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It had been a week, and Alex wasn't quite sure how she managed to pull strings, run errands, and get absolutely everything in order without Patrice noticing. The other blonde had been incredibly busy, however, since their return, and Alex was half certain that it was because of her own doing, given the level of sulking she had seen from Patrice. It was difficult not to simply tell her, to make her smile brightly that way, but she wanted the moment to be special.

She had taken most of the day to see that Sabina got to New York in one piece and got registered for classes, got books and all the rest. Alex felt more like a parent than anything, but that was easy to file away, to compartmentalize. It all needed to be done and quickly before Alex could really feel like it wasn't a dream, something that could be pulled away at any moment. And now it was very real as she felt her own heart beating quickly with anticipation while the elevator took her up to Patrice's floor. She had left Sabina to get settled, instructing her to be kneeling in the living room by five. The dogs, hopefully, would have grown accustomed to her. There had certainly been other people...but never like this.

The bell brought her out of her thoughts as the lift doors open and Alex headed towards Patrice's office. She smiled to Jacob, nodding toward the open door, and when he nodded in return she stepped in. "I was on my way home. I thought we could order in...have a quiet night."

Patrice looked up from the (rather thick) file she was reading and smiled quizzically at Alex. It was early still, and usually Alex would only start to ask her about coming home well after 6. Still, the day had already been long and Alex's offer was enticing. "That...that sounds nice." She glanced around, wondering what to take home. Patrice had buried herself in work since returning, partly because it needed to be done, and partly to try and regain some normalcy.

Alex sauntered forward and pressed the file in Patrice's hands down onto the desk. She had her own share of things to do, but she wanted Patrice to have a clear head as they made their way back to the penthouse. "Let's just leave it all for one night, hm? It'll be fine."

Patrice opened her mouth to respond, but closed it again, shrugging. She didn't have much energy left to argue. She kissed Alex lightly and allowed herself to be taken home.

They were quiet for the ride, but that wasn't unusual. Alex fished her keys out of her purse while they were in the elevator, and she could hear the dogs as she turned it in the lock. She took Patrice's coat, along with her own and hung them. Everything was as usual...except that her heart was pounding and she had to bite back a smile. "Why don't you go sit down...relax. I'll open a bottle of wine."

Patrice nodded and shuffled through into the living room. She stopped abruptly at the door and looked again, sure her tired eyes were playing tricks on her. "Sabina..." she breathed, a disbelieving tone in her voice.

Sabina had removed her clothing and knelt in the living room at 4:45, just in case Alex was early, and she had been drifting slightly when she heard the front door unlock. It was enough to rouse her, so she was kneeling perfectly when Patrice walked in. She raised her eyes when Patrice said her name, but quickly looked down again. It was everything she could do to stay in place and not throw herself at Patrice when she came into the room.

Instead of going to the kitchen, Alex hung a little behind Patrice to watch. Now, she was behind her, hands on her waist. The smile she had been fighting was bright on her face. "Surprise."

Patrice spun in Alex's arms to face her, eyes questioning, "What's going on? How did you?" Patrice's mind hadn't caught up yet, but she didn't wait for Alex to answer and crossed the room to Sabina. She ran her fingers only quickly through her hair before tugging her up and kissing her.

Sabina pressed herself into Patrice and wrapped her arms around her. She couldn't stop herself from smiling and she hoped that they wouldn't be too upset with her. Half an hour earlier she had been tired; the jet lag had been catching up with her and everything had an edge of surrealness to it. She couldn't quite believe that she had given up her life in Paris to move to New York on what seemed like nothing more than a whim. Now she was starting to remember why she had agreed to come.

Alex stood back, letting them have the moment, still smiling to see both women so delighted. She knew she wouldn't question the decision again, not after seeing Patrice's face. "I thought we could use a housegirl," she said, chuckling and petting Porcelain as she nuzzled her hand. "And I...pulled a few strings to see that we got the perfect one."

Patrice released Sabina for a moment and looked at Alex again, silently asking if she was serious. "I think there's more to this story than I know. Alex, how did you manage this?"

Sabina nuzzled lightly against Patrice's hand when Patrice let her go. She still had her arms wrapped around Patrice and she put her head on her shoulder.

