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Sabina walked into the club in jeans and a sweater, her backpack slung over her shoulders. She had been working on a research project with a professor over the break and their meeting had run long, so she hadn't had time to go back to her apartment and change. She smiled at the manager as he came to greet her and relayed Alex's request, her stomach knotting with nervousness. She took the second collar and placed it on the dresser before stashing her pack in the closet and removing her clothing. She wasn't sure if she would have time to shower before Alex and Patrice got there, but she risked it anyway, hoping to be finished before they showed up.

That it was their last night at the club was in the back of Alex's mind as they entered in what by now seemed a ritualistic matter. She was determined to make the night as unforgettable as the previous two had been. Holding Patrice's hand, she bypassed the bar and the common room to go directly to their own room, expecting to find Sabina waiting.

"I think you're going to enjoy yourself tonight," she whispered, kissing Patrice softly before they went in.

Patrice kissed her back and took the key from Alex to open the door. She led the other blond inside, "I'm sure I will." She looked around the small sitting room and surmised that Sabina was already waiting in the bedroom, as she had been the first night. She felt her stomach tighten pleasantly in anticipation.

Alex raised her eyebrows when she heard the sound of the shower and chuckled lightly. "Why don't you go and remind Sabina what time it is?" she said to Patrice. She had spotted the collar on the dresser, but she didn't want to put it on Patrice until all parties were present.

Patrice smiled and nodded, kissing Alex before turning to go and find Sabina. She stepped quietly into the bathroom and stopped just beside the shower. She could see the outline of Sabina's body through the fogged glass, and cleared her throat audibly to get the girl's attention without startling her too much.

Sabina jumped and squeaked at the sound. She spun toward it and pulled the shower door back to see who was there. Once she saw Patrice, she blushed, her skin turning red. "I... I... I'm sorry." She moved to get out of the shower, forgetting to turn it off and spinning around once she was halfway out once she remembered. She ended up sliding around inelegantly, flailing for something to keep her from falling.

It was all Patrice could do to not laugh at the young woman's antics. She bit the inside of her cheek to control herself and caught Sabina's arm to steady her. "It's alright, I'm sure we can find some way for you to make it up to us later." Sabina's skin smelled fresh, and she was even more alluring sodden, her hair lying slick against her back. Patrice straightened to keep from kissing her. "I don't think you need to bother getting dressed, dry off a bit and come join us."

Sabina nodded and looked down. She turned the shower off properly and wrapped a towel around herself. She was still damp when she stepped out into the bedroom and knelt.

Alex simply watched the display, quite enjoying the sight of Sabina fresh from the shower. After a moment, she sauntered towards her. "Sabina, I'd like you to undress Patrice."

Patrice's breath caught for a moment, but she recovered quickly. She felt the air in the room hang more thickly as Alex gave the order, and knew she was starting to blush.

Sabina got up and went to Patrice, her hands going to the buttons of Patrice's shirt. She brushed her fingertips over Patrice's skin as she did so. Alex watched, content with the time Sabina was taking. She wanted to draw out each moment tonight, so she began to walk in a slow circle around the pair, noting Patrice's flush, until Sabina was done.

"Now bring me the collar."

Patrice was just settling in and enjoying being undressed when she heard Alex's words and her eyes widened a little. She assumed the other blonde was letting her put Sabina's collar on for the night as the young girl hadn't taken the time to prepare herself properly yet. She chewed her lip, already looking forward to making Sabina kneel while she did so.

Sabina walked over and picked up the extra collar, taking it to Alex. She didn't know what was going on and she was trying hard not to guess.

The collar was not as soft as the one Donna had given Patrice, but the leather was supple enough. Alex rubbed her fingers against the leather before approaching Patrice. She kept the smirk off of her lips, but she barely hid it from her voice. "Kneel."

Patrice took only a brief moment to understand what Alex had in mind. She responded immediately, both with her mind and body. She bit back a whimper and let out a shuddering breath as she sunk to the floor, only lowering her eyes once her knees hit the carpet. It had been some time since Donna had taken off her collar for the last time, and she was surprised at how much she wanted it again. Something about the setting was right, the club, the room, and Alex all set a perfect tone. Already she was falling back into it, Alex's request giving her the chance to let her guard down and just respond.

Sabina's eyes widened slightly as she watched Patrice kneel. So that's what Alex wanted with the extra collar. She squirmed at the very thought.

