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The soft tones of our love

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Tension filled the air as the sound of a carefully played viola, accompanied by the gentle tones of a soft piano, building up to a reprise of the main theme could be heard in the concert hall. The face of the ginger violist was one of pure bliss as all the tension evened out into the main theme and the rest of the string ensemble joined in to heighten the sensation it brought.

In the back of the silent brass-part of the orchestra sat a dark-skinned tubist who tried his best not to look bored out of his mind. He was pretty sure he was unsuccessful as the trombonist to his right nudged him and gave him a pointed look. He sighed quietly and watched the tall blonde woman conduct the parts of the orchestra that were playing at the moment. Her name was Gwendoline Phasma(while at work she preferred Conductor Phasma) and she was his adoptive mother. Conductor Phasma had adopted the young tubist ten years ago, just as he had entered his teens, and taught him to play the tuba since they were low on tuba-players in The First Order orchestra which she conducted. The boy had grown used to being at the back of the stage, his face hidden behind a white mask, just like most of the orchestra. At the front were the few ones who did not have to wear the masks and who played the solo parts. They were Dohmnall Hux, who played the viola, and Kylo Ren, who played the piano.

Kylo Ren was not the pianist’s birth name, although he pretty much acted like it was and made sure that everyone called him that both on and off stage. He was born Ben Solo, only son of Leia and Han Solo.


Leia Solo(née Skywalker) was the daughter of the legendary pianist Darth Vader(real name Anakin Skywalker) and his late wife Padmé Skywalker(née Amidala). Leia used to be a great singer, but when she met the lead singer and bassist of the band Millenium Falcon, Han Solo, she chose to instead start conducting an orchestra called The Rebellion(which later changed name to The Resistance). Leia also had a twin-brother who had followed in his father’s footsteps with the piano playing and soon people all across the globe knew of the piano duo. When the family got to know that Ben liked playing the piano as well they rejoiced and taught him as well as they could in hope that Ben would join his grandfather and uncle to create a piano trio, but he left them for The First Order, an orchestra that had derived from Anakin’s old orchestra The Empire.


The song ended on a strong note and you could almost see Hux vibrating with emotion as his bow left the strings and let them ring out to their hearts content.

The audience stood up as they applauded the performance and all of the orchestra was motioned for to stand up to bow to them as this had been the last piece of the concert. The young tubist was relieved as he got the tuba off his lap and stood up to bow along with all the other people with him on the stage.

As the audience started to file out of the concert hall the dark-skinned tuba-player took off his mask and picked up his instrument to pack it away and make his way to the car where he would wait for his adoptive mom to be done praising Kylo Ren and Hux for the performance so they could go home.

It ended up being a longer wait than usual which he had expected when he had seen Kylo Ren storm out of the doors before being brought in by conductor Phasma again. He was such a drama queen.

When the woman finally appeared and unlocked the car the tubist put his instrument in the backseat of the car before sitting down in the passenger’s seat. The blonde sat down in the driver’s seat and turned on the car so they could start making their way home.

“We did well today.”

Phasma said to fill the silence.

“I guess so.”

The boy absently agreed, slumping in his seat as he turned to look out of the window.

“FN, sit properly.”

The blonde woman chided her adoptive son who sighed before doing as told.

“I will have to leave for a meeting with Mr. Snoke after I drop you off at home, so behave, okay?”

FN turned his head to look at the woman. He felt a small inkling of happiness appear inside him.


He asked, keeping his voice unfazed.

“Yes. I’ll have dinner out tonight as well, but you have become fairly good at making your way around the kitchen now adays, so you’ll be fine.”
Phasma nodded, still focused on the road. FN cheered inside his head and turned to look out the window again.


“Good luck at the meeting.”

FN said to his adoptive mother as he got his tuba out of the backseat to head inside. He heard her car drive away as he opened the door to the fairly big house they had. As he got inside he closed and locked the door, sprinted upstairs to drop off his tuba in his room. He took off his mask and checked the time(still early afternoon) before making his way into the garage where he proceeded to pull a stained cloth off of his most prized possession. He had paid for it himself with money he had saved up from doing different odd jobs around the town and he loved it more than anything… Well, it shared first place with his best friend, Rey. He pulled out the stool he used while playing it and carefully leaned his concert harp against his body as he let his fingers ghost over the strings.

He closed his eyes as he pondered which song he should practice today, and his fingers twitched in anticipation, sometimes making his fingertips touch the strings and making soft sounds which made the corners of his mouth twitch. At last he decided to play a more classical piece and he took a deep breath before his fingers got in position to start playing Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. He let himself get completely submerged in the feeling of his fingers meeting the strings and the tones that surrounded him.