"I have a friend at the American embassy in Paris...and I have a few friends at NYU." She smiled and drew the two apart, pulling Patrice to sit next to her on the sofa and allowing Sabina to kneel between them. Even in the reunion, Alex wanted to maintain some sense of the type of decorum she expected. "I asked Sabina after our second night and it was an absolute nightmare getting everything done in a week and a half without you noticing after that, but..." She laughed and pulled Patrice close, kissing her lightly. "That smile on your face is absolutely worth it..."

Sabina knelt between them and tried to clear her expression. It didn't work well, and she couldn't quite make her smile go away.

Patrice couldn't stop smiling, alternating between the two other women. She stroked her fingers through Sabina's hair as she realized the implications, and also that Alex had been speaking in the "we" throughout the conversation. She looked meaningfully at the other blonde. "I don't think I'll be wanting to go back to my condo much anymore."

"I was hoping you'd say that," Alex murmured as she stroked Patrice's cheek. That Sabina was still smiling and nearly squirming with delight didn't bother her at all. It was quite endearing, and there was something about having her there...having them both there that made the place feel more like home than it had since she'd come back to the city.

Patrice took Alex by the hand, suddenly feeling like dinner could wait a bit. She pulled her toward the bedroom, pausing at the door to notice that Sabina was still kneeling, behaving admirably. "You can come too," she said to her softly.

Sabina scrambled up, too excited to be elegant and followed them. She hadn't really explored the apartment at all, afraid to go someplace that Alex didn't want her in. She ran a hand over the back of one of the dogs, the feel of fur and muscle settling her just a bit. Porcelain liked the new girl immediately. She was someone she could protect, but when the three headed for the bedroom, she veered off into Sabina's room, content to take a nap there.

Alex looked over her shoulder and smiled when she was facing forward again. She let Sabina close the bedroom door and immediately wrapped her arms around Patrice, pulling her into a deep kiss. It seemed like they hadn't had a moment that wasn't full of distractions since the trip. Patrice returned the kiss, focusing completely on Alex. That Sabina was there made the air in the room resonate with more comfort and excitement. She leaned back only slightly after a moment to motion to Sabina to get on the bed, then turned back to Alex to kiss her again.

Without hesitation, Sabina crawled onto the bed and knelt close to Patrice and Alex. She wanted to be closer, to be touched, but she knew better than to try to push herself between them.

Alex pressed her fingers between Patrice's legs, pushing her skirt up and panties aside before pressing into her with quiet, forceful desire. Patrice moaned as she pulled her own shift off before fumbling to do the same with her bra, dropping it to the floor just as Alex bent, taking one of Patrice's nipples in her mouth, reveling in the salty taste of the blonde's skin, in the way she moved under her. Patrice moaned and closed her eyes, arching into the touch. She pulled Alex closer, encouraging. The other bond's skin was soft and warm against hers in contrast to the cool blankets under her back. Patrice traced the back of Alex's leg with the heel of her pump and let herself go, not trying to drag it out, she was already close.

Sabina slid off of her knees and sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed, watching so intently that she didn't realize that she was doing it.

When she felt Patrice's orgasm, Alex curled her fingers into it, coaxing the blonde through as she whispered her name against her chest. She stilled as Patrice stilled and listened to their heartbeats, their unsteady breaths as they came more slowly. Heat was pulsing between her legs, and without realizing, Alex found herself pressing her hips into Patrice's.

The blonde breathed for a moment, head still swimming from the rush of pleasure. When she felt Alex moving again, she reached down and slipped her hand between them, pressing into Alex, and rocked them gently, pushing her.

Alex arched as she rocked against Patrice's touch, establishing a well formed rhythm. She tossed her head back, eyes closed, moan escaping her lips unabashedly. She was close enough that a few more moments would be enough. Patrice looked up at Alex, her own pulse rising again as she took in how beautiful the other woman was. She never forgot it, but moments like these still left her breathless.

With a shuddering breath, Alex came quickly, her body clenching and releasing as she let herself fall into Patrice's waiting arms. She kissed the blonde's neck. She had almost completely forgotten that they were being watched.

She wrapped Alex tightly in her arms when she slipped down, and pressed her cheek to the other woman's pulse. Their heartbeats seemed to slow together, and Patrice idly ran her fingers under Alex's shirt and over her back, taking a moment before they would shift and reward Sabina for her patience. Finally, she simply removed Alex's shirt, wanting to feel the blonde's skin against hers.

