she ignored him equally as much as she did the blonde.

"Right." Sabina nodded, placing him in his proper context now. She flashed him another smile. "You, uh, probably need to be getting back... Did you want me to..." She gestured at the dry cleaning.

"Oh, that would be...I mean, yeah it would make sense." He smiled, shifting from one foot to the other. Dry cleaning was not exactly what he would want to talk about with a girl like her, but it was something. "But you've got the dogs...and yeah...I mean, whatever."

"No. It's fine." She reached out and took the hangers from him. "The dogs won't give me any trouble." She looked down at them "Will you?"

Porcelain looked up as if she were indicating that they wouldn't, and she would make sure of it on Persia's end. Jacob just thought the dog was creepy. "Thanks. Well, I should...yeah, Patrice has court tomorrow. So...maybe I'll see you around?"

"Yeah, maybe so." Sabina shrugged. She'd certainly be going back to Patrice's office, so it seemed logical. "Have a good night." She waved her fingers and turned back into the park.

"You too," he called after her. Free of the dry cleaning, he headed back to work. But with his thoughts on whether Sabina was just being nice or if that was maybe an opening to ask her out or if he should have asked for her number, except that her number was probably the same as Patrice's house number now, he completely forgot to stop for Patrice's coffee.