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The Best of Intentions

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Poe finds Finn in the commissary and slides in next to him. Finn has the same the same weird-looking but good-tasting yellow goo on his tray as Poe. "Hey. what's your favorite color?"

"Um…" Finn gives Poe a confused look. "I don't know?"

"You don't know?"

"I mean, you know, favorite color was kind of too individual for me to be when I was…" Finn looks around the commissary. He still takes a fair amount of shit being a former Stormtrooper from some of the Resistance who refuse to understand--even after all this time--he didn't fucking choose it. Poe hates it and how it makes Finn feel, and he leans over and kisses Finn on the cheek to distract him.



"I know why you did that."

"Because I'm into you," Poe says. Finn looks like he wants to argue, but his eyes drop to Poe's flight suit.

"Orange," Finn says. "I like orange."

"Okay, second favorite color," Poe says. "Pretending like you can't ever have orange."

"Why are you asking me this?"

"Come on," Poe says, hoping to keep Finn from asking further questions. "Just, like, pick a color. Something you really like that isn't orange."

Finn thinks about it for a moment. Poe shovels half the yellow goo into his mouth, too many years as an always on duty pilot teaching him to eat quick and neat but not particularly classy. "Red," Finn says as Poe finishes the rest of his goo.

"What kind of red?" Poe asks.

"Not Stormtrooper designation red, but red like…" Finn looks at Poe, embarrassed, but doesn't look away. "Red like the patches on your jacket. I always sort of liked red, but I really like the red on your jacket."

Poe grins, touches Finn's cheek, and gives him a good and proper kiss right there in the middle of the mess. He hears a couple of boos, and then Skip dispensing justice on his behalf. "Red like my jacket. Perfect."


"Why do you--"

"Dameron to central command," the public address system interrupts Finn's question. "Dameron to central command."

"See you later," Poe says. "Tell Rey sorry if I'm late tonight."

"Okay," Finn replies. He grabs Poe's lapel before Poe can get away and pulls him in for one more kiss. "Come home," he orders, knowing as well as Poe that a call to central command likely means a previously unplanned attack is about to go down.

"Do my best," Poe promises and squeezes Finn's hand before he takes off.


Poe gets back two days later, exhausted from two days of no sleep and constant command. When he steps out of his x-wing, Rey and Finn are waiting just beyond the line of flight command, both waving frantically at Poe like he could possibly miss spotting them.

"Hi," Poe says, and he's pulled into a hug by the both of them. Finn murmurs relief as he kisses the side of Poe's neck. Rey just holds him tight and relaxes as soon as Poe's arm is around her waist. "I'm okay," he says. "Same as always."

"Please release Captain Dameron," General Organa says from behind Rey and Finn, equally amused and professional. "We need to debrief him before you two debrief him."

"Are you ever going to stop using that joke?" Poe asks as Rey and Finn step back.

"Absolutely never," General Organa says. The humor in her eyes is the only thing there, Poe is glad to see. It was only a few weeks ago the grief over Han Solo's death really started to receed from her face.

"Meet you back at our place," Poe says to Finn and Rey, and he laughs--as always--when they kiss him on either cheek in unison before walking away, arms around each other.

"You have really got to control that," General Organa says, and this time it's all amusement.

"I'm happy to take any tips you have," Poe replies, and he's glad that General Organa's smile is as bright as her eyes.

"I was never the one anyone came to for quieting a tempest of a love affair," the General replies. "Wouldn't even know what to recommend."


Poe debriefs, goes back to the quarters he shares with Finn and Rey, and sleeps for fourteen hours. When he wakes up, BB-8 tells him Finn went to discuss the syllabus for his Basic Stormtrooper Tactics that General Organa asked him to put together, and Rey is in the living room building a new condenser for the Falcon.

"Thanks, buddy," Poe tells him, and BB-8 chirps in pleasure before rolling away. Poe lies in bed for a moment and listens to Rey and BB talk to one another. He gets up after another minute and walks into the living room. There's a full, fresh carafe of Hoth Cof next to Rey, with an empty cup next to her own full one.

"The Force," Rey says in explanation to Poe's questioning look at her timing. "I got a twinge about five minutes ago that you were awake."

"That's useful," Poe says. He pours himself a cup and sits on the couch, stretching his legs out behind Rey and watching her work on the condenser, which is clearly pieced together from several others. "What's your favorite color?" he asks.

"Green," she says. "Green like it was when I got here."

"Thanks," Poe says.

"Sure," Rey replies, and she tilts her head back when Poe leans forward to kiss her on the top of the head. He kisses her on the nose instead, and she smiles and leans back the extra inch to get the next kiss on the mouth.

"Are you going to tell me why you asked me and Finn our favorite colors?" Rey asks a few seconds later.

"Nope," Poe replies, and he knows she won't push. She has great patience that Poe envies and drives Finn crazy.

"Spanner," she says, holding out a hand, and Poe passes it to her as he drinks more of his Hoth Cof.


