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Though she didn't do it often, Patrice wasn't one to be a nervous flier. She looked intently out of the window as the plane gained altitude, giving them a sweeping view of the Manhattan skyline. Alex, being somewhat of a discriminating traveler, had put them in first class, and Patrice smiled warmly over at her. The past few days had been a whirlwind of packing and planning. However none of that was remembered now in favor of savoring the moment. She paused for a moment and then raised her small glass in a silent toast to the journey ahead.

Alex met the glass with her own and returned the smile. She had been fighting becoming drowsy and dozing off during the long taxi to the runway, but the takeoff woke her up as it always seemed to do. There was something about Patrice's calm that she appreciated, that made the prospect of the long flight even more comfortable. "I'm already glad we're doing this," she said, taking Patrice's hand and raising it so she could kiss her fingers lightly.

"Me too, thank you again for everything." She relaxed as the plane leveled out, keeping her fingers lightly intertwined with Alex's. The flight attendant came by and re-filled their glasses. Patrice took a sip; it felt so strange to be flying away for a full week. She rarely took a full weekend off, let alone this. She smiled again, and leaned over and kissed Alex's cheek.

With the flight attendant retreating and the other passengers settling in, Alex saw no harm in turning into the kiss, meeting Patrice's lips with her own for a long moment. And she was smiling when she pulled away. "Well, I think it's as much a selfish present as anything else." She rubbed the back of Patrice's hand with her thumb.

The drinks on the plane not being their first of the day, Patrice was settling into a somewhat playful mood. Whether it was the drink or the euphoria of leaving the city she couldn't be sure. She squeezed Alex's hand and leaned over to whisper in her ear, flicking her tongue quickly along Alex's earlobe before speaking, "I don't think I've ever had such a beautiful travel companion before."

The sensation tightened Alex's chest in pleasant surprise, and she felt her cheeks flushed prettily. But Patrice's mood was more infectious than off putting. "I might be jealous if you had." Alex whispered, sliding a little bit closer to Patrice, as close as she could get given the circumstance.

The change in Alex's color and the slight quickening of breath was not lost on Patrice. She smiled pointedly at her companion, raising an eyebrow, "No need." She glanced around, lowering her voice, "However, I think I might be about to have gotten something in my eye that will require your assistance," she nodded toward the restroom at the back of the first class cabin, "If you don't mind of course." She had never felt the need to do such a thing before, but something about Alex made her feel at once mischievous and at ease and she couldn't resist asking.

Alex arched one of her eyebrows as she followed Patrice's glance. She had expected some cuddling under the blanket she had rolled and put in her carryon, but this was entirely a surprise. Licking her lips lightly, she glanced up and down the aisle. If she brought this out in the blonde, Patrice absolutely hindered Alex's ability to refuse. "Not at all," she whispered, voice already thick with the promise, the small thrill of the moment. She unbuckled her safety belt and slid out of her seat, offering her hand to Patrice and feeling like a teenager.

Patrice smiled and took Alex's hand lightly, doing her best to feign discomfort for the benefit of the other passengers, hoping their actions would be construed as friendly assistance. She slipped into the small restroom, quietly pulling Alex in after her. Once the door was locked behind them, her demeanor shifted immediately. Patrice's eyes flashed, and she turned, pushing Alex against the wall and kissed her fiercely.

As soon as she saw the look in Patrice's eyes once the door latched, Alex's stomach tightened and flopped in delight, but she barely had time to register it before meeting the kiss, grasping Patrice's hips to steady herself. Gradually, she matched Patrice's intensity, pushing the blonde back a little bit as she pressed her hands under her shirt. "What was it..." she began, breath catching, once they broke apart, "that you needed assistance with, hmm?"

Instead of offering a verbal answer, Patrice shot Alex a shameless smirk. The blood was pounding in her ears, threatening to drown out the noise of the engines, and she could feel her body key up quickly under Alex's touch. The thrill of the location only added to her excitement, and she wasted little time unzipping Alex's pants, leaving them open. Patrice growled in anticipation, and slid both hands under the other blonde's shirt, pressing her back, and kissing her again.

This time Alex let herself fall back against the door, the rush of heat between her thighs becoming as overwhelming as Patrice's actions. And she gave into it completely willingly, letting a small, soft moan escape her lips. Alex already had her arms around Patrice and was working to unclasp her bra, fumbling as she pushed into the blonde's touch. She broke the kiss and began to kiss down Patrice's jaw, her neck, finally settling on a spot to leave her mark while she rolled Patrice's nipples between her fingers. An hour from then, they would probably both realize that this had been a ridiculous and reckless idea, so Alex wasn't going to let it get away from her in the moment.

Patrice's breath quickened as Alex responded in kind, and she was almost painfully aroused, almost frantic for more contact. She ran her palms over Alex's breasts in smooth circles, feeling her nipples harden under her touch. Patrice moaned as she felt Alex's lips mark her skin, and released one of the other blonde's breasts, bringing a hand quickly lower to slide under the fabric of Alex's panties. Patrice whimpered with arousal as she felt Alex as wet as she knew she herself was, and didn't hesitate before pressing two fingers into her.

Alex swallowed back a moan that she knew would most certainly be heard by anyone near the door. She pressed into Patrice and steadied herself by freeing one of her hands only to tangle her fingers tightly in the blonde's hair. "God," she whispered against Patrice's ear, desire lacing the strain in her voice. She didn't want to make Patrice wait, wanted to see her release as much as she wanted her own, so Alex fumbled with the button on Patrice's jeans and pressed her hand in, pressing the zipper down as she pushed under Patrice's panties, mirroring the blonde's movements with her own fingers.

Patrice kissed Alex again deeply to muffle her strangled moan, moving faster, their rhythm increasing immediately. She knew they both were close, and she rolled Alex's nipple between her fingers, pinching it as she adjusted her other hand to brush her thumb over the blonde's clit in quick circles. Patrice didn't release the other blonde's lips and slipped her tongue into Alex's mouth, claiming her fully.

In that moment, Alex felt herself tense tightly and release with such intensity that she shuddered, losing control of the rhythm of her own fingers pushing into Patrice. She let her hand slide from Patrice's hair, grasping at her shoulder as she desperately held on, still pressing needily into the kiss. "Come...," she whispered when they broke apart gasping, "please...please come..."

Patrice barely heard Alex. At the first shudders from the other blond she had given in as well, following after with no less intensity. She pressed her lips to Alex's neck as the last waves hit her, sagging against her lanky frame. It took a few long moments before the world stopped swimming in front of her eyes, and she breathed deeply against Alex's skin.

When she finally thought she could speak again without gulping air every word, Alex pulled away slightly. "Better?" she asked, a small smile coming to her face.

Patrice shifted back, her pulse returning to normal. She smoothed her clothes, putting herself back together. "Much." She smiled broadly and leaned in to kiss Alex quickly.

Alex met the kiss, still smiling, and she smoothed her own clothes, giving herself a quick look in the mirror. She straightened her hair and turned to Patrice, doing the same. "Ready?"

She nodded and opened the door quietly, at once relieved to find no one waiting. They slipped mostly unnoticed by the other passengers, most of whom were already watching the in-flight entertainment. When they had sat back down, Patrice pulled out the menu from the pocket on the seat in front of her, glancing over it quickly before tucking it away. She took a sip of her drink that had been left behind moments earlier, and sat back with a coy glance at the other blond. "I think I'll have the chicken," She stated smugly.