"Hold your hair," Alex said, tone sure. She watched as Patrice gathered her hair, holding it off of her neck, and it was all she could do not to moan. But she kept a straight face, buckling the collar, fingers brushing Patrice's skin before she stepped away.

Patrice shivered when Alex buckled the leather snuggly around her neck. She straightened her back, pulling her shoulders together, but keeping her eyes down. If she was going to spend the evening at Alex's feet she would do it well, it would be good for Sabina too.

"And your collar, Sabina," she said, turning away from Patrice entirely.

Unexpectedly, Patrice lost her composure for a moment and looked up when Alex asked for the brunette's collar, having already been anticipating doing the honors herself. Quickly, she returned her eyes to the floor, hoping neither of them had noticed.

Sabina was too focused on getting her own collar and handing it to Alex to see Patrice slip. She knelt at Alex's feet and waited.

Alex repeated the motions with Sabina, and once she was finished, she stepped back to admire the women. The sight was pleasing, and Alex took a long moment to enjoy it. "Mm...on the bed...both of you."

Patrice bit her lip, not noticing how her old habits were beginning to resurface quickly. She stood, doing her best to remember herself, and slid onto the bed. She knelt again, knowing better than to relax just yet. Sabina joined her, kneeling. She glanced at Patrice, too curious to resist. She was impatient to see what Alex would do with them.

Taking her time to undress herself, Alex let them see what they could while they kept their eyes down. She wasn't paying attention to who was looking and who wasn't, but when she went to the bed, it was Sabina she pulled close and kissed. "I want to come," she whispered. Each night she had waited, and now she was not in the mood to be patient.

Patrice whimpered almost silently when Alex took Sabina from next to her. She glared in spite of herself, clasping her hands behind her more tightly to keep from moving. She wasn't prepared for how used to making decisions she had become. Sabina crawled on top of Alex and started kissing her. She wasn't paying attention to Patrice, as she was so focused on doing as Alex told her.

Patrice's glare, however, did not escape Alex's notice. She pulled away from Sabina and raised one of her eyebrows at Patrice. "Was there something you wished to express, Patrice?"

She glanced up, then immediately lowered her eyes again and shifted a little lower. She wasn't behaving well, and she knew it. The blonde fought to gather herself, she wasn't about to make a bad impression in front of Sabina, it wouldn't lend well to respect should they meet again. "No Alex." She fell silent and tried not to focus on what was happening in front of her.

"Good...hands on the back of your head," she said before turning her attention back to the brunette.

Patrice slowly raised her hands and did as she was told. She was quietly impressed at how well Alex could read her; she always had a hard time having to keep her hands steady when she couldn't grip them for control.

Sabina watched the interaction between Alex and Patrice. She wrapped herself around Alex and started kissing her again. She ran her hands down Alex's body and started touching her breasts.

"Mm..." Alex arched into the touch, moaning lightly, if only as a bit of a display for Patrice. It was the first time they had been so deeply in this type of arrangement, and she needed to see how far she could push. Keeping one eye on Patrice, Alex stroked Sabina's hair. "That's it, Sabina."

Patrice shifted slightly, trying to take her mind off of what she noted with surprise to be growing jealousy. She couldn't sort out just for what or whom, more likely for being made to watch. The clenching in her stomach, however, was offset by a growing warmth between her legs, and she allowed her breath to hiss with the anticipation. Patrice's arms were starting to tremble, and she couldn't help a discontented whimper when Alex spoke.

Sabina allowed herself a tiny smile and kept touching Alex, rubbing her fingers over Alex's clit and sucking on one of her nipples.

Silently, Alex noted Patrice's whimper, filing it away onto the list of transgressions she was mentally building. The arousal at seeing her that way, at knowing that the blond was jealous, left Alex wet, ready for Sabina's attentions. She shifted, moaning, not wanting to wait too much longer for her release.

"Curl them," Alex said in a sure whisper as Sabina pushed into her once again. She ran her fingers through the brunette's hair, twisting it tightly as she enjoyed herself. Her climax was close and would come quickly, but Alex was sure that there would be others.

At that Patrice did whimper, almost a whine at being left to watch. It wasn't the same as when she choose to watch Alex with someone else, this was a different challenge altogether. She started, and involuntarily leaned closer, one of her hands beginning to slip down towards the other women before she caught herself. She pulled it back quickly, ashamed at her behavior already. Shuddering quietly, she forced herself to think of what Donna's reaction would have been to her current demeanor.