Sabina was still sitting there, shifting with desire and watching them. She wanted to join them, but she was aware enough to know that she had to stay in place

After what seemed like a long moment, Alex's eyes fluttered open. She smiled at Patrice, finally feeling as if everything were back to normal, as if everything were really falling into place. She slipped out of her skirt and discarded her panties and bra before pulling Patrice's skirt and panties off as well. When she saw Sabina, however, she could not help but chuckle.

Patrice followed Alex's gaze and smiled as well. Sabina looked about ready to take a flying leap at them from across the bedspread. She shifted from under Alex and went to the girl, kneeling up in front of her so she could watch her dark eyes. The blonde paused for only a moment, and then began to work her fingers over Sabina's bare skin, teasingly moving lower. Sabina whimpered in relief at finally being touched. She pressed into Patrice and scrambled back onto her knees.

Alex propped herself on her elbow, content to watch. Their roles with Sabina were already clear, but Alex felt that the beginning of a stronger bond--the bond she shared with Adrian and Patrice with Donna--had begun to form there. Patrice had told her about what happened to Sabina, how she was introduced, and she could not help but want to give the girl a truly nurturing environment while they all took their pleasures.

Patrice didn't stop to reprimand Sabina for being off her knees, though it would be one of the last times such an oversight would be tolerated she was sure. The blond whispered to the young woman quietly as she touched her, keeping her focus split to pull out the moment, telling her how beautiful she was. Patrice smiled to herself when she moved in as if to kiss the young woman, Sabina instinctively reaching to meet her, but instead dipped her head and methodically and idly marked her creamy skin. As she did, she finally pressed her fingers between the brunette's legs. Sabina cried out softly as Patrice touched her. She jerked forward into the touch and wrapped an arm around Patrice to steady herself.

Licking her lips, Alex sat up to better see the mark Patrice had made. She moved to the two, kissing Patrice's shoulders softly. "Beautiful," she murmured before taking hold of the brunette and marking her skin opposite Patrice's work. She could hardly resist such a simple temptation.

Sabina squirmed and looked down at the matching marks on her skin. There was something about it that seemed right and she hoped that they would take a while to fade. She kept squirming under Patrice's hands, completely unable to stop herself.

Patrice smiled at Alex and pushed Sabina firmly between them, not breaking her contact with the young woman. She rolled one of Sabina's taut nipples in her fingers and took a moment to lean over the brunette's shoulder to kiss Alex again. She met the kiss with renewed force. Any thoughts of having Sabina serve them their dinner that night were long out of her mind. She pressed her palm firmly up Sabina's side, touching her more possessively than she had in Paris. When she stopped, she tweaked the young woman's nipple hard before moving her hand to the other.

Patrice released Alex's lips and shifted to bring her thumb to brush over Sabina's clit firmly. She whispered to the young woman again, "It's okay, you can come now." The girl felt so lithe between them, and Patrice could feel Alex's heat still close.

It only took Sabina a moment to do as she was told, the body curling around Patrice's fingers. She reached out for Alex at the same time, her hand finding purchase on Alex's hip.

She smiled and took Sabina into her arms, taking the girl's weight as Patrice brought her down slowly. "Good girl," she murmured, kissing the brunette's soft hair. "Very good." She smiled up at Patrice then.

Patrice moved her hands back up Sabina's body, caressing gently, thoughtfully. She let Alex hold her and relaxed on the bed, calming. After a few moments the blond realized just how hungry she was, that it had been many hours since lunch. She smiled again and wondered if Sabina had earned the reward of sitting with them at the table that night, or if she would be better off by their feet.

Sabina eyes were drifting closed as she soaked up the warmth between Alex and Patrice. Between the jet lag, the release of her orgasm, and the general feeling of contentedness being there with them, she was finding it impossible to keep her eyes open. She unconsciously snuggled between them, not thinking for a second that it might not be okay for her to fall asleep.

Alex chuckled softly, almost soundlessly as she stroked the girl's back, fingers glancing Patrice's. "Mm, I think it might be alright to let her sleep while we find something for dinner," Alex whispered.

Patrice nodded and slipped off the bed. They got dressed and silently went to the kitchen. Patrice took her time with Alex, preparing a simple meal, pausing occasionally to kiss her cheek or smile, imparting how amazed she still was by Alex's gesture. When the meal was nearly ready, Patrice moved to set the table but paused and looked at Alex, "Will we be needing two settings, or three?"