Poe tells BB-8 what he's up to once they're alone. "You in this with me?" BB-8 gives an affirmative whistle then bleep-blips a question. "We'll have to work on it between missions and when they're not around, but I think we can pull it off pretty quick."

BB-8 rocks back and forth with pleasure and blips-bleeps again.

"Of course you will," Poe says. "That's a major part of it. It'll help us all take care of each other."


Three missions for Poe, an operation they're not calling smuggling for Rey, and four revisions of Finn's syllabus later (he and General Organa have been arguing about what constitutes "Basic" training), Poe puts the final touches on his surprise and nods at BB-8 to go and get Rey and Finn, who are both in the kitchen. Finn's cooking with Rey observing. She and Poe have taught him what they know, and he's expanded from there.

"What?" Poe hears Rey ask BB.

"Why can't he come out here?" Finn asks, and that's Poe's cue. He nods at the two droids by his feet, and they roll out chirping hello.

"WHAT?!" Finn yelps, jumping up and down, and then crouching to look at every detail of the red-striped BB in front of him.

"Oh, you didn't," Rey says as she sits on the floor with her legs crossed and holds out a hand to her own BB, striped green.

"BB-eight-one," Poe says, pointing to Finn's, "and eight-two," he says, pointing to Rey's. "Designated because I started on Finn's first."

"But, I…." Finn pets eight-one, and it blips happily at him, rolling closer. "Well, hey to you, too," Finn replies. "I don't...I'm not sure what we'll do together, but I'll come up with something."

"I've already got a few ideas for you," Rey says to her BB, pulling a small motherboard from her pocket. "Show me what you can do with that."

Two little clamp arms come out of eight-two's sides. It grasps the motherboard and turns it over, mapping the whole thing. It blips at Rey and rolls away to her workspace in the living room.

"Can you chop things?" Finn asks, and eight-one chirps affirmative, a tiny saw attached to a small arm popping out of a side compartment. "Okay, good." He lifts the droid onto the counter and points at the root vegetables he hasn't gotten to yet. "Give those a slice."

"So, you like them?" Poe asks. He laughs when Rey and Finn crowd him and say yes, they love them, and they kiss him, and then BB-8 rolls over and bumps against the three of them, bleep-blipping and chirping a full explanation.

"They're connected?" Rey asks.

"Sure. If we're within a certain distance, they can all let the others know if we're okay. So, if I'm flying, or you two are on a mission or defending base or something, we'll know how the others are." Poe feels himself blush a little at the admission. "And they'll, um, they can send messages to one another that the other droids can't see."

"So, if we wanted to send you a note saying you're good looking?" Finn asks. "That sort of thing?"


"Or maybe I'll send Finn some confidential instructions about the next time you get home from a mission," Rey says. "Can I send those to him without you seeing it?"

Poe feels his blush deepen. Rey grins at him and nuzzles his cheek. "Sure. If you want to sully them like that."

"It's not sullying them!" Finns ays. "You made them so we could!"

Poe can't argue because, yeah, he'd made them with the intention of communication between the three of them, but also...yeah. For that. A little.

"You built us BBs," Rey says, looking sort of awed as she watches eight-one slice the vegetables and listens to eight-two blip to itself from the living room. "Anything else we should be expecting?"


"No, I mean...I didn't feel like we were ring-type people," Poe replies, and it feels slightly dangerous to say it. He and Finn have been together since after the battle on the Star-Killer, and Rey had joined them after she'd returned from trying to recruit Skywalker, coming into their relationship as naturally as Poe and Finn had come together in the first place.

Finn looks confused. "Wait. What? Is that--" he looks at Poe, then Rey, then at the assorted BBs in his sight. "Did I miss something?"

"On Jakku, people showed their long-term intentions by splitting portions or scavenge," Rey says. "Do Stormtroopers show their long-term intentions in some way?" She asks Finn. She smiles at the shock on his face and reaches for his hand.

"Um...I mean, it wasn't against regs to do stuff, but it was generally accepted you only did stuff. You didn't get...romantic."

"You've been getting romantic for a year, Finn," Poe says, purposefully using his name.

"I mean, yeah, I have," Finn admits. "But not with any underlying sociological plan."

Rey giggles and kisses Finn, then she giggles when Poe kisses her by the ear. "I don't think Poe gave us BBs from some sociological perspective," she says. She cups the back of Poe's neck and nuzzles him while pulling Finn closer to her. "I think he just really, really likes us."

"Like, ceremony likes us, right?" Finn asks, and Poe finds it so goddamn adorable when the two of them talk through relationship stuff that confuses them.

"I think so," Rey says, "but we should probably ask Poe." She looks at Poe. "Well?" she asks.

"Yeah," Finn says. "Well?"

"They're round," Poe says. "I have no problem considering them rings."

Finn and Rey look at each other. Finn shrugs. Rey grins. "Okay," she says. "We accept the new BBs as a sign of your long-term affection."

"Oh good," Poe replies, and he smiles when they both kiss him on the cheeks again like they're sealing the promise.