As Alex came, she saw the shift, the slip in Patrice's demeanor, and she shuddered with the possibility of what she would do about it. But her mind was hazy once she came down and she pulled Sabina into a soft kiss. "Mm...good girl. Do you think you deserve a reward?"

Sabina looked at Alex hopefully, though she didn't dare say anything.

"Patrice," she said, looking up to the blonde, "Sabina deserves a reward. I'd like you to take care of Sabina. She's been a very good girl." She sat up and took Patrice's chin firmly in her hands, leaving the rest unspoken.

Patrice looked at Alex, instinctively leaning closer to her before catching herself. It had just become so natural to be with Alex without thinking. She organized her thoughts and turned to Sabina, her mind already jolted at how quickly her position had changed. She nodded quietly to Alex and slid closer to the younger woman, pressing her down gently onto the bed, and moving to kneel between her legs.

Sabina squirmed and wrapped her hands in the sheets. She looked down at Patrice and squirmed more. Just the thought was making her wet

Alex settled back against the pillows, watching thoughtfully. It was amazing to see how Patrice battled her instincts yet still moved so gracefully. And she would be the first to admit that the blonde was stunning. Patrice quietly allowed herself to enjoy Sabina's squirming. For tonight at least it wasn't her place to reprimand her. She lowered herself down slowly, trailing kisses down the younger woman's stomach while she methodically pressed her legs apart with her fingers.

Sabina spread her legs and pressed up into Patrice. She let go of the sheets and wrapped her finger in Patrice's hair. Patrice licked her indulgently, and moved to press two fingers into her, stroking her in rhythm. She pressed her legs together against her rising arousal, Patrice had been wet since Alex put her collar on for the night, and the anticipation was only increasing the sensation. In response, she quickened her pace with her fingers and tongue, felling the pleasure vicariously.

Alex smiled and gently began to roll one of Sabina's nipples in her fingers as she watched Sabina moan and squirm, as her orgasm hit her as Patrice licked at her clit. Sabina let go of Patrice's hair but she reached out, trying to pull both of them closer.

Patrice continued to lick as she felt Sabina let go. When the younger woman finally fell silent she leaned back on her heels, doing her best to play her part. She looked down and slowly brought her hands back to clasp behind her back.

Alex nodded to Patrice and pulled away from Sabina. She didn't want the girl completely running away with the moment of freedom. "Kneel up, Sabina," she commanded. "Patrice, find me a suitable dress." She guessed that there would be other things in the closet. "We're going to the lounge."

Sabina knelt on the bed as soon as Alex told her. Her knees were still weak, but she wanted to make Alex happy.

Patrice stood gracefully, now feeling more at home in the situation, at least for the moment. She crossed the room without looking back at Sabina and went to the closet. She emerged a few moments later with a simple black dress that she thought would fit Alex, and would be revealing without being too much. She knelt in front of the other blond, resisting the urge to touch her better this time, and held the dress out to her.

She nodded at the choice and took it from Patrice hands, drawing it on and slipping into her shoes. Alex let her fingers brush lightly through Patrice's hair before running her hands through her own. "Come," she called, expecting the two women to follow her into the lounge. The halls were a bit quieter that night, but the festive air was still there, as they smelled of fresh greens and holiday spices.

Sabina followed Alex and Patrice into lounge, keeping her eyes down and trying not to guess at what Alex would order her to do next.

Patrice felt every eye on her, whether they were really watching or not. There was something unsettling about being served one night, and serving the next. The feeling wasn't entirely unpleasant, however and she felt her skin tingle with anticipation as they made their way to an unoccupied set of couches along one of the walls.

Alex sat and pulled Sabina into her lap, encouraging the young woman to curl up there. She kissed her hair lightly, contentedly. "A drink," she said to Patrice before the blonde could kneel.

Patrice forgot herself, gazing jealously for a long moment at Sadie before turning on her heel and walking to the bar. When she came back a moment later she knelt close to Alex, doing her best to be as elegant as she knew she could be, seeking reward.