Outside the garage, walking by, was a darkbrown-haired man with an atmosphere around him that made you respect him and want to be best buddies with him at the same time. He was a confident young man carrying a violin case with him as he was going home after a day’s practice with his orchestra. Well, he was heading home until the familiar tones of Toccata and Fugue in D minor hit him and he stopped to listen to the melody. It was expertly performed. The intonation was perfect and he could clearly hear the emotion put into the piece in the tremor of the tones and the dramatic changes in the dynamic.

He walked up to the door of the garage from which the sound was coming from. He put the case on the ground and pressed an ear up against the garage-door.

As the piece came to and end he took a step back from the door and he started applauding loudly, loudly enough that the person playing the melody surely must’ve heard him.


FN gasped and jerked back from the harp a bit, but quickly caught himself. He put the harp in a standing position and abandoned his stool as he walked over to the garage-door. He could still hear the sound of applause as he put his hand on the doorhandle.

“Who are you?”

He croaked out, a bit nervous since he was not used to talking to strangers.

“Someone who really appreciates some well-performed Bach.”

An unfamiliar voice answered. The voice sounded nice, well, as nice as a disembodied voice could sound.

“There are probably many people who do.”

A chuckle could be heard from the other side.

“Yes, but sadly not enough to make it a common thing for me to walk down the street to hear someone play a piece by Bach as splendidly as you just did.”

FN blushed slightly at the compliment. No one besides Rey had ever heard him play the harp before. He had kept it a secret from his adoptive mother since he still remembered her reaction to him wanting to play the harp instead of the tuba a few years after he had been adopted.

“Well, I… I…”
“May I see the face of such a great musician?”

FN hesitated for a moment. Could he trust someone who had showed up on his driveway to listen to him play Bach and then proceeded to applaude and compliment him? FN sure couldn’t see why not.


The player had been a guy! Wonderful! The violinist was ecstatic as he heard the harpist’s voice and he already loved the barritone of his voice and how he seemed so shy. It was not his fault he had a thing for skilled musicians. He felt his heartbeat speed up a bit as the sound of the door unlocking registered to him and he saw the door start to open.

Out of the garage came a young dark-skinned man dressed in a white suit. He looked shy and insecure as he stepped out onto the driveway and the violinst could feel the corners of his mouth spreading out, trying to touch his ears.

The harpist took a few steps out and the two musicians locked eyes.

They stood there for a few moments, just staring at each other before the boy in the white suit noticed the violin-case that laid beside the other boy’s feet.

“You play the violin?”

The harpist asked. It was close to a whisper as he was nervous at first and had not been prepared for the random stranger to be this beautiful. 

“Yes, I do.”

The stranger nodded, smile wide and warm.

“May I hear?”

Brown eyes met again.

“If I may know your name.”

“It’s FN.”

“F...N? Your name is two letters?”

The violinist was clearly confused.

“Well, they are my initials, it was the only clue as to who I was when I was left at the orphanage.”

FN explained, the violinist nodded.

“Well, FN is a wonderful name, but I feel like we could give you something easier to say, like… How about… Finn? May I call you Finn?”

FN tilted his head to the side, trying out the name in his mind.

“Finn? Finn… I like it! Yeah, you may call me Finn.”
Finn smiled widely at the other man.

“Great, Finn it is then! By the way, my name is Poe. Poe Dameron.”

“Well, Poe Dameron, will you come into the garage and show me what you can do with that violin?”

“Of course I will, Finn.”

The two stood still for a moment longer, once again only staring at each other, wide smiles across both their faces.


Finn was the one who took the first step inside, and he waited until Poe had picked up his violin-case and had walked inside before he closed and locked the door again. When he turned around he saw Poe looking appreciatively at his harp.

“It’s beautiful.”

The other’s voice was soft and seemed a bit in awe.

“It is indeed.”

Finn agreed and went to stand by it’s side, his fingers subconciously reaching out to stroke the tree as he looked at the other human in the room.

“Could you play for me? Please?”

Finn asked, and Poe turned to look at the dark-skinned boy with a smile.

“Yes, of course.”

He leaned down to start unpacking his violin and quickly checked to see if the strings were still tuned and tightened the bow and spent a few moments wondering which song he should play for the young harpist. The bow ghosted over the strings and soft tones could be heard before he made up his mind and placed the bow in the proper place.

“The piece you’ll hear is a solo version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D major.”

Finn watched excitedly as Poe created the tone with a slow and gentle stroke of his bow across the strings.


Poe closed his eyes as he started the piece, letting his intuition lead the tempo. He swayed softly in tune with the music and Finn copied the other man, his eyes slowly slipping shut as well as he enjoyed this very clear version of the piece.

As the piece came to an end they both opened their eyes to share a soft gaze that never would’ve happened if it wasn’t for the emotional piece that had just been performed.