Pausing with her hands in the bowl of salad she was tossing, Alex cocked her head thoughtfully. "Two...I think the nap and everything else is enough of a reward tonight." She grinned to herself as she went back to her work. "I'd hate to start off by spoiling her too much...and we can always discuss all of the particulars after dinner."

Patrice smiled and nodded in agreement and set the table for two, lighting a few candles when she was done. She helped Alex bring the food to the table. "Would you like to wake her or shall I?"

"You." Alex kissed her lightly as an almost playful smile spread across her face. "You know you want to." But before Patrice could walk away, Alex suddenly pulled her into her arms, pressing their foreheads together. "I know this is a lot, all in all..." And even though Patrice seemed almost giddy, Alex didn't want her to wake the next morning overwhelmed.

Patrice nearly lost her breath again when Alex grabbed her. She smiled and nodded, "it is, but for some reason it seems to make sense." She wasn't entirely sure yet why, but was more than happy to see where life took them. She kissed Alex and then stepped back and went to the bedroom. Patrice paused in the door and looked at Sabina for a moment, then composed herself enough to wake her in a firm tone, "Sabina, it's time for dinner." When she saw the young woman look at her and nod sleepily, she turned back and joined Alex. It would be best if the young woman had a few moments to pull herself together.

Sabina rubbed her eyes after Patrice left. The nap hadn't been long enough and she could easily fall back asleep, but she forced herself out of the bed. She brushed her fingers through her hair to get rid of the tangles and walked out into the living room, then followed her nose to the kitchen. Once there, she knelt on the tile and tried not to shudder at just how cold it was under her knees.

Alex was there pouring the wine. She took up both of the glasses and glanced down at the girl. "You can go into the dining room." In truth, it was more of a generous nook off of the kitchen. The round table was set with two places, and it would soon be apparent to Sabina that she could easily kneel between the two chairs. Alex smiled at Patrice, already seated, and bent to kiss her cheek before handing her glass. "It's nice to have a shorter day every once in a while," she said conversationally as she sat. Alex began to help herself to the food, starting with a large bowl of couscous into which they had thrown odds and ends from the vegetable drawer in the fridge.

Patrice took the glass, sipping quietly. She served herself, taking more than she usually would. "It really is, perhaps we should try to make it a habit."

Sabina knelt between the chairs and tried to keep her eyes down. The smells coming from the table made her stomach rumble and she blushed.

"Once every week or two couldn't hurt, I think." She smiled as she delicately removed the lemon slices from her chicken breast with her knife and fork and began to cut it into smaller bites as usual. "Who might even make me a little more productive in the mornings." She tasted the chicken and moaned softly. "That's so good." Though she ignored it, Alex had heard Sabina's stomach. As if it were a part of their every meal, she picked up a piece of the chicken and lowered her hand to the girl's mouth.

Sabina stared at Alex's hand for a second, startled by both it's sudden appearance and it's contents. But it only took her another second to figure out what was expected of her, and she lent in and delicately took the piece of chicken with her teeth. Alex was pleased that the girl responded so quickly and took a moment to smile down at her. She intended to feed her the chicken and bits of the tomatoes and carrots and zucchini in the couscous by hand, but it occurred to her that they might, as the meal progressed see if Sabina was poised enough to eat the slippery little circles off of a fork when offered. She leaned back and sipped her wine, enjoying the though, enjoying the moment.

Patrice couldn't help letting her eyes linger for a moment on Sabina as she adjusted to being fed. The girl was surprisingly adept, especially considering what the last few days must have been for her. The blond took a bite of chicken and looked at Alex, relaxation growing after her earlier surprise, "How was your week, as busy as mine?" It occurred to her that she and Alex had barely had time to speak since returning, and now she had a better idea of why. While she waited for Alex to answer, Patrice put a slice of carrot on her fork and lowered it to Sabina's lips, not taking her focus from the other blond.

The brunette took the piece of carrot from Patrice and chewed it thoughtfully. She had thought that she might just tune the conversation out all together, but now it seemed like it might be best if she paid attention. If they were having a busy week, then she would have to make sure that they could relax when they were at home. She didn't know how that was going to work when school started again and she had busy weeks, but that wouldn't happen until at least halfway through the semester.