Alex gave her none, turning her attention away from Patrice and to the room. she had begum to recognize a few faces, and she was putting names with them from the night before. If Patrice was going to stew with jealousy on their last night, it was hardly her fault. And it was hardly a good example for Sabina. As she sipped her drink, she spotted Caterina, closely followed by Sadie, enter from a different hallway. Alex smiled and nodded towards her as she stroked Sabina's side.

Caterina looked around the room, seeing who was there and who wasn't. She raised an eyebrow when she noticed Patrice sitting at Alex's feet, but she wasn't overly surprised. She took her time looking at Patrice, not going to deprive herself of the pleasure. There was something about that dynamic that seemed to fit. She nodded back at Alex.

Patrice shifted and kept her eyes down. She knew she deserved, rather needed the reminder that she could still behave well despite the temptation. Besides, she had been already spoiling Sabina, and that wasn't good for either of them.

After a few moments, Alex nudged Sabina off of her lap and stood. She sauntered across the room to Caterina, expecting both Patrice and Sabina to follow and behave. Patrice was elegant and beautiful, and she had been well trained. She wanted Sabina to see that, and she also wanted to thank the duchess for the night before. "Your Grace, it's a pleasure to see you again. May I?"

Caterina smiled at Alex as she ran her fingers through Sadie's hair. "By all means." She indicated the seat next to her. "It's good to see you again. You really should speak to the manager about extending your visit."

When Alex sat, Patrice gracefully folded her legs and sank to the floor beside her, consciously kneeling between her and Caterina. There was more at stake now than just proving she hadn't forgotten her manners.

Alex smiled as she sat, drawing Sadie into her lap once again and letting her fingers fall into Patrice's hair once she knelt. "He has actually very graciously invited us back for the rest of our stay. We're looking forward to it." Alex hadn't yet told Patrice that fact, but now was as good as any time.

"Wonderful. You'll have a chance to explore a bit more. There are all sorts of things hidden in the nooks and crannies here. Have you made it down to the baths yet?" She reached over and brushed a knuckle over Sabina's cheek, then trailed her fingers over Patrice's shoulders.

Patrice felt her skin blush when Caterina touched her. It had been a long time since she'd been in a collar in public and she had grown unaccustomed to both the challenges and the simple pleasures. She couldn't help her breath catching just slightly.

"We haven't, but I'll certainly have to ask for a tour tomorrow." Alex smiled and settled back into the sofa as she idly fondled one of Sabina's nipples. "I was actually hoping that you'd allow me to properly thank you for last night."

Caterina smiled. "What did you have in mind?"

"Patrice has been well trained, but...mmm, she hasn't performed as well as I'd hoped tonight," she said, cupping Patrice's chin and forcing the blonde to look up at them as they regarded her. "But Sabina is still very green. Though, I'd like to offer you the choice."

Patrice hid her slight hurt at Alex's comment and looked levelly at the women, her skin tingling under their appraisal. She pulled her shoulders back and waited, ready to prove she could do better.

Caterina looked between Sabina and Patrice. It really wasn't a choice. After the amount of effort Sadie had taken, she was a bit leery of novices. "Patrice, I think." She ran her fingers over Patrice's collarbone.

"Excellent." Alex ran her fingers through Patrice's hair fondly before nudging her forward. She leaned down, "Show the Duchess our appreciation, Patrice."

Patrice felt her stomach quicken and she lowered herself to crawl the few feet over to Caterina. She knelt reverently in front of her, keeping on her best behavior, and waited for direction. She knew that if she did well, the night would end substantially better for her. Besides, if they were going to be allowed to come back, she didn't want to do so in disgrace.

Caterina ran her fingers through Patrice's hair, looking down at her. She looked like she was trying to pull herself together and Caterina appreciated that. She leaned down and kissed Patrice. "Whenever you're ready."

Alex settled back, watching Sadie for any sign of jealously. The girl was impassive and kept her eyes on the floor, but Sabina was squirming in Alex's lap. "Be still," she whispered. "And watch. You can learn from Patrice."

Patrice wanted to smile, but she didn't, feeling their eyes on her. She slid her fingers quietly up Caterina's legs and moved between them when the other woman parted them for her. The blond ducked her lips to kiss the inside of her legs moving steadily closer to her center, trying not to rush. Caterina kept her hands in Patrice's hair and slid into her touch. "That's it." She relaxed back against the sofa.

Encouraged by Caterina's voice, Patrice continued more surely, running her hands gently along the other woman's legs, hoping she wasn't taking too many liberties.