“That was amazing.”

Finn whispered and the corners of Poe’s mouth tugged upwards.

“How about we play something together?”

The violinist softly proposed, making the harpist smile.

“What do you want to play?”

Finn asked as he leaned his harp against his body.

“Have you heard River Flows In You by Yiruma?”

Poe asked and a light gasp was heard from the other boy.

“Heard it? I love it.”

A wide smile spread across his face as his fingers got into the right position on their own.


The soft tones of the harp began the piece gently before the light sound of the violin joined in with it.

The piece was gentle but emotional and the sounds of the harp and violin truly brought out the beauty in it.

Both boys’ breaths were soft as they submerged into the music and they started harmonizing each other in ways they had never experienced before. No tone was out of place as the song went on and one could argue that not even a choir of angels could sound as beautiful as this piece did at this moment.


As also this piece came to an end, which they communicated through a mutually performed ritardando, both males stared at each other, slightly short of breath from having held their breath almost the whole piece to not let the sound of their breathing disturb the elegant tones.

“That was…”

Finn began, voice thin and he seemed completely in awe as he watched the other male.

“Absolutely marvelous.”

Poe filled in for the other.

Their smiles were delicate as they both had just shared a moment they never thought they would share with anyone, with someone they did not know. And they had both loved it. It was way more intimate than they had anticipated but they both realised that neither of them would trade the moment they had just shared with anything.


They continued playing songs together the whole afternoon until Finn could hear Phasma’s car outside. He quickly jumped off his stool and covered his beloved harp under the cloth again and told Poe to pack up his violin.

“You need to leave now. Phasma will throw a fit if she gets to know I invited a stranger into the house!”

“Who is Phasma?”

Poe asked as he put his bow into the case and closed it.

“My adoptive mother. Come on. You will have to leave through the backdoor.”

Finn grabbed Poe’s free hand as the other stood up properly to lead him to the aforementioned backdoor.

“When can I see you again?”

Poe asked as they walked through the house.

“I… I don’t know.”

Finn said as he sped up his steps to reach the backdoor before Phasma could get inside the house.

“Can I have your number then?”

Finn turned to look at the other man.

“Well… Yes, give me your phone and I’ll put it in.”

Poe let go off Finn’s hand to get his phone out of his pocket. He quickly unlocked it and opened his contacts to create a new one. He pressed where you should put in the number and gave his phone to Finn who quickly pressed in his number, double-checking to make sure it was the right number.

“So, now off you go.”

Finn said and opened the backdoor. Poe quickly embraced the other man before making his way outside. Finn had not even registered what had just happened when he heard the front door open and he quickly closed the backdoor, waving goodbye to Poe as he made his way into the fallway to meet his mother.

“How was the meeting with Mr. Snoke?”

Finn asked his adoptive mother politely as she shrugged off her coat.

“It went as usual, not great but not horrible either. Of course it would be better if Kylo Ren and Hux would just stop beating around the bush and get together already. Their sexual tension is distracting, both for them and for others!”

Finn smiled lightly as she complained about the two solists in the orchestra.

“Well, I’ll be off to bed now. Goodnight.”

He said before making his way up the stairs to his bedroom. He heard a distant ‘goodnight’ behind him as he reached the last step. As he got to his room he changed from the suit he had been wearing into a pair of comfortable pyjamas. He brushed his teeth and laid down on his bed before he got his phone to message Rey.

//I think I had music sex with a stranger.//

//What kind of music sex are we talking about here?//

//I mean the kind where we just met, I invited him into my garage and we proceeded to play the best duet in the history of all duets. cx//

//Love at the first tone? cx//


//FN!! :D//

//Actually, do you think you could start calling me Finn?//

//A new nickname? :o//

//Better than Fuzzy Notes.//

//Nothing is better than Fuzzy Notes! D:<//

//Yeah right… xD//

//But did the stranger come up with Finn?//

//Yeah, he did :) //

//Ooooh, an actual smiley face, you like him ;)//


//Knew it! Anyways, you must’ve talked to him at least a bit since you had music sex, so who is he? ;)//

//His name is Poe Dameron and he is an awesome violinist!//

//… Poe Dameron? Violinist? … Could he possibly be the primary solist of The Resistance?//

//What?! The Resistance?! What would a member of The Resistance do by my house? :o//

//Their practice facilities are not too far away, so...//

//… Would having music sex with the primary solist of The Resistance count as fraternizing with the enemy? xD//

//I do believe so xD//

//Well, damn then xD//

//Are you gonna meet him again? :)//

//I hope so :)//

//Well then, I wish you the best of luck with your music-boyfriend but we both need to sleep now, we have work tomorrow.//

//Right… Goodnight, Rey :)//

//Goodnight, Fuzzy Notes ;)//