Alex swirled the wine thoughtfully in her glass, watching Patrice move as easily as if she'd been doing this with a housegirl for years. "I feel like I spent most of it cleaning up a mess made from a mix-up in paperwork while we were gone." She shook her head before taking a long sip. "It's been one headache after another." The fact that she had juggled planning all of this on top of that went unsaid, but Alex felt completely compensated for that already. She lowered a bite of couscous to Sabina. "It's been a blur." A blur without much of Patrice in it.

The couscous was a bit more challenging, but Sabina managed it, delicately licking it from the fork.

"I think Jacob was preparing himself for my return for awhile, he'd even alphabetized my phone messages." Patrice chuckled, always amazed at how the boy seemed to anticipate her bad moods. "However, I think it was just an effort to distract me from the fact that we missed a motion deadline. It's not the end of the world, but took some smoothing over." Patrice took a sip from her water glass and then held it toward Sabina, silently asking if she wanted some. Sabina took a sip of the water, wishing that it would turn to wine in her mouth. She didn't know that she needed anyone to go to orientation with her. She was sure that if they pointed her toward the closest subway station, she would be fine, but she couldn't exactly tell them that.

Alex chuckled lightly. She was sure Jacob had quite a few horror stories about Patrice's moods. "Oh, that reminds me...Sabina has Transfer Student Orientation Monday morning. I have a client meeting that I don't think I can move..." She played at trying to get a tomato on her fork. "Do you think you can manage to go with her?"

Patrice finished her chicken and reached for the salad to finish, mentally going through her schedule, "I'm due in court for the 2:00 session, so that could work well. I don't have anything before."

Alex had no intention of babying Sabina; if she could get around in Paris, she would do fine in New York. But she wanted at least one of them at the orientation to make sure that they had all of the information they needed about her going to school. "Excellent. Mm, maybe I can meet you both for lunch."

Patrice nodded and held out a bite of lettuce to Sabina, "Sounds perfect. Hemersley's?" There was something eerily easy about this all, and Patrice found herself more at ease than she had been in a long time.

"Sounds good." Alex followed Patrice's piece of lettuce with her last bit of cucumber. She sat back and sighed, completely satisfied with the moment. 'We can take care of this later. Let's go sit." She stood, taking her glass of wine with one hand and offering the other to Patrice.

Patrice pushed her chair back and stood. She picked up her glass, and ran her fingers through Sabina's hair, "be good and clear the table? Then you can join us in the living room."

Sabina cleared the table quickly, pushing dishes in the dishwasher and straightening the kitchen, so it looked like how she assumed it was supposed to look. Still, it took time and almost ten minutes had passed before she was able to get to the living room and kneel.

Alex thought initially to take the time to discuss some things with Patrice before they talked to Sabina. But she decided it might be best if they all did this together, talked about it together so that it could evolve more naturally. Instead, the two sat close to each other, Persia coming to curl up on the sofa beside Patrice, and they ended up talking about moving Patrice's things. When Sabina entered, Alex raised her head from Patrice's shoulder and smiled. "We need to talk about some things,"

Patrice was already excitedly making plans in her head to move when Sabina came in. The girl knelt at their feet, looking up expectantly, and Patrice stroked her hair while Alex continued.

"I think it's fair to say that your room is your own, your space." She looked to Patrice for agreement before going on. "I think it's important that you have that since you're in school, so we won't come in without knocking, and we won't have any scenes in there. You can do what you want decorating it...all you need to do is ask."

Patrice nodded, "Also, you are here for us to train, but even more so, you are a student and that comes first. I think I speak for us both when I say that your performance there will go far in deciding whether this arrangement is working, you have a lot to gain by working hard." She paused to let that sink in before continuing, "rther, you are free to spend time in the rest of the apartment, but you may only come to our bedroom if specifically invited, and you shouldn't expect to sleep with us. That is a privilege, not a habit." She took a sip and raised an eyebrow at Alex, inviting her to add.

Sabina nodded her understanding. It seemed simple enough and she was looking forward to what the next few months would bring. She wanted to stay in New York, it was an amazing opportunity and she would work hard to live up to their expectations.