Caterina was content to let Patrice do as she wanted for the moment. She spread her legs further and drew Patrice upward. Patrice licked more intently, focusing on nothing but giving Caterina pleasure, listening for her breath to quicken. She wanted to both please Caterina, and to push Sadie whom she knew was watching.

Sadie straightened her posture. She wasn't all that impressed with Patrice anyway, and she was sure this would be nothing compared to the night she'd had with her mistress after the women had left the night before. And she had no idea what Sabina had done to be cuddled on Alex's lap.

Alex smiled watching the two. She reached out to brush her fingers down Sadie's spine, just idly touching the girl's skin. Sabina had quieted on her lap, and Alex was quite pleased with her behavior.

Caterina moaned softly. Patrice was certainly not a novice. She was distracted enough to ignore whatever Sadie was doing, her eyes closing as her body tensed. Patrice drew it out as best she could, trying to extend Caterina's pleasure as long as possible. When the other woman relaxed, she leaned back respectfully and lowered her head, "thank you," she said quietly.

She sighed contentedly and lay there for a moment before she opened her eyes. She petted Patrice and looked to Alex. "Thank you." Alex smiled and nudged Sabina off of her lap and onto her knees. She reached for Patrice, caressing her cheek for a moment, not bothering to hide how proud she was. "Of course. We should let you enjoy your evening." She smiled down at Sadie.

"I hope you enjoy yours." Caterina smiled at Alex. She motioned for Sadie to follow her and headed toward her rooms.

Alex decided it was time to retire as well. She had achieved everything she had wanted in front of other eyes. "Girls," she said, standing. She headed back to their rooms the way they had come, taking the time to decide what sort of punishment she wished to give Patrice—another lesson for Sabina, of course.

Patrice followed, making sure she entered the room before Sabina. They might both be wearing collars, but in her mind they were nowhere near the same level. She paused inside, not knowing what Alex wanted of her next. The blond was on edge, and hoped it was a reward, but couldn't be sure. Sabina didn't even register Patrice's posturing. She was simply happy following Alex around and sitting in her lap.

Alex had both of the women kneel on the bed. She did not undress herself, or ask either of them to do it, instead she paced lightly, still deciding on her next move. " made me very proud with Caterina, but I can hardly excuse your previous behavior." Alex sat in one of the high backed chairs. "Over my knees. Sabina, you are to watch; you need to learn how to gracefully accept a punishment."

Patrice shivered in anticipation at Alex's words. As much as she disliked the form of punishment, she did deserve it, and would not protest in front of Sabina. She slipped off the bed and walked across the room to Alex, taking a breath before neatly draping herself over her lap. She couldn't help but squirm a bit, trying to gain some balance. Her stomach clenched, and she hoped that Alex would overlook how obviously she had been anticipating a reward.

Sabina watched Patrice as she lay across Alex's lap. She would have been shifting and squirming with anticipation by now and she was amazed that Patrice wasn't.
Alex smiled mentally at Patrice's composure. She ran her hand down her back, appreciating the beauty of the lines before she began, swiftly beginning to spank Patrice in rhythm. In was something she enjoyed quite a bit while on the giving end, and she soon found herself as wet as she knew Patrice would be when she finished.

Patrice bit her lip to hold back her gasp; she was determined not to give in to surprise or embarrassment, though she felt both. Only Sabina's eyes kept her from kicking her heels as Alex continued, and she gently pulled her arms up when she thought she would loose control, hoping Alex would hold her still.

Alex did, taking Patrice wrists and holding her firmly. When she finally finished, she ran her hands over Patrice's red skin and smiled. "Good," she whispered as she pressed two fingers into Patrice, pleased to find her as wet as she expected.

Patrice exhaled as she felt Alex stop, and hung her head, relaxing enough to enjoy the touch. It was made better by knowing she deserved it, that she had redeemed herself for earlier. Sabina watched, her eyes wide. She wished that she could be like that, so in control and poised.

Alex continued, thrusting in Patrice slowly, her movements controlled. She still held the blonde's wrists, enjoying the visual. After a few moments, she pressed her thumb to Patrice's clit, focusing almost entirely on the spot. Patrice deserved the release, and Alex would deny it no longer.

Soon Patrice shuddered, her knees bending slightly as she finally gave in. She whispered Alex's name, thanking her quietly, before falling silent and relaxing fully.