Alex smiled at how seamlessly Patrice's thinking went with her own. "When we know your class schedule, we'll adjust to something that works for us all, and we'll see how what we expect of you fits with what you need to do for school." She sat back, putting an arm around Patrice's shoulders. "Mm...and I think I'll have you walk the dogs," she added, almost as an after thought. That would be one more exercise in patience for Sabina,

Patrice bit back a small laugh, wondering just how long it would take Sabina to gain enough respect with Porcelain and Persia to not get hauled around the park. Her mind wandered, she was already looking forward to finding something suitable for the girl to wear around the house. She was more than pleasing nude, but there was a certain thrill in dictating her garments. Besides, Patrice liked being able to undress her now and then. She noted that Sabina, while content, looked tired from her day. "Do you have any questions? If not, you may get ready for bed."

"I... I don't think so." Sabina tried to think of anything that wasn't clear. Her bank card was with her things, and she had never really worried about money. She had told her parents that she had gotten an offer to study at NYU and they had accepted that. If they wanted to visit, she would deal with that later. "Is there anything that I shouldn't do? Or anyplace that I shouldn't go?"

Alex pursed her lips as she thought. "Obviously you know you should be discreet, and the rest...I think we can discover as we go." She leaned forward to stroke Sabina's hair. "But if there's something wrong or if something isn't working, you need to tell us that."

Patrice thought for a moment before adding, "Obviously as well you are to follow both of our requests without question, both here and if we go out." She smiled and added as an afterthought, "and of course you are too young to drink here, so you will only have a drink if we offer it to you and it will only be at home."

Sabina blinked at the last comment. She had completely forgotten about that. "But..." It was a completely instinctive reaction. She was from a family of winemakers. If her grandfather found out about this, he would kill her and nothing that Patrice or Alex could do to her would match up to that.

"No buts," Alex said quickly. "And that's something I do not want to have to say again. We'll get you a cell phone," she said, closing the conversation, "so that you can let us know if you're going to be late or if you need anything. And...mmm, I suppose that's all for now." She looked to Patrice for confirmation.

Patrice nodded, glad that Alex had stopped Sabina before she could say more. She wasn't in the mood to start correcting Sabina's behavior tonight while she was tired. The blond took the last sip of her wine and handed both of their empty glasses to the girl, "Put these in the kitchen on your way."

Sabina nodded and took the glasses. She was used to washing wine glasses, she had spent a summer doing it when she was 13, all of the glasses for the tastings at the vineyard, and the technique was still in her muscle memory. She was done in a flash and back in the living room at Patrice and Alex's feet.

Patrice looked her over and then nodded, "You can get ready for bed and wait by our bedroom door. It's been a long day."

The brunette got up and disappeared into her room. It was still pretty impersonal, but she'd do some decorating when she had the time. As she was fairly sure that putting on a nightgown or tee shirt was out of the question, getting ready for bed didn't take long. She knelt at the side of their bedroom door and waited.

Alex leaned forward and kissed Patrice softly. "I'm glad you're happy." She squeezed Patrice's hand before kissing her fingers and pulling her up so they could head to the bedroom.

Patrice smiled again at Alex and kissed her back, "I really am. Thank you." She went with Alex through to their bedroom and changed for the night, not asking Sabina to come in until they both had finished in the bathroom, and Alex had slipped under the blankets. Patrice went to the door and quietly drew Sabina up from her knees. She kissed her one more time and went to get in bed, expecting Sabina to follow.

Sabina followed her into the bedroom, and not sure what they wanted from her, she sank back to her knees in the middle of the floor. It was quickly becoming her default position when she didn't know what else to do. Alex chuckled and rolled on her side, letting Patrice tell Sabina what she expected.

"Come here." Patrice slipped into bed and nodded at the girl. "It's time for bed."

Sabina walked over to the bed and climbed up on it.

Patrice kissed her, but didn't move to pull her under the covers. She pointed at the space at their feet, "You can sleep there with us tonight, you were good today." It was a bit of a reward to not send the girl to her room, but still imposed their roles.

She nodded and curled up at their feet, pulling a conveniently placed blanket over herself. It wasn't as nice as being able to sleep between them , but it certainly wasn't as bad as being sent to her room alone.

Patrice leaned down and tucked the blanket around Sabina, stroking her hair a few times, "Good night." She lay back and snuggled into Alex, relaxing to the sound of both their breaths.

Alex was already half dozing, and she pulled Patrice close, kissing whatever skin was the closest. "Night," she whispered, nuzzling her lightly.